*Last* BLOGtober 31st - Sleek Bad Girl Blue/Purple Makeup Look.

Haiiiii guys! 

Wow, October 31st... Happy Halloween everyone :)

This is gonna be such a lame Halloween post so let´s not call it that ;) I love Halloween but I won´t be celebrating this year..:(

All my friends went to Romania, Transylvania to celebrate there - which is so awesome..! I was supposed to go, but I had to let it go as I rather will go to visit my bff in London and hopefully get some Christmas shopping done in November ;)
The rest of my friends are all pregnant, so there´s not much party going on there haha!

I carved a pumpkin, did a fun makeup look and then I went to another friend and had some coffee and girl talk :) That´s ok too, even though I didn´t get to dress up this year...

For this look I used Sleek Bad Girl Palette and Inglot Eye Liner.
Lined my lips with MAC Nightmoth and then MAC Cyber <3

October 31st also marks the end of my blog challenge, BLOGtober!
It went so well the first two weeks, but then I got sick and didn´t manage to get all my posts up on time...:( I did a post every day and I had plenty of material to share with you on my blog, but there were always a few things here and there that needed some extra energy to fix before publishing, so the posts would end up in the draft folder until I got the energy to publish them all.. So that´s a bit sad (well, not really SAD, but ya knoooow) Beside from that I think I did fairly well and I do actually have a post every day in October, even though some of them got up a few days too late..;) 
There´s only ONE post that I am super non-satisfied with, but I´m not gonna do anything about that ;)

I´m so used to do a post every day now it´s gonna be weird starting on November without a challenge, but I am not going to do a challenge this month as it is very nice to not feel completely lost when you don´t manage to post every day (hahah a challenge will do that to you, or at least me!) 

Over all I really enjoyed the challenge and I feel very pleased as it turned out JUST the way I wanted it to - to get back into blogging, catch up on the community and put some life back into my blog :)

I have quite a few products to show you, swatches, some hauls (yes, more hauls and purchases.. I´m sorry, I´ve been shopping too much lately!) And even a few more makeup looks coming :)

I won´t be changing into Christmas theme yet (I´m not done with Fall<3) but I can feel the Christmas spirit slooooowly coming closer, so I guess there´s not too long until I go all Christmas crazy too.... ;)

How was your October?
How did you celebrate Halloween, did you dress up?

xxoo Karla // "Miss Delirium"


  1. Hi Karla, your makeup looks gorgeous, so bold and outstanding!

  2. Real nice makeup! And your eye colour is so lovely!
    I went out for halloween dressed up as a scary clown :) I also did 2 other masks: porcelain doll and Lady Gaga. Was quite pleased with my work.

    X Deja
    Deja Zu

  3. This is such an awesome makeup look! It reminds me of Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty!

    The man and I had a great time at the ballet! I dressed up a bit, but nothing for Halloween...just looking extra classy haha ;)

    xx -b.

  4. These shadows totally make your eyes pop! I'm really loving deep burgandy lips right now, I have a MAC lipstick I picked up from a holiday collection last year that I need to bring out this year.

  5. Hi Karla, sweety! ugh... i can't believe it's november already!!! too bad you couldn't celebrate this year... i just had a look at your last year's halloween make-up: wow!! you looked super pretty:)) and you had dark hair??:D
    visiting london sounds good:) when are you going?? i miss this city so much especially because of all the shopping possibilities:))

    it's always nice to see other bloggers do daily posts, so you have something to read everyday, but on the other hand i know how hard it is to post everyday... there's this pressure and you're thinking about your blog like 24/7. there was a time where i tried to post something everyday.. but then i figured out it's just too much... now i just post something whenever i have the time to.
    hope you had an awesome weekend!!
    lots of love xx

  6. Wow your makeup looks amazing! The colours are beautiful and the lipstick you have on is gorgeous. Great look, I would even just wear this for a night out during winter. I really love your blog, I had to follow :). I would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog and perhaps follow back... http://beautyisacreationofart.blogspot.co.uk/ Thank you! x