* Beauty Necessities Haul *

I had a few necessities on my shopping list the other day.

- Makeup remover.
- Something nice for my hair.
- New foundation.
- Black lash adhesive.
- Something darker for my brows.

I hate it when the foundation is on the list because it's so damn expensive.
However I usually mix with another (less expensive) brand so the foundation really lasts several
It was 3 for 2 on the Loreal products so that's why I ended up stocking up on those!
I use makeup remover like crazy so there won't be a problem emptying these..
Kinda regret buying the toner as I think it might cause my skin to break out..(??) But it smells so nice!
I don't buy Loreal skin care for the purpose of treating my skin. Simply to remove makeup as I don't
feel washing my face with foaming face wash/face scrub or something like that is enough to remove
aaall my makeup... I just wanted to try out the toner :)

Aussie surprised me in a positive way last time so I ended up buying this for the second time!

  1. L´oréal Sublime Soft Cleansing Water

    No perfume, removes makeup well.

  2. L´oréal Revitalift Make-up Removing Milk
    A slight delicate scent to it, removes makeup well.

  3. L´oréal Revitalift Rejuvenating Smoothing Toner

    Really nice scent to it, does not absorb quickly to skin, makes skin feel kinda sticky for a while.
    Also a bit oily I think..
    Not sure whether this makes my skin break out or not...

  4. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Luscious Long Deep Treatment Long-Locks Love-Potion
    Looove it!
    I bought this because my other 3 minute miracle Reconstruct is starting to run empty and I decided to get something else than reconstruct as my hair gets enough proteins now.
    This is for long hair and perfect for me as it smoothes and leaves it soooo nice :)
    This also smells like heaven and leaves that nice scent to my hair after washing :)

  5. Dior Sculpt Foundation 030

    My all time favorite foundation!
    The color matches my skin perfectly and it is so thick it covers up most of my imperfections :)

  6. Kiss Black Lash Adhesive

    I've never tried this brand before and I bought it just because they didn't have my favorite DUO adhesive and I was desperate for some black glue!
    It works pretty well and my lashes have stayed in place ;)

  7. Anastasia Brow Wiz in "Brunette"

    I absolutely loooove my Anastasia Brow Wiz in "Caramel", but it's just a little too light for me.
    "Brunette" is perfect and I use "Caramel" to fill in my brows and then "brunette" to line them and make them oh so pretty ;)

  8. Lancome Nailpolish.
    Cute dark red polish on sale ;)
    Very nice with a coat of "Love Letter" on top!

  9. Ciaté Love Letter

    I just could't resist this beautiful polish... Seriously, see how sparkly and nice it is?!
    Right now I've done my nails and I have a nice manicure so I won't be coming with some swatches of this before that's gone! :) But you can look forward to it. Or just buy it. Soooo pretty!

Ciaté "Love Letter"

My all time favorite foundation! Dior Sculpt 030 <3

xxoo Karla // "Miss Delirium"

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  1. im wondering does this have parabens? L´oréal Sublime Soft Cleansing Water
    also lovely nail polish :)