HOW TO protect your hair during summer - against saltwater, chlorine and sun exposure.

[P/S there´s one new blogpost below this - vacation updates, new bikini and my first beautybox:) *Click here*]

Most people know how to protect their skin against the sun during summer by applying sunscreen, but very few think about their hair! A vacation spent by the pool or on the beach can cause serious damage to your hair, leaving it dry, brittle, dull, your color will lose its shine and your hair will look lifeless.
This is not ofc only if you´re on a sunny vacation, but everyday spent out in the harsh sun rays will do your hair no good.

Wear a hat! :)
The absolute best thing one can do to protect the hair is to COVER it up! I´m definitely buying a sun hat of some kind as soon as I get to Bangkok. Remember that putting on a hat, or a headscarf for that matter protects your scalp too!

Braid your hair:)
If you don´t want to wear a hat, at least braid your hair, or pull it back in some kind of bun - or both! There´s SO many cute and different designs for that messy braided beach hair :)

Buy professional hair care.
It is not that the sun is your hairs worst enemy ever, I mean combing, washing, straightening, even sleeping and whatever damages your hair everyday!
But the the sun on top of that will leave your hair more dry and your color less shiny - so why don´t at least try to protect it from that while you can ;)

I would recommend everyone to buy a haircare range special for summer and sun exposure.
It gives hair moisture and protects against the UV rays.

I would def do my hair the favor of applying a thick layer of Redkens Waterwear and UV Spray when I´m by the pool or beach, or just out in the sun in general! My extensions are quite expensive too so it´s very important for me to be treating them well! ;)

By the beach, saltwater.
It´s also not a secret that saltwater and pool chlorine is bad for your hair. There are a few easy steps to avoid the greatest damage while taking a cooling swim :)

Well first of all, surprisingly enough, don´t put your head/hair under water! ;) he he. Easier said than done.
OK, if you´re taking a quick swim in the pool it´s easy to just bun your hair up and it won´t get wet. But by the ocean, the waves and wind may splash you in the face and make your hair a mess ;) Anyway, what´s fun about being in the ocean constantly being afraid of getting your hair wet? What a stress.

I would probably braid my hair and cover it with a UV spray or Waterwear cream and as soon as I get up I would either get a quick shower if there´s any by the beach or take bottle water and rinse my hair with it.

Blonde/bleached hair and pool chlorine:
If your hair is blonde, or if you have blonde highlights, and are planning to spend some time by and in the pool I would DEFINITELY bring a cleansing shampoo.. The chlorine protects us from bacteria, but blonde hair tends to turn into a lovely shade of green after some time in the pool. No fear, it won´t last forever and if you´re bringing a good cleansing shampoo the green will be away after your next shower. Remember also that some hotels have chlorine in the shower water too.. I would probably rinse off my hair after showering with the shampoo and  bottle water.. Just to be 100% sure! ;)
I had white blonde hair a few years ago and I know the fear of turning green.. ha ha ;)

My products:
I have prepared well and I will be bringing my Redken Color Extend Sun haircare range :)
(Except the conditioner mask and SPF spray, I forgot to order it and now it´s to late! I will be buying it as soon as I find it in Bangkok. Meanwhile I´m using SP After Sun Conditioner).

‘‘ Color Extend Sun protects highlights, safeguards color and replenishes sun-stressed strands. It is the ideal regimen when spending time at the beach and by the pool or for clients who spend a lot of time outdoors.Color Extend Sun is also great for daily use during the summertime or year-round for those who live in warm climates.’’

This is the range, and the products that are checked are the ones I got so far:

 Color Extend Sun After-Sun Shampoo
Gently cleanses and removes minerals, chlorine and 
salt deposits while helping to repair sun-damaged hair.

 After-Sun ‘Deep‘ Mask
Replenishing deep treatment for sun-exposed hair

 Color Extend Sun Sparkling Shield Leave-in Smoother
Helps provide water-resistant protection against 
UVA/UVB rays, chlorine and minerals while creating a 
sleek, polished finish
( This product has been discontinued:( )

 Color Extend Sun Solar Screen SPF 12
Multifunctional formula prevents your scalp from 
getting sunburned. Strengthens and protects sun exposed hair. 

Color Extend Sun After-Sun Mask
After-Sun Mask instantly detangles and revitalizes 
sun damaged hair with intense moisture replenishment 
and repair.

I really love this range, it smells so refreshing and it really leaves my hair smooth and shiny :)
It´s also great for my extensions as it´s full of moisture! ;-)

Always remember to wash your hair twice with shampoo - you don´t need much!
The first wash will cleanse your scalp for oils and rinse your hair for styling products, saltwater, chemicals etc.
The second wash will care your hair.

The shampoo will likely not produce a lot of lather during the first step.
Professional brands will lather less than drugstore brands because the drugstore brands contain more sulfats (which makes all the lather and bubbles!)
In our minds we think lather means clean, and if the shampoo doesn´t lather it´s no good! But that´s not true, it´s rather the other way around ;)

You will notice that the shampoo will lather more on the second step than during the first.
(This is because now your hair is more clean!;)

How to use the deep treatment:
Shampoo twice, rinse well, and apply your deep treatment for 5-15 mins.
Rinse well and then apply your conditioner :)
(While your deep treatment is working you can put som plastic around your hair and use your hairdryer to heat it up;)

It´s important to finish off with the conditioner as the shampoo and deep treatment will open up your hair cuticle leaving it vulnerable for dirt, damage and FRIZZ!
Shampoo - opens.
Conditioner - closes ;)

Oh, and if you say "I dont use conditoner becase it makes my hair heavy and flat" - well, find yourself a LIGHT conditioner - they´re out there. You really NEED conditioner, always! ;)



Vacation updates, new bikini and my first beautybox :D


Again, I gotta tell u how super happy I am for all those lovely reactions I've got on my makeup lately!
all those fantastic comments and compliments! THANK UUUUUUU :* You're all supercute! <3

The weather in Norway has been divine the last few days now, and I hope it stays that way until we leave :-) (update: it didn´t...)

A little update on my vacation:)
Our travelling route is (almost) complete!
We have decided which countries we're going to, and what we'll be doing there.
Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia, here I come ;-)
We have booked all the flights, train tickets and hotels for our trip and I can't wait for us to go!!!! :)
Can't wait to be soaked in Hawaiian Tropic oil and smell like coconut!
I've also seen some interesting Body Mists (coconut) from Victorias Secret that I'm dying to try out.. I've read that there is a VS shop in Kuala Lumpur Int. Airport? I´m going there so that would be perfect :) My bf told me that it´s also located in the Bangkok Airport.. Woohoo :)
BTW, you guys really need to give me some shopping tips!!! Tips in general pls :D

Aaahh......3 weeks and five days in paradise. I really need that now:)

But with such excitement, comes a crazy ladys ramblings (..please excuse me):

I'm a complete mess, I'm leaving in FOUR days and I haven't planned a dang thing! Nor have I packed anything! And I don't have any of my sandals or heels! I only got like one pair of trainers and a pair of simple beach flip flops - and they're ugly!!! Oh gosh.. On top of it all I'm such a loser, I have trouble getting my salary from a former job I had during this winter. I'm so stupid I let the people there fool me. It's like a lot of money and it makes me completely MISERABLE! I can't believe I let such a thing happen. I can kiss those money a long gone good bye. Fffffff......

*OK balancing my emotions over to something positive...*

I bought a new bikini :) I just couldn´t get my eyes of that shiny gold so I just HAD to buy it... It screamed at me almost.. Buy me, buy me, buy me! I just got the top, but I think I gotta go back to buy the bottom as well...

It looks very nice just lying there..., but actually it looks hideous on! I got small boobs in the first place and with this bikini I have nothing at all.. It looks very unflattering to say the least.. Don´t know how I´m gonna make it work on me.. I gotta sew in some extreme padding or something.. ha ha ;)

I´M LEAVING IN FOUR DAYS! ..OK, actually I can't think about that without getting stressed, ha-ha :-)

As I said the weather is absolutely AMAZING now, it's like 30+ degrees or something during the day and I was tanning for hours yesterday and the day before! I've been working everyday so this is my second day day off. Lovely! Today is off because of public holiday :D

I´m home now and I´m supposed to pack with me some stuff I'm bringing for my trip. It's horrible, but I can't actually find my pink River Island rhinestone studded bikini!!!!!!! CRISIS!!!!!!!!

As I mentioned before I won't bring my laptop (I mean seriously, when would i find time to sit on my Macbook when I'm in paradise enjoying life? - The scary thing is, I'm such a nerd I would def. find the time, so therefore, NO lovely Macbook allowed..;)) Also don´t want it to be stolen/damaged etc. duh-uh.
There is however wireless wifi on every hotel we're staying at, and I will be bringing my phone. There is ofc a question of how good the connections are, and would it work on my sh*tty phone at all.
But I will try anyway, I would actually try to do a test entry tonight using my phone and check how the images turn out. I've experienced before that the pics turn out so small..:/

I love to travel, and I love to check out other peoples photos and posts while they're travelling, so hopefully there's some of you like me out there who will enjoy my posts during my vacation too :-)
So the next month this will be quite some travellers blog;) But I guess there will be *some* shopping too, and updates on my hauls etc. etc. etc. will be posted ;) oooooh can´t wait :)

And ofc there will be vacation pics *OVERLOAD* when I get back... ;)

I got the LOVELIEST surprise yesterday! Guess what was waiting for me in the mail, my very own beautybox!

Ha ha, I´ve been complaining so many times that NONE of the glossybox/beautybox brands are shipping to Norway, and my best friend sent me one herself! I´ve also been complaining that I never get to try any of the MUA makeup because they don´t sell that brand in Norway (the only brands in Norway is actually high end makeup and loreal, maxfactor, isadora etc etc etc.. wow how exciting!)
So this "box" is made outta luuuuuuuuuv :-) Oh I love you Kasia!!!! <3

I can´t wait until I get to Asia and buying her loads of new stuff for her to try out :) She´s my fellow makeup addict in crime, and she´s unlike me an actual Make Up Artist! She´s really talented, please go check her FB page out! Go through her photos, she´s got an amazing portifolio :-)

Kasia Make Up Artist

Soft Pastel Lavender - Makeup Look

Pastel Lavender, such a nice shade. I would for sure call this a everyday look, especially now during summer.. It´s so plain and simple, yet lovely thanks to the shimmery colors...:)


- Viva La Diva Shimmer Palette.
 - Make Up Store Mixing Liquid.
- MAC Paint Pot Rubenesque.
- Isadora Liner
- Red Cherry Lashes.
- H&M Brow Pencil in dark brown.
- Brow powder.

I´m so stunned over all the positive feedback I´ve gotten lately, thank you sweethearts! :-)
I haven´t had the time to do another look yet, work is quite tiring and I usually don´t have the energy to do anything when I get home:p he he.
But I got some new nail polishes I wanna show you, and ofc I got some new makeup looks in my head that would go perfect with them ;)

Weather is lovely over here! I´m enjoying every day of it as long as it lasts.. What about you? :-)

Fresh Breeze Green - Makeup Look

A plain turquoise and green look, loving these colors together. Not much of an art piece really, but simple looks can be nice too :-)

Be sure to check out that Soft Pastel Lavender look too. It´s pretty similar, I just wanted to play with them pastel colors a bit :) 


- Viva La Diva Shimmer Palette.
- Isadora Liner
- Red Cherry Lashes.
- Make Up Store Mixing Liquid.
H&M Brow Pencil in dark brown.

Im sorry those nasty veins in my eyes! They were so tired of looking into that way too bright ringlight and blitz! :P

On Monday I had my best night of my life EVER!

I finally got to se Backstreet Boys live! And a HUGE plus, New Kids on the Block too!

BSB had a show in Norway for about three years ago, I had to work so I couldn´t go, I was so sad, thought I´d never get the chance to see them again :(

I´m so stupid, I didn´t even know they were coming here now this spring?! My bf just randomly informed me about it, and I was like super stoked and goooood I was in heaven! :D

Words cannot describe how fantastic that night was, I´ve been loving Backstreet Boys ever since I was little and it has been my dream for years to see them.. I screamed so much my throat was so sore the day after.. Ha ha :) I became such an emotional mess during the show..:p I screamed, I laughed, I cried and I was so happy I think for some seconds there my heart stopped beating, I was so excited! :)

I haven´t the same crazy relation to NKOTB, but I like their songs too and I was also superhappy to see them! :)

I recored some video clips too, don´t know if anyone of u are interested in watching any of it, but I´m gonna upload them later on anyway :) Shame on you if u don´t enjoy NKOTBSB! he he ;)

Here´s some pics from the show ^^

Confetti at the end! :) I still found confetti all over me when I got home..

Dear God I wish they´ll come back here sooooooooooon :D

I remember I had like stacks and stacks of collectible photos which I had in photoalbums.. I used to buy packs of 5 or 10 photos or something.. And when I managed to collect several of the same photos I used to trade them with friends to get other photos I didn´t have already.. Biiiig business dat ;)

Did any of u attend their tour? :)

Glitterish Green Cut Crease

I had a makeup date with my patient bff the other day, and here´s one of the results!

I´m so glad I got a friend that lets me treat her as a makeup doll :) he he..

It´s fun to practice on somebody else than myself once in a while, and the results are always so different. At least I think so..:)

I couldn´t leave that glitter alone, so a glitterish green look it is this time :) Also loving that cut crease, so I added this to make the look a bit more bold looking...


- MAC Paint Pot Rubenesque
- Shimmer Eyeshadows from Viva La Diva Palette.
- Shades from 120 palette.
- H&M dark brown Brow Pencil.
- Glitter.
-Maybelline Gel Liner black.
- Red Cherry heavy lashes.

I loved how this turned out, the green looks so magical almost.. Definitely gonna try this look on myself as well one day!  

Didn`t focus so much on her skin this time, so I´ve just applied a little Mineral Hygienics Foundation in shade Medium - to get that natural look..:)