Gelnails - French Manicure

I had my nails done a couple of weeks ago, now I should really refill them, but I doubt that I would bother with it as the white tips are miscolored after I´ve been working in the salon.

I didn´t do my nails myself this time, it was good having someone else doing them for once..:-)

Green Breakfast

I guess I could mention what this juice is made of :)

It´s fresh whole fruits/vegetables thats been pressed in a juicemachine, and out comes this delicious juice! ;)
One of my favourite recipes is made of celery, cucumber, apples, pears, pineapple, spinach, lime and avocado :-)

Oh So Fresh - Make Up Store Blush.

I´ve been looking for a coral/orangey toned blush lately, and the one that really caught my eye was this one from Make Up Store - Oh So Fresh.

After I´ve been using it for a while, the shade doesn´t seem as glittery and fresh in the box anymore, but it´s absolutely fresh when applied! :)

The next coral/orangey blush I want to try out is the new Lancome mousse blush, the color looks so delightful! Anyone knows which one I´m talking about? ;-)

Anyway, here´s some pics and swatches of the blush :)

Yes, I do use a lot of blusher, and I like it ;)

Wishlist - Bronzing Products.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Bronzer, Gold Deposit.

NARS Laguna Bronzer.

ST. Tropez Radiance Mousse.

ST.TROPEZ Bronzing Rocks.

I´ve been wanting these products for so long now, but I never get to buy them because I always end up thinking they´re too expensive and blah blah blah, but I still go around spend my money on other crap products... ;p

I love the MAC bronzer.. I´ve tried it a hundred times in store..:P
And St.Tropez is my alltimefavourite bronzing products!!! :)

Do you have any experience with these products?

Highlights - again ;) Doing roots and golden brown effects

Another update of what I´ve been up to lately :)

This customer needed to do her roots, she wants a natural look.



My mother got black hair, and she wants to spice it up with some golden brown stripes..



I loved this result! And I love the color :) I´m thinking of getting that kinda stripes too..!

Lighten hair with highlights

I love highlighted hair, so I got superexcited when I got to lighten this cool bob haircut :)

She wanted her hair to become more lighter towards summer.


I highlighted the hair using foils.
I like this method because I actually think it´s quite fun:)


I didn´t put foils all the way down to the neck, I stopped just over the crest area.
I did this because I wanted to bring out her bob haircut even better :)

Do you get inspired by the season when it comes to dying your hair?

I always want to have lighter hair during summer, and darker hair during fall and winter.
But I always end up nothing with it.. It´s such and effort turning black hair blonde again! :(

Professional SEBASTIAN - Color Ignite Mono


I´m superhappy! Yesterday was my last day of my three weeks practice in the hairdressing salon, and as a "thank you for your help" I got these two products :-)

What makes me even more happy ...I got a job there! :) 

To complete my hairdressing education I have to work as an apprentice for 2,5 years. I then can go up to a final test to get my certificate as a hairdresser and start working for normal salary..
And it´s very important to find a qualified salon who wants to hire me as an apprentice, and that learns me everything I need to learn ;)

I found that salon :) WEEE :)

Over to the products..

I´m not so familiar to Sebastians productrange, but I´ve been working with it for three weeks now and I think I can say I like it...:)

This is color protection shampoo and conditioner for single toned hair.

It smells veeery good, and the conditioner is supercool! It´s not like a regular liquid conditioner, but it´s a foam!!!! :) I love foam :P

It seals the cuticle layer for long lasting vibrancy and shine, it has pomegranate extracts and is specially designed for single tone color-treated hair.

Perfect for me that dyes my hair black only :)

If you got different colors in your hair, you can use Sebastian Color Ignite Multi :) Which gives more protection :)

Remove excess water from hair. Shake well. Work in a generous amount of product starting at the ends towards the roots. Leave for 2-3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

I haven´t tried it on my hair yet, but when I´ve used it on my customers, I think that I doesn´t smoothen the hair as much.. Hmm.. That´s not a good thing for me with my long extensions, but it´s very color protective and you can always finish off with another conditioner, or treatment if you need to smooth down your hair even more :)

Can´t wait to try it! I´m off to the shower pretty soon ;-)


My hair with Tape Hairextensions BEFORE & AFTER.

Here´s photos of me with and without my much loved extensions :)

This is from a few months back though - now I´ve cut my hair and don´t wear extensions at all.. but I regret cutting my hair so I´ll guess the extensions will be on again very soon...;-)

As you can see my hair is very thin and fine, it won´t grow any longer than it is on the picture below - which is a shame because I love long hair.. I would just have to fake it I guess ;)

Here´s the result after about 10-14 pieces of tape extensions.

If you have any questions about hair extensions, feel free to ask me :-)

Today´s work

Having fun in the salon!

I havent been doing any major haircuts or anything, its mostly getting rid of split ends and freshing up a haircut.. but still fun :)


 AFTER, dye and cut:

Dye and cut:


Permanent curls on long hair - exam.

This is from one of my exams, "Perm".

My model had such long and thick hair I thought I´d never make it on time..! But in the end it went quite well  I must say ;) the result was natural and the curls looked perfect on my model :)

Dyed and Highlighted

I dyed and highlighted this hair last week :) It´s so fun! It´s my last week of practice in the salon this week.. But hopefully I´ll continue as soon as possible =)

BEFORE (dyed):

AFTER (highlighted):