Maybelline Makeup & Shiseido Skincare *HAUL*

Another drugstore haul, taking advantage of the 2 for 3 offer to try out some new products!

New Domain **

"Leave a comment" is missing on some of my posts. If you would like to leave a comment on one of these posts you simply have to press on the post title and you´ll find Disqus underneath the post :)

I´m having the hardest time with DISQUS at the moment.. it´s not showing my comments and it does not show a link to "leave a comment" on almost all my posts.. making it impossible to comment on my blog.... don´t know if it is still updating after changing domain or what, however, if anyone know what to do - please let me know :)

*HAUL* Redken, Joico, Tangle Teezer, Anastasia, Mineral Hygienics.

I haven´t been too obsessed about caring for my hair lately, and I decided to do something about it and treated my hair with some new products :-)

Tea Time! Yogi Green and Herbal Tea *My Current Favorites*

For the few of you that have read my blog before and communicate with me on Twitter, you probably know that I am a coffee-addict - and there´s no hope for recovery.
But, I also love tea! Mostly in the Fall/Winter time, and guys, that time of the year has arrived and so has my craving for tea.

My latest obsession are from Yogi Tea and I would love to give you a recommendation on my favorites!

BLOGtober 22nd - Going back to Thailand :)

.....Sooo.... I may or may not be going back to Thailand in December...! :D
Can´t wait! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now :)

BLOGTOBER 2nd - Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in "Venom" *Review & Swatches*

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in the color VenomI guess it´s time for another lippie post!

This has actually been a draft since last fall, and I´m very grateful for that at the moment because I will be on a spending ban for probably the rest of my life right now. Haha. 
Let´s just say I got myself an apartment and it´s not too cheap. 
Well, over to the lipstick

BLOGtober 1st - Harmony

I did BLOGtober last year and it was so fun I´ve been waiting all year to do it again.
I haven´t been very active on here the last 6 months, and I just recently came back. I was very determined to do BLOGtober - but then a lot of things happened, one of them being getting a new apartment. Being drenched in stuff to do, you all know moving isn´t done in a day - I could´t see myself managing the BLOGtober "challenge"..
But here I am, in my new apartment, finding the time and the motivation to at least try :)
I enjoy it very much so it could be a nice break from all of the other things that needs to be done;)

Are there anyone else doing #BLOGtober this year? Please leave me your link and be sure to hit me up on twitter @deliriumish ! :)

October Starbucks Coffee Pumpkin

The first coffee in my new apartment :)

Have a lovely October everyone! I think it´s going to be filled with harmony :)

xx Karla

Hello September + Moving

Hi everyone!

I´ve been away for a long time and I´m not going to venture too much into why except the fact that I didn´t feel like blogging.

I tried to do the 30 Day Blog Challenge throughout September, but it simply didn´t work out.

I do have some exciting news though! I just got myself an apartment! I´m sooo busy trying to pack all of my stuff down and get it ready for the new place. Really excited to see how it turns out. I do have a hope for making it through #BLOGtober this year, but no promises.

Life update :) Soon in Thailand !

A picture of Koh Samui Thailand

Hi beauties!

Just wanted to check in and give a sign of life on here ;-)

Not been feeling too well lately and haven´t had much fun to share. I have a few swatch/review posts coming up, but I haven´t been able to finish them properly and I don´t like posting anything that´s not 100% - so I just stopped thinking about it for a while ;)

My trip to Thailand is soon here, just about a week left until we´re leaving! Everything is booked, planned and paid so no more headache over things that needs to be done. Only the packing left, which is a proper task and I know I´m gonna be struggling trying to keep everything to a minimum.

I have a plan in my mind to record a video this week, maybe I´ll be able to post it before I leave. Oh, no promises, just thinking out loud! :-)

Ok, today is laundry and cleaning day - need everything to be nice before I leave so I don´t get back to a total mess! I better get back to it.

Hopefully I´ll be able to get some new posts up during this week. Can´t wait to show you my new lippies ;-)

Do you have any vacation plans? Been up to anything fun lately?

xxoo Karla // Miss Delirium

FOTD/MOTD - ♡ HUGE personal news ♡

A picture of Blue and gold smokey eye

I officially feel a little old, but it´s with heaps of joy that I can announce that yesterday afternoon - I became an aunt!!

I can´t wait to meet my sis and the little baby boy today!

Even though I´m not the hugest fan of children, this is pretty awesome and I´m sure this lil guy´s gonna melt my heart ;-)

*RANT* Smashbox "Always Sharp" Kohl Liner - not so sharp after all!!!

Smashbox Always Sharp - I now have a love/hate relationship with these...

After just a few times of use, they´re at the point of no return.. Literally.

Some of you might remember my post about these liners from back in December, I really, really, really, REALLY LOVED them and I was absolutely heartbroken when the first one broke.

MUA LUXE Velvet Lip Lacquer in "Criminal" & "Kooky" *Review & Swatches*

A picture of MUA LUXE Velvet Lip Lacquer in Criminal and Kooky
Left: "Criminal", Right: "Kooky"

I was very excited to try out these matte lip lacquers as I´ve been lusting over the Lime Crime Velvetines for ever, but never taken the splurge (again, they´re pretty expensive included shipping + taxes to Norway).

I saw some reviews on these and decided to give them a try!

New in: MUA LUXE & Fashionista Collection.

So I was browsing the web a few weeks back and you all know what´s gonna happen when I do that...
I figure out that I really need something, then I go looking for it, I find it and I buy it after a long discussion with myself wether I need it or not. I usually end up needing it...

MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer Kooky and Criminal

I am going to THAILAND!

Haiiiii beautiful readers! :)

I have two big news to share with you! Or.. At least they´re big to me!

I mentioned earlier that I´m going to Australia in April, well, that is not happening after all :(
It´s sooo expensive and I just can´t make it right now... HOWEVER! I have officially booked tickets to Thailand instead and I will be spending a month there with my bestie :D
(Flight, domestic flight with ferry transfer and all of the hotels is still cheaper than just the flight to Australia...) It´sad I can't go visit my lilsister, but it´s not that long until she´s coming home anyway - I´ll go to Australia some other time!

My Smoothie Adventure - Recipe For My Favorite Green Smoothie :)

Green Smoothie with kale, mint, coconut, banana and spinach

I love food.

Life update

Haiiiii everyone!

Did you all have a nice weekend? Been up to anything special?

I finally got around to see both The Hobbit movies, I watched "An Unexpected Journey" at home with my lilbrother and bestie on Friday and me and my bestie went to the movies to watch "The Desolation of Smaug" on Saturday :-)
It was in 3D and I like the concept and the whole 3D thing, but I'm not sure if it works a 100% perfectly for me with my glasses and all.. Well for starters I need to wear the 3D glasses on top of my own glasses, which is uncomfortable and yeah, it just doesn't work like I want it too. Things tend to be very blurry and I have a hard time focusing - which makes me nauseous to be honest :/ BUT a part from that I really loved the movie and I had totally forgot that Legolas was going to be in it and it was just EPIC seeing him again OMG!
Other than that I haven't been doing much a part from drinking smoothies and watching UFC (re-runs from Christmas) all night.

I have been feeling very inspired over the weekend so I'm going to try to do some makeup looks which I have been missing lately. There's such bad lightning nowadays though and I actually don't have any good lightning inside for doing my makeup. Which sucks, because the weather is really bad, there's no sun, just rain and cloudy dark days…

..but yeah, I will be doing some makeup and I need to go to do some shopping!
That sounds SO MUCH more exciting than it really is, because I will be shopping for groceries;)
I need some more ingredients for my smoothies and I will be buying something I can chop up and keep in the freezer as it makes everything so much easier! Kale, mango, bananas.. And I will be buying some almond milk online as it is 1. impossible to get hold of where I live, and 2. freaking expensive.

I've done some more changes with the design, and I hope it's working well!
I moved the sidebar back to the left as it just makes my blog posts with pictures look neater.

As for the size of my blog, I hope it's working for everyone. I don't have any trouble with scrolling sideways when I'm on my 13" laptop - so if you do I will recommend hitting "zoom out" because you are probably seeing my blog way bigger than it´s supposed to. Anyway, if it´s a huge problem, or just annoying in general, let me know and I guess I need to change it again…;)
AND I changed my commenting system to DISQUS, if there´s any trouble, please let me know. I think it´s working they way it´s supposed to but I´m still having some issues with it.

OK I guess that´s all, have a wonderful Monday!! :)

xxoo Karla // Miss Delirium

Cutest Lashes & Glue! House of Lashes "Siren" & Lash Adhesive

House of Lashes eyelashes in sirenI follow a lot of talented MUAs & other Makeup Junkies like myself on Instagram and I keep seeing so many nice lashes!!
Some of them are simply to die for.
So I decided that I need a few of them in my life too, so I started checking out a few companies and I figured I wanted to try the House of Lashes in "Siren".

SMASHBOX Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio Vanilla/Ambient/Serpent *Review & Swatches*

I talked a little bit about this eyeshadow trio in my haul post, I think I even admitted that I kinda regretted buying it and that I saw that it was in no way a smart purchase.
You see, if you didn't read my Smashbox Haul Post, I can tell you that I own the Smokebox palette which has six dark shadows. I wanted the Softbox palette too, which is the same but with neutral shadows.
These two palettes have six shadows in a nice sized palette with a huge mirror and even a double sided brush. It costs about $50 - Not too frightening thinking about what you get. 

But then there's the eyeshadow trios which costs $35 - and theres only three shadows in this small palette... I was determined to get the Softbox because it seemed like a really bad deal to be getting the trio for only $15 less... BUT then I saw the green shadow and I was sold.

My brain didn't function and before I managed to wake up I had already purchased it, forgetting all about the other palette and what a bad deal it was buying only these three shadows!

It wasn't until later after I had gotten home that I realized I couldn't care less for the two other shadows... I already have huge amounts bronze/gold colors and not to mention a matte base color....

I realized I didn't actually need it in my life.

SO basically I paid $35 for one ok green shadow. 
I admit it, it was a mistake!!
Ok, so it is a very nice green eyeshadow (and I love a nice green shadow), and I've actually been using the matte base everyday, and I find myself grabbing for that one other than the ones I got from before.

The Body Shop Colourglide Lip Color "Iced Pink" *Review & Swatches*

The Body Shop Colourglide Pink Lipstick Iced Pink

This is The Body Shop Colourglide Lip Color in "73 Iced Pink" - as I told you before I'm not a particular fan of frosted finish and this might fall under the category of just that.
For a change I didn't swatch this in store, I just thought it would look good anyway - and thankfully, despite frosty finish, it does!