Life update

Haiiiii everyone!

Did you all have a nice weekend? Been up to anything special?

I finally got around to see both The Hobbit movies, I watched "An Unexpected Journey" at home with my lilbrother and bestie on Friday and me and my bestie went to the movies to watch "The Desolation of Smaug" on Saturday :-)
It was in 3D and I like the concept and the whole 3D thing, but I'm not sure if it works a 100% perfectly for me with my glasses and all.. Well for starters I need to wear the 3D glasses on top of my own glasses, which is uncomfortable and yeah, it just doesn't work like I want it too. Things tend to be very blurry and I have a hard time focusing - which makes me nauseous to be honest :/ BUT a part from that I really loved the movie and I had totally forgot that Legolas was going to be in it and it was just EPIC seeing him again OMG!
Other than that I haven't been doing much a part from drinking smoothies and watching UFC (re-runs from Christmas) all night.

I have been feeling very inspired over the weekend so I'm going to try to do some makeup looks which I have been missing lately. There's such bad lightning nowadays though and I actually don't have any good lightning inside for doing my makeup. Which sucks, because the weather is really bad, there's no sun, just rain and cloudy dark days…

..but yeah, I will be doing some makeup and I need to go to do some shopping!
That sounds SO MUCH more exciting than it really is, because I will be shopping for groceries;)
I need some more ingredients for my smoothies and I will be buying something I can chop up and keep in the freezer as it makes everything so much easier! Kale, mango, bananas.. And I will be buying some almond milk online as it is 1. impossible to get hold of where I live, and 2. freaking expensive.

I've done some more changes with the design, and I hope it's working well!
I moved the sidebar back to the left as it just makes my blog posts with pictures look neater.

As for the size of my blog, I hope it's working for everyone. I don't have any trouble with scrolling sideways when I'm on my 13" laptop - so if you do I will recommend hitting "zoom out" because you are probably seeing my blog way bigger than it´s supposed to. Anyway, if it´s a huge problem, or just annoying in general, let me know and I guess I need to change it again…;)
AND I changed my commenting system to DISQUS, if there´s any trouble, please let me know. I think it´s working they way it´s supposed to but I´m still having some issues with it.

OK I guess that´s all, have a wonderful Monday!! :)

xxoo Karla // Miss Delirium


  1. I am exactly the same with the double glasses thing. It looks ridiculous and even without that I don't think the 3D works the same!

    Love your blog,

    Bethany xx

  2. I Loved the two The Hobbit movies as well! :D So nice to see that
    magical world again <3

    Looove from Evaa ^^,

  3. Hi sweety, hope your start to 2014 has been a great one :) Thanks for the update, looking forward to seeing more of your stunning makeup ideas!

  4. Oh i think your blog looks fine to me :) Happy New Year and will be coming back to read always!

  5. Wonderful! :)
    Thank you so much and the same to you sweetie! :) x

  6. Thank you Sam! :)
    It will be more makeup on here soon, glad you´re looking forward to it^^ x

  7. Haha, glad I´m not alone ;) It looks so weird I´m glad it´s dark in there heheh :P
    Thank you! I have your blog saved in my reading list so I´m heading over there now :) x

  8. I knoooooow <3 I think I want to see them again hehe :)) xoxo