Cutest Lashes & Glue! House of Lashes "Siren" & Lash Adhesive

House of Lashes eyelashes in sirenI follow a lot of talented MUAs & other Makeup Junkies like myself on Instagram and I keep seeing so many nice lashes!!
Some of them are simply to die for.
So I decided that I need a few of them in my life too, so I started checking out a few companies and I figured I wanted to try the House of Lashes in "Siren".

I got them from their website and I purchased the 3-pk for $27.
I just figured they have a discount so you can get it for $22!

Well, actually I think they might had that discount when I ordered too, because I got the glue also and it didn't cost more than $30 (which is the limit if I want to avoid paying customs....)
I won't be buying these INSTEAD of Red Cherry as these are so pricey compared, and the #WSP from Red Cherry is pretty much the same. But you can use them at least 10 times if you're careful with em and they really do look good :)

House of Lashes Eyelashes in "Siren"

House of Lashes Eyelashes in "Siren"

These lashes are extremely easy to apply and they look very natural. Also comfy to wear :)

House of Lashes Eyelashes in "Siren"

Cutest packaging I've ever seen! Both lashes and glue!

House of Lashes Eyelash Adhesive in Clear-White

I don't know which glues to praise the most, the usual DUO Adhesive in the tube, or this one.
I really love this one (I used to have the same but from DUO) as this actually smells nice! And it dries almost immediatly so it's real simple to put your lashes on as they stick on right away.

The downside is that the glue isnt't too easy to remove and I find it a lot harder to take the lashes off without hurting my natural lashes.
DUO Adhevise (like most adhesive that comes in a tube) are latex and it's super easy to remove.

All in all I think I have to go with this one as this particular one smells nice and it is just so much easier to apply lashes...:)

Swatch of House of Lashes Siren Swatch of House of Lashes Siren

xxoo Karla // Miss Delirium


  1. Eline - I AustraliaJanuary 4, 2014 at 3:47 PM

    looking good!

  2. Tani // Bohemian vanityJanuary 9, 2014 at 11:43 AM

    Those fake lashes look amazing on you! I love fake lashes but can't handle them... I tried about 3 times and it always took me ages to fix them... So i quit trying... Then i used those little single lashes and an expensive glue which promised to hold them for one week. Failed. After removing my eye makeup (gently) i also removed nearly all fake lashes too. Arghh... :(

  3. Thank you! :))) It takes practice I guess - and I know how frustrating it is when they won´t apply right away.. I struggle a bit myself nowadays because I don´t wear contacts anymore so I can´t see what I'm doing :P hehe. I always carry glue with me in case they´re about to fall off for some reason haha! :)
    Ive tried permanent glue too, and it ended up looking like a mess really... But they stayed on though! So the glue was ok :) I think it was from "Andrea", not too expensive - if you ever wanna give it another go :) x

  4. wish i could get these eyelashes! can you help ?

  5. I have been lusting after the House Of Lashes lashes for a while! They look so natural and that packaging is so adorable!

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