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So I was browsing the web a few weeks back and you all know what´s gonna happen when I do that...
I figure out that I really need something, then I go looking for it, I find it and I buy it after a long discussion with myself wether I need it or not. I usually end up needing it...

MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer Kooky and Criminal

Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter:

I´ve been looking for a highlighter for ages now, I saw this and I just threw it in the bag because it was cheap and looks nice ;)
It looks really pretty, but I´m afraid it might be a little too pink for me..? It also feels a little "oily" when swatching it with my fingers.. I need to try it on and then I´ll give my opinion! :)

Extreme Felt Tip Liner, Black:

Felt tip liner is always handy! This one is super cheap and does the job perfectly! Nice and pigmented, lasts long!

Maxi Moisture "How Do I Look" & Double Take "Aubergine" Lipsticks:

A couple of lipsticks that was £1 each, of course I needed them..
Actually I was thinking the pink one could be smart to bring to Thailand because then I won't be afraid of loosing it or it melting in my purse.. So I might bring this one instead of my Dior Addict ;)
The other one was a nice dark shade and you know I love it.
Won´t be wearing dark lips in Thailand, but still..

I´ll give this two a closer look with swatches.

So to the fun part!

Velvet Lip Lacquer in "Kooky" & "Criminal":

I LOVE matte lips and I´ve been drooling over the Lime Crime Velvetines for AGEEEES, but never thought I could afford it (incl. shipping, taxes and all) 
Then I saw these..! I believe they´re worth a try as they´re super cheap and I read some nice reviews online.
I don´t expect them to last all day, but that isn´t really a huge thing for me anyway.

However, I recently got a really good deal on the Red Velvet from Lime Crime - so I now actually own one of them as well! Hmm.. I wonder if they´re comparable.. I do think Lime Crime has the advantage, but I´ll gladly give MUA a honest try :)

Also coming with a closer look on these two with swatches :)

Have you tried the Velvet Lip Lacquer? Or any other matte lacquer like this :)

xxoo Karla // Miss Delirium


  1. Me too, loving matte lips so much these days! Looking forward to seeing the lacquers on you, Karla! :)

  2. Looking forward to your more indepth review of the lacquers!


  3. Great to hear! I have been trying them on and I´m pretty impressed so far thinking about what they cost!
    Review and swatches are coming..:-) xx

  4. Matte lips are the best! ;) Lovely! I haven´t finished all my swatches and stuff yet, but so far I`m impressed so really looking forward to be getting the review/swatches up on my blog ^^ #lipgloss/stickaddict hehe ;) xx

  5. heyy sweety!!
    ohh i'm glad you're feeling better now! nothing worse than feeling powerless.
    but to be honest i also didn't have the energy to do anything the last couple of days. i somehow feel so negative and uninspiring... which isn't good at all! but i guess it has something to do with the weather lol. it's so depressive over here... i haven't seen the sun for so long:( can't wait for spring... but i guess first comes snow lol.

    your vacation plans sound so great! i bet you have seen more of vietnam than i did. i usually just go there to visit my family & friends and there is no time to do sight-seeing or anything like that. but i really want to "discover" my country one time. my mum is going to VN this weekend.. i'm so jealous!! lol

    no selfie since xmas?? what the hell is wrong with you girl? lol hahaa:D just kidding...
    but yeah.. i'm not a regular instagramer either. there are weeks were i have a lot of pics to share and then again nothing. well, i guess that's how life of "normal" people like us is haha.