Movie: "Drive".

I LOVE THIS MOVIE! ...and I love Ryan Gosling :)
Anyone else seen it? What do you think about it?

I love the way it's filmed and the editing, the slow motion scenes, and the sountrack is perfect.
I get that 80's movie feeling.. without that being a bad thing!
I love the main character, his style, his behaviour, the way he almost says nothing at all... The way he walks, the way he puts his hands in the pockets of his jacket.. Even the toothpick! :)
And I like some violence...;)
Everything is so thoroughly well done, and ofc Ryan Gosling really does a great job acting..:) OMMMMMG HE´S SO HOTTTTTTT <3

Have you seen it and did you like it? :)

Happy weekend!

I'm going away this weekend, hopefully it's gonna be filled with fun and awesomeness! =) Maybe I'll get some inspiration to share with you...:) I'm going by bus, and it takes like five hours...alone! Thankfully I have my mp3 (it's sooooo 2004 or something..haha!). Ooooh, gotta go!! I wish you all the best lovelies ^^

Still here! :)

HI!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Sh*t, sorry, it's been way too long! I've been so busy, I've been so tired, I've been so sad, I've been so NOT-motivated.. I've lost all my images from 3 years back, I've lost my cats, I've lost my mac and all my inspiration and blah blah blah. But I'm here again, hope I haven't lost you all ;-) I'm gathering inspiration and motivation again and I'm gonna share that with you :) and I have *SOME* catching up to do *AGAIN*, so many new posts from you that I gotta go through:) Looking forward to it=)

HELP ~ Make up courses/schools in England/London

Hi! I'm reaching out to you guys again, hoping for some helping feedback :)

As most of you probably already know, I'm on this 6 months course to become a hairdresser. I really do love hair, but I love make up more..
The main reason why I'm doing the hairdressing education is that there's more chance for me to get a well paid job as a hairdresser than a make up artist.. BUT I still wanna get the make up artist education. I want the whole package, hair, nails, skin, make up etc. :)
Since I love England, and espc. London I'm dreaming about taking a make up course or two there. Over 3-4 weeks, or a couple of months or something.
Then I can combine my make up addiction and my need for living in another country for a little while:)

I've been googleing "make up courses london" etc for a while now, and there's so many schools to choose from, but I don't know if they're good or not! And it can't be too pricey either..

Is there anyone out there who can help me? 
Do you have any tips, maybe some of you have attended some of these schools yourselves?? 

I'm learning basic make up/bridal etc on my hairdressing school..
And I'm not interested in theatre/media/sfx makeup..

Tracey Devine Collection

I love it!

What do you think about this collection?

I Still Love ~ Ombre Hair Trend

I've been thinking of trying this hairstyle for so long, and since I'm wearing extensions most of the time  it's quite easy to try out really! Hmm.. I have some other plans for my hair atm, but maybe later :)

Check out my posts about Pastel Ombre Hair as well! :)

Have any of you tried this hairstyle? :)

Make Up Store ~ Sparkling Powder

It's not a secret that I love shimmery, glittery, sparkly stuff, espc. in makeup :) So when I found this I just had to buy it ^^

It gives my skin a nice glow and it's sooo shimmery :)

Buuuuuuuuut, unfortunately, the downside is: It doesn't stay on very well if you've already applied powder to your skin, but if you apply it straight on your foundation it tends to get pretty "cakey"! or at least look like a golden stain on your cheek. mm nice ;)
And then you say, aaaaaah you gotta apply a smaller amount! Well, what if I dont wanna apply a smaller amount? I don't want a HINT of shimmer on my cheeks with like three glitterparticles... I want my face to be aaall glitteryyyy:) More is more, and more is nice ^^

I still love it tho'! :D

The color is so delicate I wanna eat it! heh :)



This is a post where Im acting like a crybaby, but I still havent gotten over the loss of my beautiful things--

I went from having this: this:



I'm Back

Hi all :)

Thanks to a very nice friend from my class I now have a laptop that I can use :) Aww u got no idea how great it feels to be back online hehe :P

But I still miss my Mac and all my stuff that got lost :/
I had prepared so many new posts and photos for my blog, and everything is gone, even the photos that I hadnt got to put over on my usb harddrive yet:/ So I'm kinda set back a few steps. Please bear with me :)

(OFC its not the blog stuff thats is the worst things to loose, its everything else really, but u get it;)

I'm going to try to take some new photos of some of the new products I have bought/reviewed as soon as possible.. :)

And I'm looking at my google reading list, gosh I got SOME reading to do! Sooo many new and nice posts you got there people :) I got some catching up to do he he ;) Almost two weeks without mac/internet, not a good experience! :P

And thanks to all my new followers and commenters! ^^ <3

I gotta go sleep, getting up 0530 everyday zzZzzzzzzZZZZzzzz TTYS :)

My lovely Mac is stolen:(


I just want to inform you guys that I will probably not be blogging for a few days...

On Friday my dearest Mr. MacBook got stolen ! :/ My phone and iPod too..:/

It's so annoying and I'm so pissed off and sad and everything at the same time, blaaah :-(

Don't know how long it's gonna take before everything is fixed with the insurance and everything, maybe I'll be without (a new) Mr. Mac for weeks! Help!

I've had my mac for over three years now, and NOT A SINGLE PROBLEM with him. NOTHING ever!
The same with my iPod btw.

And yes, my mac is (...was) a he.

My nerdy heart is broken.

R.I.P Mr. Mac 2008 - 2011. 
We spent so much time of joy together.
I'll be missing you. <3

REDKEN Extreme. REDKEN Real Control. REDKEN Smooth Down.

I got some new hairproducts which I'm pretty satisfied with :) I really like Redken so I ended up with the Redken Extreme Conditioner, Redken Real Control Shampoo, Redken Real Control Conditioner, and Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide.

I already had the Extreme Strenght Builder Plus and Anti-Snap. One of my favorite products from Redken is the Redken Extreme Anti-Snap. MmMm the scent is just yummmmmi :) And it makes my hair sooooo smooth and lovely!

Also recommending Redken 06 Thickening Lotion !! Will give review on that one later on :)

‘‘ REDKEN EXTREME brings protein to the core of the hair fiber.
Extreme restores internal strength, rebuilds surface protection and helps prevent breakage.

#1 - Redken Extreme Strenght Builder Plus: Provides intense repair and strenght to higly distressed hair.
#2 - Redken Extreme Conditioner: Detangles and restores strenght to distressed hair. 
#3 - Redken Extreme Anti-Snap: Provides heat protection, reduces friction from brushing and helps prevent breakage and split ends.

‘‘ REDKEN REAL CONTROL nourishing repair for dense, dry, sensitized hair ’’

#1 - Redken Real Control Shampoo: Nourishing shampoo for dense, dry, sensitized hair.
#2 - Redken Real Control Conditioner: Moisturizes, repairs and detangles for smoothness, manageability and shine.

‘‘ REDKEN SMOOTH DOWN smoothness for very dry, unruly hair ’’

#1 - Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide: Leave-in serum that provides heat-safe control to tame frizz on even the most unruly hair. Gives an ultra-smooth, glossy finish.


Fall Inspiration 2011

Every autumn I dream about wearing all these cute outfits like skirts and overknee stockings, cute scarfs and jump around in a pile of fallen leaves in all the wonderful colors you can imagine like a little happy bunny....... eehehe :)

Every autumn ...does not turn out like that.

Normally it's so cold that the only thing I care about is to stay warm. One autumn/winter I even went and purchased a fugly winterjacket in pure rage because I was so tired of freezing all the freakin time.

I wore it max three times. It was so warm and comfy, but maaaaan so ugly!

I love skirts, so here's some inspiration:

It's mid September now and I'm starting to plan my autumn outfits. Just like I always do;)
Hopefully this year I will actually wear something else than just comfy clothes just because it's cold;P

What do you love to wear in the autumn?

Goodmorning yall

Im slightly hangover and slurping coffee as a maniac.

I had loads of fun yesterday tho' :)

What have you been up to this weekend?

Blog Award ~ Liebster Blog ~

I recieved the Liebster Blog award from Tania @ Legally Brunette :)

Thank you Tania!
You can visit her at

I'll pass it on to 5 lovely bloggers:

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REVIEW & SWATCHES ~ Maybelline #109 Rosy Dream Lipstick.

One of my newest buys is this pale pink/violet shade from Maybelline ColorSensational #109 Rosy Dream.

[All the swatch photos are flash/no flash]

I've been looking for a shade like this for a while, and even tho I was thinking of a more matte looking one I'm very pleased with this. It's not superglossy, but very comfortable wearing as it doesn't dry out too quick.
The design is supercute and since I love pink ofc I fell in love with this color!
Take a look at the pics taken with flash, do you see the reflections on the packaging? Cuuuuute:)

Something I forgot to swatch is how easily you can decide whether you want it sheer or more opaque as in these pics.
 I applied it a few times to get this color, if you apply a thinner layer you would get a more sheer and transparent look and small glitter particles will shine more through :)

What do you think?
Have you tried the Maybelline lippie?