Sugarskullz - This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween :)


So yesterday wasn´t really Halloween but since it was saturday it was right to celebrate with a drink or two ..or more:) Also I celebrated my birthday so it was purrrrfect :)

My sister and I didn´t get a whole costume, but we decided to be sugarskulls! Maybe not so original, but really fun and easy!! Half n´half - together we were one, hehe ;)

Doesn´t look as perfect when zoomed in tho, but it looked hella´cool in the not-so-bright-lights;)
There are sooooo many nice and incredible sugar skull looks out there, but this is a rather simple one:)
It was aweeeesomeeeee :-)

We were in such a hurry when we decided to go for the sugar skull look, so as soon as I get the time to sit down and really work with it I really wanna do another one that´s a little more perfect;)

Here´s some poor quality shots for ya, it´s not like I bring my canon to parteeey ;)

What´s a party without some mandatory camwhoring in the bathroom?!

Look at all my pretty rhinestones:)

Some of the products used:

Big green contacts
Red Cherry Lashes
Loose glitter and rhinestones
White face cream
Too Faced Deluxe Shadow Insurance Eye Primer
Sugarpill 2AM
Sugarpill Tako
Sugarpill Bulletproof
Sugarpill Poison Plum
Too Faced waterproof eyeliner
Too Faced The Return of SEXY palette


I´m miss birthday girl today ! :)

Here´s a suuuper important little update, it´s my birthday! Woooop.

I love having b-day (i love getting gifts:) so announcing it here just to make it feel it lasts a little longer ha hahaaaa;)

It´s such a perfect occasion for list-making! Don´t think i havent made some already. Just wont be posting now, it´s too late and im too tired:p

My mum bought me a lovely dark purple orchid -  I couldn´t decide what I want for my birthday so she will be taking me online shopping later, hehe ;)

There´s so much online I want and the shops around my area are soooo boring - so we came to this conclusion which I think fits me perfectly!

Hmm.. have a few ah-mazing items to share with you.. Wishlish post will be up tomorrow! ;-)

Gosh, what about these cakes for birthday, after all it is Halloween... ;)

MUA Haul :)

OK, so not long ago there was this day called payday, ya know..;) I pretended to be a rich bitch and went on a little shopping spree online;)
Well, to be honest I was just drowning my sorrows because I´m dead broke and that´s awful. I thought I had a little more money than I actually had and I decided to treat myself with some cheap makeup - which I haven´t bought in a while! 
Now I´m even more broke and even more depressed,  well at least now I got some new products to try out while I´m sobbing haha;) 

It didn´t cost more than  £19 without shipping tho, so it wasn´t much - but a lot of products:)

11, 15 Juicy, 2, 14 Bare.

Shade 15 - Juicy

Shade 11

Shade 2

Shade 14 - Bare

Shade 23, Mud Pie, Amaretto Crush.

(From top-bottom)

Intense Color Eyeliner - Royal Blue
Intense Color Eyeliner - Lovely Lilac
Lip Liner - Red Drama
Lip Liner - Brooding Plum

Pearl Eyeshadow shade 11

Pearl Eyeshadow shade 5

Eyeshadow Palette "Undressed"

Haven´t had time to try it all out yet!
The nail varnish is really nice - love mud pie and khaki green :)
Also the MUA lipsticks are favs of mine so no need to have doubt in them;)

I´ve been wanting the Undressed palette for a while and all the shades are perfect for me!

I get my makeupdoll over for a date tomorrow so there will be some new makeup looks and swatches then ^^

What´s your MUA favorite?