MUA Haul :)

OK, so not long ago there was this day called payday, ya know..;) I pretended to be a rich bitch and went on a little shopping spree online;)
Well, to be honest I was just drowning my sorrows because I´m dead broke and that´s awful. I thought I had a little more money than I actually had and I decided to treat myself with some cheap makeup - which I haven´t bought in a while! 
Now I´m even more broke and even more depressed,  well at least now I got some new products to try out while I´m sobbing haha;) 

It didn´t cost more than  £19 without shipping tho, so it wasn´t much - but a lot of products:)

11, 15 Juicy, 2, 14 Bare.

Shade 15 - Juicy

Shade 11

Shade 2

Shade 14 - Bare

Shade 23, Mud Pie, Amaretto Crush.

(From top-bottom)

Intense Color Eyeliner - Royal Blue
Intense Color Eyeliner - Lovely Lilac
Lip Liner - Red Drama
Lip Liner - Brooding Plum

Pearl Eyeshadow shade 11

Pearl Eyeshadow shade 5

Eyeshadow Palette "Undressed"

Haven´t had time to try it all out yet!
The nail varnish is really nice - love mud pie and khaki green :)
Also the MUA lipsticks are favs of mine so no need to have doubt in them;)

I´ve been wanting the Undressed palette for a while and all the shades are perfect for me!

I get my makeupdoll over for a date tomorrow so there will be some new makeup looks and swatches then ^^

What´s your MUA favorite?


  1. I love my Undressed palette :) that shade 11 eyeshadow looks lovely aswell!


  2. I love those lipstick shades!


  3. Hey sweetheart i also made an order at MUA on the weekend ! Haha :) I bought some eyeshadows when i was in Edinburgh and was quite happy with them since the price is unbeatable ! Also ordered that lipstick in "bare" and the polish "amaretto crush". Can't wait for my order to arrive ! Hope u r happy with yours ! Have a fabby day !!! XX