I´m miss birthday girl today ! :)

Here´s a suuuper important little update, it´s my birthday! Woooop.

I love having b-day (i love getting gifts:) so announcing it here just to make it feel it lasts a little longer ha hahaaaa;)

It´s such a perfect occasion for list-making! Don´t think i havent made some already. Just wont be posting now, it´s too late and im too tired:p

My mum bought me a lovely dark purple orchid -  I couldn´t decide what I want for my birthday so she will be taking me online shopping later, hehe ;)

There´s so much online I want and the shops around my area are soooo boring - so we came to this conclusion which I think fits me perfectly!

Hmm.. have a few ah-mazing items to share with you.. Wishlish post will be up tomorrow! ;-)

Gosh, what about these cakes for birthday, after all it is Halloween... ;)


  1. Happy Birthday pudding! I'm loving that cake idea.


    P.S Hope this day is as fabulous as you are.

  2. Happy birthday dear..:)
    take care and enjoy !!!

  3. Happy bday to you my sweetheart ! Sent you also a text on twitter -sorry i've read it too late. I hope you enjoyed your day :) Btw the cakes look scary haha ! Big hugs and many kisses XX

  4. Happy birthday, those cakes are so cute!