GHD V Gold Classic Kit - new straightener for my hair :)

I was in need for a new hair straightener as my old one decided to die on me. 
There´s nothing like a good quality hair straightener so I was super happy when I came across this offer. This kit has the same price as the straightener alone!
I love GHD straighteners and it is so much better for my hair than the cheap ones you can get everywhere...

I got the classic styler, paddle brush (sooo pretty!), two sectioning clips and a bottle of heat protectant.
I´ve tried the heat protectant a few times, but I don´t really know what to say about it yet.. I don´t think I´m a huge fan. It smells kinda like male perfume.. and my hair does not get soft at all... But the paddle brush is super nice and so good. Heat protectant or not, it was a pretty good deal!

The classic gold styler is suitable for all types of hair and lengths, which is nice for me because of my super thin/fine short natural hair, and for when I wear thick long extensions :)

It heats up in a matter of seconds, ready to use! You can´t choose how high or low you want the temperature, and that might be a con if you need to protect your hair a bit extra. But then simply this is not the straightener for you. I try to be careful with heat tools in general, so I don´t mind..:)

What type/brand of hair straightener do you use/is your favorite?

New In: Bare Minerals, Anastasia Beverly Hills & MAC

Bare Minerals, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, Mac Lipstick, Mac Lipglass Review

Have a look at my latest purchases!

- Bare Minerals Bare Skin Liquid Foundation in "Bare Nude"
- Bare Minerals Concealer in "Medium 2"
- Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in "Dark Brown"
- Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in "Dark Brown"
- MAC Lipstick "Faux"
- MAC lipstick "Blankety"
- MAC Lipglass "Fashion Whim"

I am so pleased with everything! Anastasia Brow Wiz is a repurchase. It's a must have in my makeup bag. 
The dip brow pomade has been on my wish list for a long time, and it did not disappoint! Definitely doing a separate post on this one!
Trying out a new foundation, so far I like it, but I need to find a good setting powder that goes perfect with this foundation. It´s a little on the shiny side.
Both of the Mac lipsticks and the lipglass has been on my wishlist for a long time, and finally they´re mine! 
Gorgeous products, I will of course be doing a separate swatch post on these :D

Do you have any of these products, what do you think?
Do you want to see a separate post on any of these products?

Lash extensions by me *before/after volume lashes*

Here´s a set of lashes I did the other day! Such a fun job, especially when it turns out this good!
I used Ardell Individual Lashes 8mm, 10mm and a few 12mm.

ST. TROPEZ Express Tanning Mousse *THE BEST*

The best self tanner I know! 
Absolutely loving this mousse, it develops quickly, you can shower it off after 1, 2 or 3 hours - depending on how deep color you want, but it continues to work and develop for at least 8 hrs.

St. Tropez Express Tan Self Tan Mousse

It gives such a beautiful tan.
Apply with a tanning mitt and you won´t have a single streak or uneven patch.
Smells amazing, but unfortunately it still has that nasty self tanner smell to it after applied to the skin...

What is your favorite type/brand of self tanner?

Maison Jar DIY - Beachy Tea Light Votive

I already told you about the Maison Jars that I found earlier, this is a smaller version, I removed the glass top but kept the metal lid on.

Then, simple as anything, I filled it with some white stones and shells, placed a tea light at the bottom and then knot a hemp twine around it.
For an extra beachy feeling you could add some sand as well, which were my intentions, but I 
couldn´t find any so I´ll do that one later :) 

*New* Nike Free Run Tropical Twist

In love with my turquoise Nikes, absolutely loving the color of these!
Actually they´re not that new, I bought them about 6 months ago during my vacation, but haven´t been wearing them until now as the weather is finally allowing it :)
Perfect for summer and tanned skin :)

What´s your favorite pair of Nike Frees/sneakers?

Home Decoration with Maison Jar *Interior*

I found some old Maison Jars in an old basement, they´re actually "Norgesglass" (Norwegian glass) which is basically the Norwegian version of the Maison jar. It has the glass and metal airtight lid as well, but if you remove that - it transforms into a beautiful vase :)

Roses around the house makes me happy! 

What´s your favorite DIY/remake of the Maison Jar? 

Victoria´s Secret Amber Romance Body Lotion & Fragrance Mist *Favorite*

One of my all-time favorite VS fragrances are definitely this one, Amber Romance. 
I can wear this all year round, but during summertime it brings back special memories of past vacations and fun times..!

What is your favorite Victoria´s Secret Fragrance?

My New Gel Nails - French Manicure + Glitter

1 and a half week ago I finally managed to go and get my nails done!

Lately I haven´t been doing anything to my nails and they´ve been kept short. They don´t seem as strong and healthy as they used to for just a year ago and it bothers me. I haven´t been wearing gel nails for about one and a half YEAR, so it felt pretty good to finally glam them up a little bit!

Do you prefer your nails to be long or short?