60´s Cut Crease, Purple shade and Glitter Brows!

I had my bff over for a makeup date yesterday, finally I got to experiment on somebody else than myself;)

I tried out a look that has it´s origin from a random magazine, but I have changed it quite a bit and I´ve been dying to try it out! :)

There are some flaws here and there, practice makes perfect :)

I´m in love with sixties makeup, and this hard cut crease line is very inspiring. I´ve personalized it with some purpleish glitter brows ofc, I´m addicted to glitter......


Products used:

MAC Paintpot Rubenesque.
Depend White shimmer.
Red Cherry Lashes #415.
Guerlain Kohl Liner.
Eyeshadows from my 120 Palette.
Maybelline Black Gel Liner.
Essence Gold Glitter Liner.

Even tho some of the pics seem the same, there´s a slightly difference between them.. very important, ha ha :)

I´ve only used Mineral Hygienics Foundation #Medium on my models skin, it covers up so well and still it looks so natural! I´m in total LOVE with their products now :)

Stay tuned for a review on their products :) I´ve been wearing their makeup for a while now and I feel I can tell you my honest opinion now :-)

Oh and, if you go ahead and make a order from their site, make sure to use the coupon code "delirium" :) It will give you 10% off your entire order:)
I don´t get any share for this so it´s purely me sharing this coupon "designed" for my blog, hi hi sorry I just think it´s so fun ^^ 

Spring Inspired Makeup Look

 A simple spring inspired look!

I love the mintgreen and violet/pinkish/purple toghether :-)

Products used:

Artdeco Eyeshadow Base.
Shadows from my 120 Palette.
Guerlain Kohl Liner.
DUO Adhesive.
Red Cherry Lashes #107.

My summer holiday plans!

I can´t quite believe it yet, it is too good to be true.. But we have received our tickets so it is really TRUE!

In June, on June the 1st to be accurate, I will be leaving for a heavenly vacation in the Far East ;)

More specifically, Thailand :) We´re also going to Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia :)

It´s been a while since my last vacation and I´m in desperate need of sun, heat and total relaxation..

I will be away for about three and a half weeks, and we will be travelling a bit around to the different countries mentioned.

Oh God I can´t believe it... How much am I going to shop?! I won´t be able to carry my suitcase home!!!!! YAY :-D

I need tips from you guys!

When I´m on vacation I love shopping everything NOT Norwegian/scandinavian, that´s so boring! 
Give me new Asian makeup brands, shops where I can buy cheap shoes, Coffeeshops, local markeds, I love experiencing food and culture.. :)

I guess there will be quite some work when I get home, blogging about all my purchases during my holiday, ha ha :)

I won´t be bringing my laptop, I´m too afraid of loosing it really... But my mobile will be with me and my camera, so I will be updating as often as possible :)

Some inspirational photos from where I´m heading in June:


When I come back I will be posting my OWN photos looking like this! Haha finally!! :)

Do you have any vacation plans yet? Please tell me :)

Got lashes? Lash overload & DUO Brush-on Adhesive Review!

My latest lashes from www.madamemadeline.com! As I told u before this time I ordered casual lashes, as I need them for work and I try not to look too much like a dragqueen at work, I save that for the weekends ha ha ;-)

Mostly ordered these, #415, #202, #38 and #48, but I ordered a few more, just dont know where I´ve put them right now ;)

I also ordered a couple 107 Ardell Fashion Lashes, they´re perfect for everyday use! :)

This is my old glue! I used to love it, it´s supereasy to remove and it really stays on no matter what...
Also easy to apply and it´s not too sticky.

However I´ve been longing for a brush-on glue for ages now.
I imagined that this must be so much easier to apply!
I couldn´t seem to find it anywhere (u know i live in norway)..

Until now! :)

Finally Madame Madeline started selling this, the DUO Brush-on striplash adhesive.

About $5 at madame madeline! Scroll down on that page and you´ll find it! :D

I was so excited! Couldn´t wait to try it!
But I gotta tell you, the first time I tried it I was soooo dissapointed!
Omg I hated it, and I thought goooood is it possible? This thing SUCKS!

The glue was so sticky and my fingers got stuck on my eyes and the lashes just went everywhere else that they were supposed to. 
When I finally got them in place, I managed to rip them off again as my fingers got stuck in the glue..........................
I made the worst mess ever and I even got the glue in my eyes.. I cursed the whole thing and I went straight back to using my regular DUO adhesive... he he..

About one or two weeks later I tried it again.. This time I applied the glue straight on my eyelid, and not on the striplash itself as I did the first time (and as I am familiar doing with the other tube adhesive).

As you see the brush is very handy!

This method worked so much better!

You apply it right above your lashline, the glue will turn blue (for some reason i dunno why). Wait a few seconds until the color fades out and you´re ready to put your lashes on!

You will notice that they will fall right into place and they stay on so well you don´t even have to press them togheter onto your own lashes!

(I do this anyway to be 100% sure they stay on, but anyway:)

Supereasy!! And a lot more easy actually than the regular tube adhesive..

Finally got my 120 palette, 88 wam palette and 28 blush palette:)

So I finally clicked these palettes home!

I´ve been wanting them for a few years now, looking at them online, but never bothered buying them.

Last year my co-makeup-addict friend went on and purchased the 120 palette, and I´ve been jealous ever since! So now I finally purchased them myself too..:)

They´re so cheap, and is there actually any makeup-addicts out there left, that has not purchased these? ;P

They´re perfect for playing around with and trying out make up looks, practicing etc!

Some of the shades are highly pigmented and works perfectly for my non-professional use :)
I´ve experienced that some of the shades are harder to work with and not as pigmented as others, but hello, I got 208 shades in total now, and I guess I could live without a few ones ;-))

All in all it´s a great buy I would say :D

I won´t bother swathing 208 shades, there´s so many other reviews out there so I won´t bore you with another one ;)

From time to time a could always swatch the ones I really like and use in my makeup looks :-))

Can´t brag about me knowing all the ingredients and stuff. These are bought off eBay and are not e.g Coastal Scents branded. I guess they´re all made the same place anyway, I guess not the biggest difference!
My face hasnt swollen up yet so I´m not worried, ha ha! :)

Oh well one should take those things seriously tho, but this is not like a Mac copy or something :-)

Here´s my beauties! :D

Loving the hot pink and coral shades!

Have you had any fun with your palettes? :)

March Favorites

A few days too late, but here it is, my first monthly favorites post :-)

I use a ton of other products too, but these are the ones I absolutely just couldn´t live without this month.

Nivea Creme 
Makes my skin supersofffft. Im in love with the simple design!

Natusan Baby Oil 
Makes my skin even more supersoft:) Apply it after shower before toweling.

Garnier BB Cream 
I´ve started to love this thing! I mix it with my foundation :)

Garnier Caffeine Anti-dark Circles 
Aaah.. Loving this too!

Dior Sculpt Foundation 030 
Couldn´t live without it even just for a day.. ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE. 

Moroccan Oil 
My hair loves this :) Apply in toweldry hair, don´t apply too much!

Mineral Hygienics Warm Kiss Bronzer 
My newest product, loving the shade!

Red Cherry Lashes 
They´re on my eyes every day;) Loving these and Ardell :) 

MaxFaxtor Compact Powder 
Goes perfect with my foundation. Great product with mirror and fantastic sponge application thingy.

The Body Shop Blending Brush 
Veryyyyy good:)

The Body Shop Bronzer 
Makes my skin shimmery and glittery^^

Loreal Eyeshadow #168 
Even more glitter in this! Perfetc brownish greyish shade with lots of shimmer. Perfect everydaylook.

What´s your march favorites? 

Are any of these favorites of mine your favorites too?

P/S: Mineral Hygienics Review and also some new makeup looks will be posted soon :) Easter holiday makes me a bit slow ha ha :-)))

Pastel Ombre Hair - Gotta love it!

If it wasn´t for my black hair, I would def try this hairstyle out... Or.. well.. at least it looks amazing on photos! ;-)) Enojy :)

Pictures are, after random searching the web, taken from google.com/weheartit.com/pinterest.com.

What do you think of pastel hair/pastel ombre hair?