Design Inspiration!

Hiya :)

My blogging is at hold for a couple of days this week :P I will try to post something, but there wont be any reviews/swatches I think.. You see I´ve ordered a ring light for my camera and I can´t wait until I get it! I´m also going to buy a new charger for a camera that´s much better than the one I´m using right now. So I don´t want to take any pictures before I got this settled :)

Also thinking about changing my blogskin! I´ve gotten a bit tired of the look now, even tho I like it... So if you find my design a bit messy during the week it´s only because I´m trying out new things... :)

Some inspiration I put toghether.. Loving the colors...

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  1. Hey, hättest du vielleicht Lust dich bei meiner Blogvorstellung zu bewerben?
    Würde mich echt freuen!
    Oder vielleicht schaust du einfach so mal vorbei?