Got lashes? Lash overload & DUO Brush-on Adhesive Review!

My latest lashes from! As I told u before this time I ordered casual lashes, as I need them for work and I try not to look too much like a dragqueen at work, I save that for the weekends ha ha ;-)

Mostly ordered these, #415, #202, #38 and #48, but I ordered a few more, just dont know where I´ve put them right now ;)

I also ordered a couple 107 Ardell Fashion Lashes, they´re perfect for everyday use! :)

This is my old glue! I used to love it, it´s supereasy to remove and it really stays on no matter what...
Also easy to apply and it´s not too sticky.

However I´ve been longing for a brush-on glue for ages now.
I imagined that this must be so much easier to apply!
I couldn´t seem to find it anywhere (u know i live in norway)..

Until now! :)

Finally Madame Madeline started selling this, the DUO Brush-on striplash adhesive.

About $5 at madame madeline! Scroll down on that page and you´ll find it! :D

I was so excited! Couldn´t wait to try it!
But I gotta tell you, the first time I tried it I was soooo dissapointed!
Omg I hated it, and I thought goooood is it possible? This thing SUCKS!

The glue was so sticky and my fingers got stuck on my eyes and the lashes just went everywhere else that they were supposed to. 
When I finally got them in place, I managed to rip them off again as my fingers got stuck in the glue..........................
I made the worst mess ever and I even got the glue in my eyes.. I cursed the whole thing and I went straight back to using my regular DUO adhesive... he he..

About one or two weeks later I tried it again.. This time I applied the glue straight on my eyelid, and not on the striplash itself as I did the first time (and as I am familiar doing with the other tube adhesive).

As you see the brush is very handy!

This method worked so much better!

You apply it right above your lashline, the glue will turn blue (for some reason i dunno why). Wait a few seconds until the color fades out and you´re ready to put your lashes on!

You will notice that they will fall right into place and they stay on so well you don´t even have to press them togheter onto your own lashes!

(I do this anyway to be 100% sure they stay on, but anyway:)

Supereasy!! And a lot more easy actually than the regular tube adhesive..


  1. I had no idea there was a DUO with an applicator, I always squeeze out too much, I think I need to be investing in this once my original DUO finishes.

  2. Duo is a really good brand!
    I have been using it for a long time and satisfied with the result. :)
    Ardell has been good to me. I would love to try Cherry Red, i have heard good things about them.

  3. Your eyes are gorgeous. I like the way you do your brows. And those lashes looks really natural love them <3

  4. wow, eyelashes ....
    I love them.....
    you can give them to me :)
    DUO eyelash adhesive is perfect - I have the glue and I love it !!!

  5. i Love Red Cherry! & Ive Been Meaning To Try The DUO Eyelash Adheisive but everytime i go to the store its never there >.< grrr anyway New Follower . love your blogg

  6. Thanks for the review! I usually use a disposable eyeliner brush to brush glue onto my eyelids too lol