SMASHBOX Waterproof Shadow Liner in "Lapis" & "Shimmering Ivy" *Review & Swatches*

I have to admit that I haven't been playing around with these a lot yet, the green one is perfect with my new eyeshdaow trio, and the blue looks really good on my water line. 
I can imagine them both giving a really nice base for a smokey eye :)
I'll be posting looks of these as soon as I've tried them out a little more. So far I really like them!

SMASHBOX Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner in "Bare" & "Penny Lane" *Review & Swatches*

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas celebration and that you're all relaxed and ready for a new year :)
I'm posting a short post about my Norwegian Christmas Traditions later and I really want to see other posts like that as well as it is fun to read about other peoples traditions!
Here's two of my new kohl liners I talked about in the previous post.
I have been using the nude liner a lot, almost every day and it is surely a new favorite! It's more pricey compared too Rimmel Scandaleyes, but i don't have to sharpen it and it doesn't feel like I'm scratching my eyes out when applying! SO worth it:)

*BLOGMAS 17th* SMASHBOX *HAUL* Kohl Eyeliners, Eyeshadow Trio & Shadow Eyeliners.

Smashbox Cosmetics Haul Waterproof kohl eyeliner and eyeshadow trio
I was Christmas shopping with my bff last week and although I actually managed to buy a few presents (I only have a few more to go until I'm completely done) I also managed to buy something for myself;)
I couldn't pass the Smashbox counter without having a look, and having a look will probably result in me buying something.
Since I've been over the moon satisfied with my Smokebox eyeshadow palette I was thinking about getting another one. The Softbox is the same just with neutrals and I had my eyes on that one.
Even though I have a lot of neutrals I am willing to throw them away (wouldn't actually do this) for the sake of some new ones from Smashbox because I just love their eyeshadows!

*BLOGMAS 16th* Face & Makeup of the Day - Christmas Shopping

Just a quick FOTD/MOTD from Saturday when I went Christmas Shopping with my brother :)
I'm actually wearing blush which I haven't been wearing in ages, I'm not really a blush gal. I have however recently purchased 4 beautiful shades from Milani and I'm excited to try them out, maybe I will get better at using it:)

*BLOGMAS 15th* FOTD/MUOTD & new earrings :)

It's been such a long time since I blogged, since I've been visiting/reading blogs, since I've been on my laptop at all actually!! It's been so freaking boring and I hope I'm feeling a little better soon so I'll have the extra energy to actually think about something else than just stay in bed..

I guess BLOGMAS is officially blown to pieces, but I'm still gonna continue as I just love the concept and the name blogmas ^^

I had a few plans over the weekend so I finally got to put on some makeup as well :) So these photos are actually from Friday :)
Wednesday I went Christmas Shopping with my bff, Friday I went to this small happening in my town, and on Saturday Christmas Shopping with my lilbrother. Saturday was totally exhausting, but it was so nice to spend some time with my brother :)

FOTD/MUOTD Nude Lips Smokey Eyes

*BLOGMAS 4th* My Newest Lashes - Red Cherry #WSP & #415 and Ardell Wispies

Eeeeek BLOGMAS isn't doing so well :( I've been feeling like proper s*it lately and I just haven't managed to do anything. I'm really sad I haven't managed to keep up with BLOGMAS, but we're still in the first week of December and I have a lot of finished posts that were supposed to be out on the blog! I'm not gonna paint it all black quite yet, hihi :)

Finally some new lashes! I'm waiting for some new goodies from House of Lashes as well, but they haven't arrived yet!
All of these are from my favorite place to order lashes :)
They are so cheap and there's a great selection:)

*BLOGMAS 3rd* Dior Addict 612 Spotlight Lipstick *Swatches & Review*

Dior Addict Spotlight Lipstick

DIOR Addict Spotlight Lipstick is the lipstick I kinda regret buying, it's not a color I find myself been using a lot after I got it. However it is a pretty everyday nude color and it fits with everything.
I like the formula and it is a lipstick you can apply without doubting whether it looks good or not. To me this is more like a balm than a lipstick, but it sure does look a lot better than a balm though ;-)

Dior Addict Spotlight Lipstick

*BLOGMAS 2nd* Going Natural/Organic? ~iHerb Natural/Organic Hair & Skin Care + Coffee/Tea/Chocolate Haul~

Soooo lately I've been addicted to this online store called (I'm not affiliated in any way, I just love it....;P). I really want to try to buy more organic/natural/cruelty free, and iherb has a lot of selection from everything makeup to skincare to coffee to groceries and supplements etc. I've bought a lot of my Christmas gifts from there this year as well as a few Christmas presents to my myself^^ Of course I won't be showing all the fun stuff I've been buying to my friends and family, but let me show you a few of the stuff I got for myself :D
All products are organic/natural/vegan/cruelty free.

*BLOGMAS* MILANI Violet Volt Lipstick *Swatches & Review*

It's paraben-free, contains vitamins A, C, and E to moisturize and nourish lips.

1st Day of BLOGMAS ~ I'm up for another challenge :)

I'm taking on another challenge in the form of blogging every day - I really loved doing BLOGTOBER and since I haven't been just as efficient throughout November I felt it was time for some more fun :) And what's more fun than Christmas?;)

BLOGMAS is to blog everyday in December until Christmas Eve, but I'll probably go on until we finish December :)