*BLOGMAS 2nd* Going Natural/Organic? ~iHerb Natural/Organic Hair & Skin Care + Coffee/Tea/Chocolate Haul~

Soooo lately I've been addicted to this online store called iherb.com (I'm not affiliated in any way, I just love it....;P). I really want to try to buy more organic/natural/cruelty free, and iherb has a lot of selection from everything makeup to skincare to coffee to groceries and supplements etc. I've bought a lot of my Christmas gifts from there this year as well as a few Christmas presents to my myself^^ Of course I won't be showing all the fun stuff I've been buying to my friends and family, but let me show you a few of the stuff I got for myself :D
All products are organic/natural/vegan/cruelty free.

Last time I ordered I bought "Sugar Plum Spice" from the same brand, and I am addicted to that tea! It is so delicious and I was hoping (I wanted something even more Christmasy;)) this was just as good, but sadly I wasn't just as pleased with this one. Still it is pretty good, but I will for sure be reordering "Sugar Plum Spice". 

When I was in Florida this summer I had Vanilla coffee and I've been wanting it ever since. Vanilla Coffee is non-existing in Norway and I suddenly thought of buying it from this site! It is just regular coffee beans with whole dried vanilla beans inside to put in the grinder with the coffee beans. Please do not ask me why I never thought of doing that myself before...
I wasn't super pleased with the flavour as it wasn't much vanilla to brag about. There were only 4 vanilla beans inside and next time I will just grind my regular coffee beans and buy the vanilla myself :)

Well, we're talking coconut + chocolate... I ate it all, enough said ;-)

I'm not going to say I bought several soaps like this for presents and since they all smelled so freaking heavenly I had to order one for myself also..... Hehe. Will probably order all the other scents too as they were all amazinnnnnng. Can't wait to use this in the shower, I will probably smell like a million dollars :)

I just wanted to try a natural deodorant without the shit that's gonna give me breast cancer, but this smells so horrific I haven't dared to try it on yet..:( 

Edit: I have now smelled it again and it wasn't so bad anyway, still haven't tried it though...

Just as I am a sucker for everything coconut, I am a sucker for everything pumpkin!
Pumpkin Spice hand cream?? Well, OBVIOUSLY I need it!
But, do I want to smell like pumpkin spice? That is the quiestion..
*open tube and apply to hands*
Ok, so I was onto the understanding that this was going to smell like Pumpkin Spice Latte. And that was kinda alarming because no matter how much I love PSL, I wouldn't want me to smell like that.
But let me tell you, this has such a nice scent to it! Just as a hand cream is supposed to have! It has something pumpkin spice to it, but nothing to spicy, more sweet and fruity, but not too much.
Just like you would want your pumpkin spice hand cream to smell, actually..:) I like that it is cruelty free and don't contain any parabens and all that. It absorbs quickly and keeps my hands moisturized :)

Well, as I said, I'm a sucker for everything coconut so I couldn't let this go. What it does or does not do to my hair, is yet to be figured. 
Am I fully convinced natural/organic hair care is the best for my hair? Will I be able/willing to let my regular hair salon products go? I don't think so. This is $6 dollar product, how good for my hair is it really? I don't know, I have to be honest and say I mostly bought it because of the coconut scent. And may I tell you it is AMAZING!! My hair smells like coconut and that is the most important part ;)

Don't need too much explanation, but the nail brush is absolutely a must for a gal like me with long nails! Nothing feels, and looks, better than clean nails ;-)

Do you care about natural/organic/cruelty free/vegan products? 

xxoo Karla // Miss Delirium

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