1st Day of BLOGMAS ~ I'm up for another challenge :)

I'm taking on another challenge in the form of blogging every day - I really loved doing BLOGTOBER and since I haven't been just as efficient throughout November I felt it was time for some more fun :) And what's more fun than Christmas?;)

BLOGMAS is to blog everyday in December until Christmas Eve, but I'll probably go on until we finish December :)

I have a few Christmas/Holiday themed posts coming up, but I've dropped the idea of Christmas Gift Guides. After thinking about it I figured it's just not interesting enough for me to do a whole series of it and I don't want to have just another boring Christmas Gift Guide post.
However, I do have a few tips on gifts that I think is worth sharing :-) I try to have it up by the end of this coming week :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

This weekend has been lazy as always, but I've been down with some heavy headache and really just been lying in my bed watching X-Files.
I've had an extreme urge for Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte this whole week and if it wasn't for the fact that I've been feeling ill I would have gotten in my car and drive to my nearest Starbucks (1.5-2 hrs away). I'm crazy. I know. And I am willing to admit that Toffee Nut Latte is even better than Pumpkin Spice Latte, hands down. Ooooh I want it now!!

Tonight I will be visiting some family, but I'll probably check in on #bbloggers chat on my iPhone - if I manage to keep up! ;-)

Who else is doing #BLOGMAS or #BigBlogmasProject? :)

If we don't already "know" each other, please leave a comment/link to your post so I can follow your Blogmas project too! You can come say hi to me on twitter also :) 

xxoo Karla // Miss Delirium


  1. I'm participating in Blogmas this year (:

    Pearl | Pearluxe Beauty&Lifestyle | Twitter

  2. Great pics, I'm in a Christmas mood too :)