*BLOGMAS 3rd* Dior Addict 612 Spotlight Lipstick *Swatches & Review*

Dior Addict Spotlight Lipstick

DIOR Addict Spotlight Lipstick is the lipstick I kinda regret buying, it's not a color I find myself been using a lot after I got it. However it is a pretty everyday nude color and it fits with everything.
I like the formula and it is a lipstick you can apply without doubting whether it looks good or not. To me this is more like a balm than a lipstick, but it sure does look a lot better than a balm though ;-)

Dior Addict Spotlight Lipstick

It looks a lot darker in the tube and it was all the glitter that made me buy it, but they don't come off as much when applied to the lips :( I was super sad when I found out!
I was imaging a perfect nude lip and then apply this on top with a lot of glitter! But it just doesn't turn out that way I am afraid...

Dior Addict Spotlight Lipstick Swatch

Dior Addict Spotlight Lipstick

It's a sheer nude and you decide your color payoff using a nude lipliner or not..
I actually find the color veeeery pretty in this picture below :)

Dior Addict Spotlight Lipstick

It looks a lot darker here where the light isn's so bright.

This is revolutionary and if you've been following my blog and wondered if I just love everything and that I am not capable of coming with any downsides ever. This is now.
I do not LOVE this lipstick, I think it's an ok, pretty lipstick, and I'm done regretting buying it. I like it, but it wasn't a steal..;-)

xxoo Karla // Miss Delirium

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  1. I think It looks amazing on you! and your skin is amazing also, so jealous it looks flawless!
    Hannah :) x

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