The Autumn Tag

Hiiii guys!

I love fall, and I've been looking forward to do a tag like this! I saw this post over at Sammy's blog and decided to do this one as well:)

Is it okay to say everything? I mean, I honestly don' think there's anything I don't like about Autumn.. I can even stand the cool weather!
In the beginning I miss summer, but then I just forget all about summer and everything I can think of is how I can do the most out of Fall!
I love the crisp fresh air, the way the sun makes everything look so nice, all the colors, the cozyness, big scarves, over-sized sweaters, boots and beanies. 
Pumpkin Spice && Everything Nice! 
Hot coffee, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Tea.. Ahhh... I just want to have it all during fall..

Well, whatcha think? ;-)
Everything pumpkin of course!
Pumpkin Spice Latte is a winner.
Coffee in general is a winner.
I also enjoy tea, but not those too fruity, too sweet ones.
Hibiscus, Roseship, African Tunda, Coconut, Chai Spice, Vanilla.

I am a scented candle addict. I mean for real!
When I was young there was I think about three things that I collected, or, hoarded.
1. Rocks && Pretty stones and "gems".
2. Lipglosses.
3. Scented candles.
And did I burn the scented candles? No.
They were all over my room on display, I wouldn't burn them because they were all in different shapes and animals and they looked so pretty. and they smelled nice, imagine how my room smelled. Like, a hundred different scented candles.. WOW.

ANYWAY, I'm still addicted to scented candles, but in a much more normal-person-way. I actually buy them so I can burn them and make my place smell nice;-) And I usually only have one scent at a time.. hehe.
I love Yankee Candle, and at the moment I'm burning Kitchen Spice Wax Tart && it smells AH-MAZING!
I also just bought Woodwick Candle Linen, but Kitchen Spice is a much more Autumny scent, so I'm gonna stick with that a little longer :-)
I also usually buy those huge packs of scented candles from IKEA, they're amazing too.

Right now I love my new Dior 5th Avenue lipstick, it's a dark kinda berry burgundy red.
I love dark lips for fall, but I tend to go with the nude lips though.

That must be tights && over-sized sweaters, plaided/flannel shirts, long cardigans, jeans with knee-high boots. Dr. Martens, big cozy scarves, beanies, self-knitted sweaters :)

I love different shades of darker green for Fall, but I'm also rocking the natural/neutral browns look a lot.
All time favorite moisturizer would be Biotherm Anti-Drying Body Milk and Biotherm Baume Corps Intensive Body Treatment with Apricot Oil.
Also I use a lot of coconut oil on my body and now, lately, in my face as well.

Hmm.. I've always got this Autumny (is this even a word? I'll just keep using it..) feeling when listening to Kings of Leon. I'm not in a particular Kings of Leon phase right now, I'm more like Rihanna Unapologetic phase.. Like "Nobody's Business", "What's Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary" & "Fool in Love" (Talk That Talk). 
I'm one of those who get addicted to one particular or a few songs and I listen to them over and over again for weeks.
I only enjoy a few songs of Rihanna really, but "What's Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary" is actually epic if I can say so..(!!) 
Also enjoying Devon Allman Honeytribe, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Jonny Lang at the moment.
I've been listening a lot to Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Sons of Anarchy soundtrack too lately..:-)

At home :-)
I enjoy just sitting in my room, curl up in my bed or sofa, light some candles and enter the blog-world or watch some good tv-series (the X-Files & Sons of Anarchy at the moment).
I will of course be drinking a nice hot cuppa coffee or tea while doing this. Preferably a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Much like the above, but I also enjoy going out with friends for coffee and enjoy a hot drink while sitting outside and maybe pull a blanket around me and just be cozy!
Nice walks breathing in the fresh air and just enjoy all the colors and beautiful view. I really like baking and cooking and I love doing Pumpkin soup and Pumpkin Pie. I also enjoy knitting! I've knitted a few sweaters and I love wearing them ^^
I wasn't aware of it, but I have an obsession for jackets.. So I always tend to buy new jackets during fall. But I'm also a die hard shoe lover so I'm ALWAYS looking out for new boots! Also buying a lot of scarves and beanies ^^

Feel free to join this tag! I tag all of you that wants to ;-) 
Please let me know if you decide to join, leave your links below so I can read through your answers :-)

xxoo Karla // ‘‘Miss Delirium’’

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The Body Shop Summer Vacation Haul

I bought this right before I went on my Greek vacation to Skiathos.

My skin usually gets a lot better with the combination of sun and saltwater, so I wanted to make the most of it by not using so much makeup during my vacation :)

I´ve been looking for the perfect BB Cream f.o.r.e.v.e.r., and believe me when I say I´ve tried a lot of them. None really works out for me.
Some are too orange, some don't cover up anything at all, some are too dry  - I could go on forever.

I guess a lot have this problem though ;-)

Anyway, I picked up some products to try out while on vacation and here they are!

The blush and shimmery eyeliner were on sale and that´s why it ended up in my haul - sneaky bastards.
The blush however is beautiful on sunkissed skin ;) And the eyeliner perfect for that neutral/nude look..;)
I'm not really a blush person so that neutral peachy shimmery hint of color is perfect for me.

The lipstick is absolutely GORGEOUS!
I will say no more about this as it gets me in a hella bad mood - can you believe I´ve managed to loose it somewhere?! I´ve used it once or twice, and I simply can´t find it anywhere!

I loved it so much I will have to buy another one..:(

But this stuff is amazing! (that is as long as your skin is not breaking out..)
I´m using the darkest one #03 and it evens out my skintone and it does cover up to a certain level, but if your skin is really bad it won´t cover it up completely.
When I had a bad breakout I found myself using other foundations as the BB Cream just didn´t work,
But now as my skin has cleared it works perfect with just the BB Cream and some powder/bronzer:)
I do find it a little hard to match my neck as my tan has started to fade, but that´s just my life! ahaha..

It´s kinda pricey when you think about how little product you get, I´ve been saving it by not using it for days because it will run empty pretty fast! (I hate that feeling!) Not that you need a loooot of product, but it´s a everyday product and you will get addicted.

My face do get very shiny throughout the day, and I think I can say that it gets a little extra shiny by wearing this. But it does not fade! I just powder my face now and then - it´s not a huge minus for me as I do this anyway.

I don´t think my face has broken out because of this yet, I´ve had one breakout after using this but I´m pretty sure it´s because the norwegian climate as it started right after I got home and there were no sun or saltwater to keep my skin clear..

The formula is like that Loreal bb cream, it´s white and as soon as you start applying it it will turn into color.
The saleswoman told me I HAD TO apply with a brush because if the product is applied with your fingers it will react in some way and turn into a lovely shade of orange - or at least another shade that´s not like it´s supposed to be.
I don´t know for a 100% sure if this is really true or just a salestrick, because, you know, I did get that brush.
I haven´t done any research on this either, but when thinking back at using that godawful loreal bb cream - applied with my fingers, my face did get all orange..
So I tried applying the Body Shop BB Cream both with my hands and with the brush, and it DID look different! So girls, remember to apply this with a foundation or bb cream brush!

The Honey Bronze for face is perfect if you´ve build up a tan and need some extra color, both alone or under your BB Cream. LOVE IT! Perfect if you wanna add some color to your face if you´re just going to the beach too. I don´t wear makeup at the beach, but as my face always looks white compared to the rest of my body it helps tone it down a little!
I have the Honey Bronze Dry Body Oil as well and the both smells amazing!

That's why I ended up with the perfume too, because it has that same honey summery scent to it ;)
However I did found out after a few times of using it, that the scent can get a little too heavy and if I'm feeling a bit sensitive one day it can actually make me a bit nausious..:S

That's not really the best way to describe a perfume, but I can assure you that it does smell amazing, just don't go all crazy when applying it ;)

What are your favorite BB CREAM?

What's your must-have beauty related product for vacation? 
(Sunscreen do not count;)

[UPDATE] I actually did this post a few weeks ago, and the lipstick has been long lost since then - until a few days ago! I was looking through my suitcase that I used for my vacation, and guess what was in there! My TBS lipstick AND my Lancome Rouge in Love lipstick I'm soooo happy!

[UPDATE2] I haven't been using the BB Cream much lately because my tan has REALLY faded :( It's just too dark for me now.. Most depressing thing in the world :(

[UPDATE3] Wow talk about mood swings ha ha!

xxoo Karla //  ‘‘Miss Delirium’’

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Coconut Oil saves the day! Tea time && FOTD

Hiiiiii guys :)

This may or may not be interesting - but I can inform you all that my skin is back to normal, at least for now!

I got a ton of advises last night, and obviously I didn´t have the chance to buy any new products to try out before bedtime.. Buuuuut.
What I can´t understand, is that I totally forgot about my all-time-fav skin product, ever? 
This sweet girl at the #bbloggers chat told me to use coconut oil, and I was like damn, of course! 
I use coconut oil on my body all the time! Just not usually on my face, because I never have dry skin on my face, until now, and boy did my face feel super nice after massaging some of my magical Thai coconut oil onto my face :) Next morning: still super smooth and foundation applied on like, not like a dream because that has never happened, but it applied on like normal:) YAYUS!

Love love love my Lancome Rouge in Love lipstick 

After I finished work I enjoyed a cuppa tea before I went to pick up my 4 year old ‘niece’ (my BFFs daughter) from kindergarden and we went home to my place - we did our nails (pink ofc;) and then we played with my cute little dog Timmy. Love spending some quality time with her!

Also I gotta get ready for the auntie role for real as I have a preggers lilsis!! :O <3
Can´t wait :)

xxoo Karla // ‘‘Miss Delirium’’

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FOTD - Neutral Work look

Face && Hair Of The Day!

I felt fine before work today so I had my friend over for coffee && tea before we picked her daughter up from kindergarten and went to work.

I´m addicted to the hair bun look, it looks like I actually have hair on my head and it´s not getting in my face while I work - perfect combo!
I´t takes me like five/seven mins to do also, so it´s perfect :)

Neutral and natural look for today, no other plans than work so nothing too fancy I´m afraid..;-)
I feel so naked without my lashes!

I would might have to try wearing them tomorrow, maybe I´ll find some short ones (well, good luck on that!) that will fit underneath my glasses... 

Ah what issues a four-eyed-person must go through! ;-) 
(I know, I know, I take my glasses off before taking my selfies *lalala*)

Hope you all had a nice day!

My skin has turned on me like the devil and decided to go all dry and crazy, my foundation goes on like dry sand and it´s a makeup emergency.
I got a lot of good advises on what kind of moisturizers to get via #bbloggers chat on Twitter tonight. Thanks girls!

I´m such a moisturizer noob, I never struggled with dry skin and my acne made me break out just by the thought of moisturizer, I almost NEVER wear moisturizer.. I guess those times are over.. 
Any more advises are appreciated :)

xxoo Karla //  ‘‘Miss Delirium’’

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Hello September - && bit of a personal post tonight..

Ok ok, I know "Hello September" is about 24 days too late, but I´m way to obsessed with fall to let that opportunity slip away!

I love fall so much I could die. I know I say every summer that I love summer, and I do, but fall is amazing.

I am a October child, so that may have something to do with my love for fall.

I´m all about pumpkins, yankee candle, scarves, big cosy sweaters and beanies now.
I´ve even decorated my room with deco pumpkins and leaves in my windows! I´ll show you later, hi hi :)

So over to my personal stuff that I decided to share..
I´ll be honest with´ya..
I´ve been struggling with some problems concerning my eyes for quite some time now, nothing serious or dangerous, but it really affects my work as a hairdresser and my ability to work with my all-time-passion _makeup_

This is making me having to do some really serious decisions that may or may not change my whole future plans.. That´s pretty stressful! I´m thinking about this all the time, day and night, and it just makes my head spin.
Also it makes me really depressed when I realize that doing normal, easy everyday routines as putting on makeup is ...well, difficult actually..
I struggled a bit before as well, but then I used contacts so I was still able to see pretty decent up close - but now I am forced to wear glasses all the time. And everybody who wears glasses for the right reasons know how hard that can be -  I mean, they´re kinda in the way ;-)

Don´t get me wrong, I´m not blind or anything, and there´s a lot of people having more serious trouble than me. It just occurs to me how much I care about makeup and how fun it is, and how much I want to do it all the time. It´s hard when you notice that your abilities in something ..weakens, you know?

I mean, I´ve never been a pro, or anything near it - but I think I can say I do makeup pretty well.
So when I notice the change from doing something pretty well and without any problems what so ever, until one day struggling with it.. like.. Something as simple as putting on lashes or liquid liner isn´t as simple anymore.

I want to do makeup looks, and I want to exceed in makeup and get better at it!

I´m dying to do makeup looks and share them with you on my blog, I just never feel satisfied enough!

All of this together makes me loose all motivation to do anything because I never feel, as I said, satisfied and I just kinda give up.

It´s not like I can´t see anything or that I can´t do my makeup at all, or that´s it´s dangerous letting me cut your hair with scissors - haha!
But imagine sitting by your vanity table, going to put some makeup on, looking into the mirror, and all you see is a totally blurred face.......
Foundation goes on alright, I know this step too well, I could do it with my eyes closed. The rest is rather tricky;-)
Of course, when going closer to the mirror I can se clearly.
But imagine doing your makeup with your brushes bumping into the mirror for every brushstroke you do. And how are you going to keep track on how everything looks when your constantly up-close-macro-lens in the mirror.. ARGH. Annoys me just thinking about it.

And yeah, almost forgot it, being forced to wear glasses all the time... That´s every makeupjunkies dream, right? Because your eyes, lashes and makeup just really stands out, right?
Yeah, not to forget if you wear those nice, long, full lashes that make you look awesome, they will constantly bump into your glasses :) That´s such a nice feeling, not annoying at all..!

I feel I´ve been degraded in my makeup world, haha, I never wear dramatic eyeshadow anymore, I never do makeuplooks on my blog anymore, I never wear lashes anymore :(
I don´t feel I´ve managed to pick up any new skills, I haven´t been able to work on improving my skills.. I´ve like...stagnated..

I tried today though, and lashes were annoying the heck outta me..:/ And of course I take my glasses of when taking photos haha ;-)
I will admit though, that glasses aren´t the worst thing to wear during fall. Fall is a nice season for glasses. Gotta find the positive things you know!

Sooo... I just needed to get that out there, and hopefully this will get better with time and HOPEFULLY I will be able to go back to my contacts :)
This whole thing correcting my eye problem is a process that´s just gonna take some time.. When I think about it in a calm and reasonable way - I manage to not paint it all so black.
My work on the other hand is something that I don´t think about very calmly and I can´t decide what´s for the better for me. Will tell more when I get to a conclusion on this.

Other news... Hmm.. I´ve been thinking about it for a while, and if you follow me on twitter you might know that I want to start a beauty channel on YouTube :)
I´ve always thought it looks so fun, I just never felt confident enough. I´m still not completely confident about it, but I wanna try:)

OK, fall is making me all happy so I hope it makes it easier to find motivation for blogging^^
I want a fun blogging challenge, so please share with me if you have any fun ideas :)

To all #bbloggers, I will talk to you tomorrow! :-)

XXOO Karla // ‘‘Miss Delirium’’

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Greek Frappe Recipe

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One of my favorite things about Greece is the coffee. Ice coffee. Frappe.. Cappuccino Freddo.. But that´s another story, let me show you how to make a Frappe first :)

It´s  ridiculously simple, and it´s really just water and instant coffee!
Who would have thought I would love instant coffee like that...
The instant coffee that are used is the Nescafe Classic, it looks like this:

This is actually bought in Greece, we had to buy something because the coffeemaker in our apartment didn´t work. I thought it was the same as I get at home, I just thought the design was slightly different because of the "Frappe" picture on it. That´s really a Greek thing. But no, this is not available in Norway, and I read somewhere that it´s not in the UK either?
Anyway, we have the Nescafe Original - it´s the same red cup on the picture. I don´t know if it´s the same? I tasted it the other day and I felt it tasted different..
Well, I still have something left in this can so I´m just gonna enjoy it as long as it lasts ;-)
....Ehm, I guess my point was supposed to be that you can use the Nescafe Original - if the Classic is not available where you live;)

OK, over to the recipe! It super simple and soooo good :)


- 1 - 1.1/2 teaspoons Nescafe Classic.
- 1 - 2 (depends on how sweet you prefer your frappe) teaspoons sugar.
- 3 icecubes. 
- Cold water to fill your tall glass.
- Some milk if you like.
- Milk frother.

If you don´t have a milk frother, you can use a mix master. In Greece they have a own frappe mixer.
I bought this frother at IKEA and it´s was like $2 // under £2. It´s not the best quality either though, but it works just fine:)

(1.) Start by putting your Nescafe and sugar in a tall glass.
(2.) Add very little water, only 1 - 1.1/2 teaspoons.

In Norway we use regular tap water, so I keep a bottle in the fridge so it´s always nice and cool:)

1. Start frothing until it´s solid, you can do a test by tilting the glass upside down, the froth shall not drip.
2. Add your ice, I feel 3 ice cubes is enough. You wouldn´t want it to water out your coffee!
3. Add more water, now you´re gonna fill your glass up. Stir while doing it.
4. It is not necessary, but you can add some milk if you want:) Gives it a rounder taste. But it´s just as nice without the milk!

And there you have a delicious Frappe perfect for hot summer days, or nights, or whenever you like! But it´s not a secret that it´s extremely perfect at the beach ;-)
Easy peasy!!!
Remember to stir while enjoying it, yummmmm :)
I´ll show you how to make a Cappuccino Freddo as soon as I manage to make a perfect one myself ^^

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New Blogdesign

FALL Inspired:) ....& I wish I didn't suck at fashion.

As much as I love shopping for nice clothes, shoes, purses and accessories - I still suck at "fashion". I can´t seem to put together a perfect "pinterest outfit" (haha, do you know what I mean?).
I always think that it´s because I don´t have enough clothes, or the right clothes - that I have to shop more and shop for those specific items. But my room is overflowing of clothes. My drawers are literally breaking down because of the amount of clothes in them and I know, deep inside, it´s just me sucking at putting together a nice outfit.........

Norwegian fall could get pretty cold and wet, so there´s not really an option to wear sandals and other cute flats, even though I wish so.
My other problem is that since I work as a hairdresser it´s just not very practical so wear big, cosy, warm sweaters or big scarves and everything - it´s simply too hot in the salon. So I end up looking all plain jane all day long, everyday. I only get to put on a lot of cozy items when I´m walking to or from my car!
I could wear cute sandals or flats in the salon, because it´s hot, but then again - should really wear good sneakers for my feet ya´ know, so not very stylish on that part either...

Yeah, I know, my life is so hard....;-)

I still dream though, so because I can´t put up perfect outfit pictures of myself, I can show you what I would wear if I managed to put together a decent outfit ;-)

It´s late August and I´m all Fall inspired!

Inspired by: Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pumpkin Spice Latté

My Fall Picks

Pumpkin Spice Latte has arrived!


Fall... by rusinn featuring a stud bangle

Pumpkin Spice Latte

My Fall Style

How Vegan is the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte?

Michael Kors Fall

Skulls are very fashionable this fall!

Summer to fall

The Leaves are Falling...

Hmmm.. I always dream about living in a country with a warmer and more tropical climate... But I love fall... What´s fall like when you can´t wear big scarves and cosy knitted sweaters because it´s too hot?
I´m thinking about going to California to study, how is fall in California? :)
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