The Autumn Tag

Hiiii guys!

I love fall, and I've been looking forward to do a tag like this! I saw this post over at Sammy's blog and decided to do this one as well:)

Is it okay to say everything? I mean, I honestly don' think there's anything I don't like about Autumn.. I can even stand the cool weather!
In the beginning I miss summer, but then I just forget all about summer and everything I can think of is how I can do the most out of Fall!
I love the crisp fresh air, the way the sun makes everything look so nice, all the colors, the cozyness, big scarves, over-sized sweaters, boots and beanies. 
Pumpkin Spice && Everything Nice! 
Hot coffee, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Tea.. Ahhh... I just want to have it all during fall..

Well, whatcha think? ;-)
Everything pumpkin of course!
Pumpkin Spice Latte is a winner.
Coffee in general is a winner.
I also enjoy tea, but not those too fruity, too sweet ones.
Hibiscus, Roseship, African Tunda, Coconut, Chai Spice, Vanilla.

I am a scented candle addict. I mean for real!
When I was young there was I think about three things that I collected, or, hoarded.
1. Rocks && Pretty stones and "gems".
2. Lipglosses.
3. Scented candles.
And did I burn the scented candles? No.
They were all over my room on display, I wouldn't burn them because they were all in different shapes and animals and they looked so pretty. and they smelled nice, imagine how my room smelled. Like, a hundred different scented candles.. WOW.

ANYWAY, I'm still addicted to scented candles, but in a much more normal-person-way. I actually buy them so I can burn them and make my place smell nice;-) And I usually only have one scent at a time.. hehe.
I love Yankee Candle, and at the moment I'm burning Kitchen Spice Wax Tart && it smells AH-MAZING!
I also just bought Woodwick Candle Linen, but Kitchen Spice is a much more Autumny scent, so I'm gonna stick with that a little longer :-)
I also usually buy those huge packs of scented candles from IKEA, they're amazing too.

Right now I love my new Dior 5th Avenue lipstick, it's a dark kinda berry burgundy red.
I love dark lips for fall, but I tend to go with the nude lips though.

That must be tights && over-sized sweaters, plaided/flannel shirts, long cardigans, jeans with knee-high boots. Dr. Martens, big cozy scarves, beanies, self-knitted sweaters :)

I love different shades of darker green for Fall, but I'm also rocking the natural/neutral browns look a lot.
All time favorite moisturizer would be Biotherm Anti-Drying Body Milk and Biotherm Baume Corps Intensive Body Treatment with Apricot Oil.
Also I use a lot of coconut oil on my body and now, lately, in my face as well.

Hmm.. I've always got this Autumny (is this even a word? I'll just keep using it..) feeling when listening to Kings of Leon. I'm not in a particular Kings of Leon phase right now, I'm more like Rihanna Unapologetic phase.. Like "Nobody's Business", "What's Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary" & "Fool in Love" (Talk That Talk). 
I'm one of those who get addicted to one particular or a few songs and I listen to them over and over again for weeks.
I only enjoy a few songs of Rihanna really, but "What's Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary" is actually epic if I can say so..(!!) 
Also enjoying Devon Allman Honeytribe, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Jonny Lang at the moment.
I've been listening a lot to Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Sons of Anarchy soundtrack too lately..:-)

At home :-)
I enjoy just sitting in my room, curl up in my bed or sofa, light some candles and enter the blog-world or watch some good tv-series (the X-Files & Sons of Anarchy at the moment).
I will of course be drinking a nice hot cuppa coffee or tea while doing this. Preferably a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Much like the above, but I also enjoy going out with friends for coffee and enjoy a hot drink while sitting outside and maybe pull a blanket around me and just be cozy!
Nice walks breathing in the fresh air and just enjoy all the colors and beautiful view. I really like baking and cooking and I love doing Pumpkin soup and Pumpkin Pie. I also enjoy knitting! I've knitted a few sweaters and I love wearing them ^^
I wasn't aware of it, but I have an obsession for jackets.. So I always tend to buy new jackets during fall. But I'm also a die hard shoe lover so I'm ALWAYS looking out for new boots! Also buying a lot of scarves and beanies ^^

Feel free to join this tag! I tag all of you that wants to ;-) 
Please let me know if you decide to join, leave your links below so I can read through your answers :-)

xxoo Karla // ‘‘Miss Delirium’’

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  1. I'm totally doing this! Love King of Leon by the way ;)

    xx -b.

  2. love this post!

  3. Thank you for sending me your link! Love your answers!


  4. I love Autumn too! It is my most inspired season! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love yours! Hopefully we can keep in touch :) xx