The Body Shop Summer Vacation Haul

I bought this right before I went on my Greek vacation to Skiathos.

My skin usually gets a lot better with the combination of sun and saltwater, so I wanted to make the most of it by not using so much makeup during my vacation :)

I´ve been looking for the perfect BB Cream f.o.r.e.v.e.r., and believe me when I say I´ve tried a lot of them. None really works out for me.
Some are too orange, some don't cover up anything at all, some are too dry  - I could go on forever.

I guess a lot have this problem though ;-)

Anyway, I picked up some products to try out while on vacation and here they are!

The blush and shimmery eyeliner were on sale and that´s why it ended up in my haul - sneaky bastards.
The blush however is beautiful on sunkissed skin ;) And the eyeliner perfect for that neutral/nude look..;)
I'm not really a blush person so that neutral peachy shimmery hint of color is perfect for me.

The lipstick is absolutely GORGEOUS!
I will say no more about this as it gets me in a hella bad mood - can you believe I´ve managed to loose it somewhere?! I´ve used it once or twice, and I simply can´t find it anywhere!

I loved it so much I will have to buy another one..:(

But this stuff is amazing! (that is as long as your skin is not breaking out..)
I´m using the darkest one #03 and it evens out my skintone and it does cover up to a certain level, but if your skin is really bad it won´t cover it up completely.
When I had a bad breakout I found myself using other foundations as the BB Cream just didn´t work,
But now as my skin has cleared it works perfect with just the BB Cream and some powder/bronzer:)
I do find it a little hard to match my neck as my tan has started to fade, but that´s just my life! ahaha..

It´s kinda pricey when you think about how little product you get, I´ve been saving it by not using it for days because it will run empty pretty fast! (I hate that feeling!) Not that you need a loooot of product, but it´s a everyday product and you will get addicted.

My face do get very shiny throughout the day, and I think I can say that it gets a little extra shiny by wearing this. But it does not fade! I just powder my face now and then - it´s not a huge minus for me as I do this anyway.

I don´t think my face has broken out because of this yet, I´ve had one breakout after using this but I´m pretty sure it´s because the norwegian climate as it started right after I got home and there were no sun or saltwater to keep my skin clear..

The formula is like that Loreal bb cream, it´s white and as soon as you start applying it it will turn into color.
The saleswoman told me I HAD TO apply with a brush because if the product is applied with your fingers it will react in some way and turn into a lovely shade of orange - or at least another shade that´s not like it´s supposed to be.
I don´t know for a 100% sure if this is really true or just a salestrick, because, you know, I did get that brush.
I haven´t done any research on this either, but when thinking back at using that godawful loreal bb cream - applied with my fingers, my face did get all orange..
So I tried applying the Body Shop BB Cream both with my hands and with the brush, and it DID look different! So girls, remember to apply this with a foundation or bb cream brush!

The Honey Bronze for face is perfect if you´ve build up a tan and need some extra color, both alone or under your BB Cream. LOVE IT! Perfect if you wanna add some color to your face if you´re just going to the beach too. I don´t wear makeup at the beach, but as my face always looks white compared to the rest of my body it helps tone it down a little!
I have the Honey Bronze Dry Body Oil as well and the both smells amazing!

That's why I ended up with the perfume too, because it has that same honey summery scent to it ;)
However I did found out after a few times of using it, that the scent can get a little too heavy and if I'm feeling a bit sensitive one day it can actually make me a bit nausious..:S

That's not really the best way to describe a perfume, but I can assure you that it does smell amazing, just don't go all crazy when applying it ;)

What are your favorite BB CREAM?

What's your must-have beauty related product for vacation? 
(Sunscreen do not count;)

[UPDATE] I actually did this post a few weeks ago, and the lipstick has been long lost since then - until a few days ago! I was looking through my suitcase that I used for my vacation, and guess what was in there! My TBS lipstick AND my Lancome Rouge in Love lipstick I'm soooo happy!

[UPDATE2] I haven't been using the BB Cream much lately because my tan has REALLY faded :( It's just too dark for me now.. Most depressing thing in the world :(

[UPDATE3] Wow talk about mood swings ha ha!

xxoo Karla //  ‘‘Miss Delirium’’

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  1. Oh my gosh, that lipstick is GORGEOUS! I hope you are able to find another one soon :(

    As far as BB creams go, I've never actually used one, HAH! I do use Marcelle's Sheertint Fluid Moisturizer in the Summer though, or on days when I don't want something as thick as foundation on my face.
    I actually wound up buying it the first time when I went looking for Smashbox's BB Cream and they didn't have my shade, so the sales lady suggested Marcelle. And I've been buying it ever since! I love it, oh and one tube lasts me probably a year!

    xx -b.

  2. I have tried The Body Shop BB cream, I thought It would be a great investment; however, it didn't turn out how I expected. So I ended up returning it lol.

  3. Love the shade of this stunning lipstick, i hope I can find it in our Body Shop here in SA, the bronzer sounds lovely too. Awesome haul!