Homemade Sweet Iced Tea :)

It´s been so hot lately I´ve had no other options than to make several full pitchers with iced sweet tea, it´s stored in my fridge and ready to serve whenever I need to cool my brain down! 

Lately I´ve also suffered from extreme headache and even though I love the heat, it does not make my headache any better! So that´s another good reason to make this deliciousness for cooling down right there! 

The whole look would be complete with a mason jar, but I´m good with my Starbucks cup ^^

Easiest recipe:

- Boil 6 cups of water, add 1 cup (or to taste) of sugar.

(1 cup is more than enough for the peach mango, but 1,5 is probably better for the citrus)

- When water is boiling, remove from the heat and add 6 (normal sized) bags of tea. Put lid on.

I used Lipton Peach & Mango tea for my first pitcher, and Lipton Citrus for the second :)
(I enjoyed Peach Mango the most)

- I guess you can leave it in as long as you like depending on preferred flavor, but I had mine in for like 20-30 minutes and it did not go bitter or weak or anything.

- Press tea bags before removing them.

- Add a pinch of baking soda, makes the tea clear and gives a nice color, also prevents from getting bitter.

- Add 6 cups of cold water.

(Also here you can taste, citrus tea was perfect, but I could´ve added a little extra cold water in the peach mango)

- Put in freezer/fridge until ice cooooold :)

Add ice cubes and pour that deliciousness into your glass! I like to squeeze a couple of lemon slices and add them into my glass too:)

*HAUL* Benefit, Urban Decay, Sleep-In Rollers & Real Techniques

This is another haul that have been lost in the draft drawer for a while.. I bought it all online and it took quite some time before every product arrived (I ordered them individually). I had to wait for such a long time to do this post until I had received all of the items, I eventually kinda forgot about it! HAHA.

Anyway, I´ve been using the Real Techniques brushes a lot! Everyday almost. And I love the Benefit Fake Up and Urban Decay palette:)

I´ve only tried the Sleep-In Rollers once, but they do work! It´s not supercomfy, but better than regular rollers..;)

I have not been using the Benefit World Famous Neutrals palette very much, to be totally honest I´ve had so much other stuff lately that I´d rather use so I haven´t given it my time yet.. But the colors are very cute and perfect for everyday use :)

 Benefit Fake Up #01 & #03.
 Benefit World Famous Nudes - Sexiest Nudes Ever.
 Urban Decay Ammo Palette + Urban Decay Primer Potion.
 Real Techniques Core Collection.
 Real Techniques Starter Set.
 Sleep- In Rollers.

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Florida Roadtrip, Kennedy Space Coast - Cocoa Beach

These pictures do really not do our last days justice! We just didn´t have time to photograph everything and we were mostly at the beach since it was our last day :)

We got her pretty late and had driven non-stop from Miami all night. There was such a heavy thunderstorm around us. It was SO amazing to watch. The lightningh lit up the whole sky and horizon and for one second I thought the world was coming to an end! That, or WW3, not kidding. Not used to such thinderstorms in Scandinavia, so glad I got to see it like that. We were driving in total darkness and almost alone on the road we had the whole horizon in front of us, first class view in other words:)

FINALLY our first american waffle, had to make it ourselves, but that´s ok!

I´m glad we shared ;-)

Whats more appropriate :)

Beautiful beach! Highlight of the day was definitely when we heard that there was a Black Tip Shark lurking around:-) 

Cocoa Beach!
The sand was a bit rough and the ocean actually a little chilly for our taste! We´ve become such BEACH SNOBS!

I can´t believe this is going to be my last American Roadtrip picture, but again what´s more american that alcohol in a brown paperbag? Ofc this had to be documented :D
FYI the alcohol had to be left unopened at the hotel as we didn´t get time to enjoy it!

Don´t know how to summarize this trip other than awesome! I´m almost gonna start cry because I wanna go back. I don´t know if that´s sad or just tragic. I wanna go back because there was so much that we missed! Anyway, did have a great time and we got to experience a whole lot on such short time :)

Shortcut to my other entries from my amazing Roadtrip!

Florida Roadtrip, Bienvenido a Miami! Magic City Miami & South Beach

We are finally here! In Miami and South Beach:)

We got here in the evening, pretty tired (and hot) after a long drive!
We checked in to Best Western located in Little Havana.
The drive went well until we got to Miami, then we got lost (we didn´t have a GPS and our maps and roadsigns didn´t quite match! haha!)

Another factor is probably that we didn´t exactly know where we were going! We just headed to Miami... Hehe! Oh, well, after a few (many) rounds around in random neighborhoods (got to see a lot more than just South Beach!) we ended up in Downtown Miami.. Driving around didn´t know where to go just going with the flow.. Haha.. It was kinda fun too, as we got to see hella lot more than just the regular tourist spots..;) Anyway, finally we headed towards the airport, as that was the only place we knew was close to our hotel, and some more useless mapreading later we FINALLY got to our hotel..

First stop in South Beach, frozen yoghurt too cool down!

Had mexican dinner

Had to stop for refreshing and cooling down at Starbucks in Washington Ave, we had left out car 7 more blocks down the road (had already been walking 2 or 3..), try walking that carrying shoppingbags in almost 100degree f!

We went shopping the first day and it was soooo hot! 


It´s kinda weird, but these cups are such a big deal! I mean, for us, these red (and sometimes blue) plastic cups are like "America", I mean, home-alone-college-party-America.. Gosh, we´ve seen too many (bad) movies;)

Like seriously, posing with it?! ;)

Aaaah, the feeling of satisfaction..:) The orange "Amber Romance" spray is so delicious I would have to go to London (it´s the closest VS store) just to get more!
And ofc, don´t you think coconut vanilla spray was sold out?! FFFF!!!! The bodylotion is so nice I don´t know how to say it..:D

I got this supercute top, but left the store sad because I wanted a denimjacket and a corset-something white lace boho chic supercute top tooooo!!!!

Random haul at drugstore.. Just have to try out stuff that´s not avaiable in Norway! (exccept Maybelline and Essie)

Lookin´ classy i must say..;)

The combination of white skin, no makeup and those big sunglasses is surely not a winner, but wth im at the beach! :)

Cuban dinner in Little Havana!

Cuban espresso! Last thing before headed out of Miami towards Cocoa Beach!

Bye Miami! Hope I´ll see you again pretty soon! :)

Our last stop before going back to the airport is Kennedy Space Coast :) We´re going to Cocoa Beach!
- Stay tuned, CONTINUES HERE -

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