Florida Roadtrip, Florida Keys KEY WEST

We finally arrived Key West in the afternoon, and we had our plans ready, get ready and then go out to grab something to eat and drink:D
First we had to stop in Key Largo on a Starbucks to find a hotel!

Vi had a Starbucks break in Key Largo, had to book a hotel for the night!

We went out and had such a funny night! No pictures, as we didn´t bring our camera:)

Next day we decided to go to the beach, we managed to get a parking ticket, and then had breakfast at Higgs Beach :)
Salad was heavenly, but the beach was not as we had expected!

I mean, nice sand, warm water, but almost no umbrellas or chairs!
and there was so much nasty stuff in the water, like seaweed and whatnot, so, I don´t know if I might be a beach-snob (if that´seven possible) or I dunno, anyway, we missed Fort Myers Beach!

We went in the water because it was so hot we almost died, but then I felt a fish, or something!!! on my leg and managed to scream so loud people on shore turned around.. They probably thought I got bit by a shark or something, it was SO AWKWARD!

So we just went back up grabbed our bags and run to the car, now to find the goddamn parking ticket!!

Delicious Yellowtail Snapper salad at Higgs Beach, Key West

ANYWAY, we looked for more beaches but the next one was so small and we didn´t understand where all the lovely pictures of Key West beaches were from.. So dissapointing!
We went and bought some cupcakes and then we headed back to the hotel and our pool and then got ready for the night.  

Our room was literally at the pool.

We bought cupcapes from Key West Cakes, delish!

We had to change rooms on day two as we had only booked for one night because we didn´t know how long we were gonna stay.

We had such a lovely dinner at Caroline´s Cafe in Duval Street, also delish mojito!
Went out had some drinks and fun, but went early to bed as we were leaving in the morning:(

Delicious salad at Caroline´s Cafe in Duval Street, Key West

They also had delish mojitooooos<3

I want a turquoise house too!

One of the bridges we had to go over to get to Key West:)

Such a blurry photo, but have to show you our cute Pioneer hotel in Key West! Supercute!

Our first room

Supercute, just like a bungalow!

The last day we just woke up early, had breakfast and decided to just drive around to see if we could find this Southernmost Point!

We managed to find it, we managed to find parking, we also managed to PAY for parking, yeeey, but by the time we finally got there, a queue had started to take shape... It was so hot and we queued for at least 30 mins.. We thought about just leaving, but then again, when will we be back taking pictures of this shit? So, we managed to wait and we just didn´t care how ugly and sweaty we looked because we were just going to sit in the car for hours anyway (going to Miami next)

We got our pictures, and Key West experience was (almost) fulfilled!

Had to queue for this picture for at least 30 mins I think!
Southernmost Point! 90 miles to Cuba!

Nighttime snack ha ha !

Caramel cupcake something-something

Key lime pie cupcake!

Coconut something cupcake!

Do you know where we´re headed next?


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  1. what lovely houses! The food looks so delicious and i guess you've visited every sigle starbucks right? Haha :)
    Where is that wonderful crochet top from??? I was searching for one like that forever!