Homemade Sweet Iced Tea :)

It´s been so hot lately I´ve had no other options than to make several full pitchers with iced sweet tea, it´s stored in my fridge and ready to serve whenever I need to cool my brain down! 

Lately I´ve also suffered from extreme headache and even though I love the heat, it does not make my headache any better! So that´s another good reason to make this deliciousness for cooling down right there! 

The whole look would be complete with a mason jar, but I´m good with my Starbucks cup ^^

Easiest recipe:

- Boil 6 cups of water, add 1 cup (or to taste) of sugar.

(1 cup is more than enough for the peach mango, but 1,5 is probably better for the citrus)

- When water is boiling, remove from the heat and add 6 (normal sized) bags of tea. Put lid on.

I used Lipton Peach & Mango tea for my first pitcher, and Lipton Citrus for the second :)
(I enjoyed Peach Mango the most)

- I guess you can leave it in as long as you like depending on preferred flavor, but I had mine in for like 20-30 minutes and it did not go bitter or weak or anything.

- Press tea bags before removing them.

- Add a pinch of baking soda, makes the tea clear and gives a nice color, also prevents from getting bitter.

- Add 6 cups of cold water.

(Also here you can taste, citrus tea was perfect, but I could´ve added a little extra cold water in the peach mango)

- Put in freezer/fridge until ice cooooold :)

Add ice cubes and pour that deliciousness into your glass! I like to squeeze a couple of lemon slices and add them into my glass too:)


  1. Ooh I'd love to try this since so many people rave about it!looks good!:)

  2. I love iced tea, this is such a great and useful post! x