Florida Roadtrip, Kennedy Space Coast - Cocoa Beach

These pictures do really not do our last days justice! We just didn´t have time to photograph everything and we were mostly at the beach since it was our last day :)

We got her pretty late and had driven non-stop from Miami all night. There was such a heavy thunderstorm around us. It was SO amazing to watch. The lightningh lit up the whole sky and horizon and for one second I thought the world was coming to an end! That, or WW3, not kidding. Not used to such thinderstorms in Scandinavia, so glad I got to see it like that. We were driving in total darkness and almost alone on the road we had the whole horizon in front of us, first class view in other words:)

FINALLY our first american waffle, had to make it ourselves, but that´s ok!

I´m glad we shared ;-)

Whats more appropriate :)

Beautiful beach! Highlight of the day was definitely when we heard that there was a Black Tip Shark lurking around:-) 

Cocoa Beach!
The sand was a bit rough and the ocean actually a little chilly for our taste! We´ve become such BEACH SNOBS!

I can´t believe this is going to be my last American Roadtrip picture, but again what´s more american that alcohol in a brown paperbag? Ofc this had to be documented :D
FYI the alcohol had to be left unopened at the hotel as we didn´t get time to enjoy it!

Don´t know how to summarize this trip other than awesome! I´m almost gonna start cry because I wanna go back. I don´t know if that´s sad or just tragic. I wanna go back because there was so much that we missed! Anyway, did have a great time and we got to experience a whole lot on such short time :)

Shortcut to my other entries from my amazing Roadtrip!


  1. Amazing pics! So great:)


  2. Amazing!!!

    Would you like to follow each other?!
    Let me know!



  3. The waffles look so yummie! AND oooh i'm afraid of sharks i would have immediately left the beach haha :)

    I'm always sad too when it comes to the end of a vacation. But you have all those lovely pics and wonderful memories and maybe it's not the last time you've been there :)

    Thanks for sharing your amazing vacation adventures!

  4. Great pics! Now you made me want waffles too ;)