Florida Roadtrip, Orlando Disneyworld, Universal Studios & Island of Adventure

Finally the day of departure has come!
We had a long journey in front of us..
And it had only just started, first three hours in car to the airport, wait for about one-two hrs before plane to Manchester and then wait for 3-4 hrs before finally leaving for Orlando!

Here we are waiting in Manchester:)

I love my haircolor here! The lovely girls at work helped me fix my hairdisaster and I ended up sooo pleased! Too bad all the color is washed out now because of pool, ocean and sun!:/

Morning cappuccino :)

SEVERAL hours later...
WOOHOO first stop on our Florida Roadtrip!

The only thing we had planned were the two first days after arrival:) We wanted to plan the rest of our trip along the way:) 

Our hotel in Kissimmee



We landed in Orlando Intl. Airport and headed to our Radisson Celebration hotel in Kissimmee, about 20 mins away (except the fact that we messed up already 5 mins after getting on the road.. I don´t know wheter to tell you this laughing or crying because it´s so goddamn silly:D We were so excited to get our car at the airport so we forgot all about the atm and cash! So like 5 mins on the road we got to the first toll.... without any cash whatsoever:) We got out first ticket in the US, woohoo, way to go! We then had to do an exit to get to a 7 eleven and ATM, and then we were rolling.. Spent at least 30 mins driving back and forth trying to find the exit back to the main road, it was so easy, yet so impossible. OMG I´m dying just thinking about how we noobed around !!!! 
 At least we got cahs, but not enough! So there we were on the next toll, which were without any working person in it... and yeah, the rest is history! We finally got the grip on this toll thing, and managed to do as the rest of America and didn´t have a toll-mistake again (until last day going back to airport) Anyway, after getting out of Orlando I don´t think there were any tolls actually.. ANYWAY.

We got to the hotel late at night, ordered some burritos, munched it and the got to bed, we had a important day ahead of us! DISNEYWORLD!

The tropical storm hit us already 5 minutes after we arrived Disneyworld Magic Kingdom the first day, yaaay. It was OK though, because the weather was really out there. I mean, I´m not used to that heavy rain and thunderstorms, it was awesome!
We had to climb on stuff to avoid the water and at some point the people managing the park found out it might be a good idea sending us up in on of the "People Mover" rides.
We did so, trying to avoid the storm, but it ended with the whole thing stopping while we were in it an some security people had to come up and help us down.. We had to WALK out of the thing and that was the only ride we had done the whole day!

Trying to avoid the rain

On the "people mover" ride when or right before it stopped

Nice Poncho! (It came in handy several other times during our trip)

Soaking wet to say the least

Had to seek cover inside, soaking wet and freezing, hadn´t taken one single ride all day, everything was closed down. THIS (hot coffee) was our highlight of the Disneyworld exprience so far. Sad.

Finally got to see the fireworks.

Bad pictures of night parade.

Finally (several hours later) the storm cleared and it was only rain left, the queues were not that massive and we got to do some of the rides in the end, we also got to see the night parade and the fireworks, woohoo, childhood dream came true in the end ;-)

Day two - Universal Studios! We went to both parks and it was an awesome day! It was way too hot though, and we were in the queue for Transformers ride for over 60 mins.. Wow..
Anyway, can´t complain about the heat, because half way through the storm was back and we were stuck in one of the River boat rides so didn´t really get the chance to seek cover.. Ended up soaking wet today also.. While we were taking this awesome Harry Potter 3d ride, it stopped, ofc... just hanging there for SEVERAL minutes, lights went on, saw all the fake stuff, not cool, got sick thinking about 3D (it messes my eyes and head up) the ride started again, lights still on... Finally finished the ride and we ended the day thinking it was enough adventure land for this year ;-)

Awesome weather!

Harry Potter ride that stopped.

City walk by night

Had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe Orlando, dissapointing salad

We had packed our stuff that morning and were ready to head towards Fort Myers Beach. We didn´t expect getting all the way that night so had a pitstop at Starbucks. Free wifi - booked hotel in Sarasota for the night.

Starbucks pitstop. Thank God for free wifi..And Coffee:)


Shortcut to the rest of my Roadtrip


  1. Yay America! I miss the US! Looks like you guys had sooo much fun even with rainstorms :)
    Disneyworld seems amazing!
    you look so different with your new haircolor but i like it much! I got a bit lighter too but i've used color b4 (without bleaching) do you know that? xxxx

  2. Thanks for the photos! Who knew a road trip to Florida could be so much fun! It's every child's dream to be able to visit Disney World.