Florida Roadtrip, Fort Myers Beach

Continues from the LAST ENTRY
"We had packed our stuff that morning and were ready to head towards Fort Myers Beach. We didn´t expect getting all the way that night so had booked hotel in Sarasota for the night."

We had woken up early that morning and spent all day in Universal Studios, we were still soaking wet after the storm and had already been driving for hours.. So naturally we were really tired and couldn´t wait until we got to our hotel in Brandenton..
But isn´t it just typical, we ended up not finding the frigging hotel and when we found out we were about an hour PAST our exit to Brandenton we just said "fuck it" and just kept driving until we were too tired.

We decided to just continue towards Fort Myers and stop by a hotel/motel by the way. 
We ended up in Venice and thank god there were vacancy because we were dying of tiredness!

Woke up early next morning ready for Fort Myers beach! There wasn´t that far away from Venice :)
We stopped at the first hotel we could find in Ft. Myers Beach, and it was awesome!
Threw our stuff outta the car, into the room, jumped into our bikinis and flew off to the beach, talk to ya later!!

Fort Myers Beach<3

Fort Myers Beach Time Square

Enjoying Coconut Mojito, most delish ever!

Our hotel in Venice! So typical..

The bridge over to Fort Myers Beach

Lunch at some Italian cafe, delish..:)

The beach!

Everything is Better at the Beach

The next days were so nice I can´t even describe. Beautiful place, lovely beaches!
Yummiest Coconut Mojito! We stayed for about three days. Some storm at afternoon/evening, but not for long.
Relaxed at the beach all day long, went shopping at supermarket, haha, a lot of Redds Beer and drinks at the room, drinks at some bars, and then beach again the next morning! Omg can I have this life everyday please?

Times Square by sunset

Coconut Mojito<3


On our way to FMB

Our hotelroom in FMB

Ok hotelroom

The storm we met after spending one hour at the supermarket shopping for food for hour picnic.. FAIL!

Poolarea at our hotel

Times Square

Before leaving

Where we spent our days:)

The place we wanted to picnic

Bonita Springs.. Sound like The Sims..


Our porch:) quite the view haha!

Redds Beer <3


We went to the beach  the last day and had breakfast and some icecream (Of course!!) Then we headed direction Everglades! Had planned a stop there before arriving Key West <3


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  1. the beach looks amazing and so does your mojito !
    roadtrips are the best ways to spent vacations and have the most fun :) the motelroom is really cute!

  2. i wish to go there once in my life time... :) great pics