Florida Roadtrip, Everglades & Miccosukee

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"We went to the beach  the last day and had breakfast and some icecream (of course!!) Then we headed direction Everglades! Had planned a stop there before arriving Key West <3"

We were now heading towards Key West, but had planned a stop in Everglades City to go on a airboat ride and see some gators! We couldn´t wait!

Looking for gators!

On the airboat!
If it hadn´t been for the fact that this was freaking awesome, I would never have showed you such unflattering picture, but whatever!

Hey buddy-buddy where are you?

Awwww, there you are!:)

He just loved marshmallows.
Probably a cheap trick to make him stay so all of us tourist can pay money to go on the boatrides, but.. aww.. 

Look at him so cute!

Me, not so cute, but check out my buddy!

No boatride without some thunderstorm, again we got soaking wet and I don´t think I´ve ever experience such heavy rain. It was simply insane.

After the boatride it was still raining so heavily we just fucked the whole idea of changing our clothes before getting in the car, it would simply not be worth it as we would get just as wet just running back to the car.
Also our car was so small we couldn´t manage to change in the car.
At least we got some plastic bags to cover up our seats with!

After some time we drove past the whole Miccosukee Casino/village thing. We didn´t bother going there, but we stopped to fill gas and at the restaurant to get some coffee.
To be honest, the menu didn´t really appeal to me so coffee was more than enough..;)
Also we witnessed the worst toilet on our whole trip. It was simply disgusting.

Omg this is so cheesy, but it´s the closest I could get to taking some Native American inspired pictures, so, I´m sorry;)

At the disgusting toilet, let´s just say. Well, let´s just say nothing at all:)

Miccosukee coffee!

Just regular coffee, but whatever, I love cowboys and indians and this is the closest I´ve ever been, so yeah..;)

Gator nuggets, frog legs... I´ll just have the coffee please;)

The road from Everglades to Key West was such a long ass drive! I mean wonderful nature and all, but gooood sooooo loooong..... We had chosen the Tamiami trail, because we wanted to go through Everglades and all, but it was so boring..

FYI: we smelled of swamp all day. I didn´t think it was possible, but my clothes really did smell like swamp.. haha!



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  1. A boat trip would be the 1st thing on my to do list when going to florida! Never seen gators in nature,they look scary ! I didn't know that they love marshmallows haha :) you both look so cute in your raincapes ! xxxx