Kuala Lumpur was shopping paradise:) Leaving Bangkok

Hiya! Havent had internet in Kuala Lumpur or in Bangkok. It was pure shopping paradise! :D We're leaving for another destination in Thailand today, after all the tourist stuff its good to just relax (and party:p) too :) talk to you soon, gotta go!!! :) loads of stuff to show u later on :)

Leaving Hoi An, Vietnam - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia next:)

Upon checkout now, leaving soon. Mixed feelings, really loved it here. Such a wonderful place. but cant wait to see Kuala Lumpur:) ANY TIP FOR ME ANYONE? SHOPPING, FOOD, TOURIST STUFF???come on:)

Loving life in Hoi An

Havin a lovely time in Hoi An, the old city is beautiful:) The weather is outstanding. Too bad i wasnt careful enough yesterday and managed to get so sunburnt that i almoat fainted;) Takin it easy today. gotta stay in the shadow i guess.. but def going for a swim, thw ocean iis so nice here!!!!:D

Tu Duc Tomb & Imperial Citadel

Today we've been visiting some really cool places, it was so hot, almost died:p

We also relaxed by the pool a few hours and now it's dinnertime!:D

We had Mojito for lunch!

Perfume River, Hué

Arrived last night after almost 14 hours on train from Hanoi. Its beautiful here:)

I'm in 'Nam baby :)

Arrived from Bangkok yesterday. Been all over the city yesterday and today. Now; dinner and drink @ City View restaurant.
Leaving early tomorrow morning. 13hrs on train to Húe!;)

Bangkok next! :-)

Weeee I´m soon on my way to the airport! :) Superstressed because the airport workers are discussing wether to go out in a strike or not right this moment!!!!! But I think it´s gonna be alright :) *fingers crossed*

Will be updating from my phone from now on, so I will probably not be able to answer your comments during the three next weeks, but I read them all and I appreciate every single one of them! :D

Oh and, I will be hosting a giveaway when I get back :) So many followers now I gotta celebrate and treat you with some goodies :D

Love you all lovely people ^^