Bangkok next! :-)

Weeee I´m soon on my way to the airport! :) Superstressed because the airport workers are discussing wether to go out in a strike or not right this moment!!!!! But I think it´s gonna be alright :) *fingers crossed*

Will be updating from my phone from now on, so I will probably not be able to answer your comments during the three next weeks, but I read them all and I appreciate every single one of them! :D

Oh and, I will be hosting a giveaway when I get back :) So many followers now I gotta celebrate and treat you with some goodies :D

Love you all lovely people ^^


  1. Have an amazing time doll!*


  2. WOW have fun!!! I am sure you will :) Cant wait to see your photos :)
    Martha xxx

  3. I Follow you with GFC + bloglovin + twitter
    I hope you would follow me too :-)

    I like your blog!