*RANT* Smashbox "Always Sharp" Kohl Liner - not so sharp after all!!!

Smashbox Always Sharp - I now have a love/hate relationship with these...

After just a few times of use, they´re at the point of no return.. Literally.

Some of you might remember my post about these liners from back in December, I really, really, really, REALLY LOVED them and I was absolutely heartbroken when the first one broke.

I started using the nude one right after I bought it and I used it only on my waterline. I used it for perhaps a week, mayyyyybe as much as one and a half weeks, but no more than that!
One day when I opened the lid the tip just simply fell off.. I didn´t panic, because it has this built in sharpener and as I had not been using if for even two weeks - surely it should´t be empty already?!
I sharpened it, no sharp tip.. I sharpened it again.. Still no sharp end... I sharpened it so many times and at the end I just had to accept the fact that it was not possible to revive the rest as the tip was so dull it couldn't even reach the sharpener inside the lid (you put the lid on and twist it and that´s how it´s sharpened).
So yeah, I can´t understand anything other than that I have AT LEAST half of the product left in there, and nooo way of getting it out?!

So my question is simply WHAT´S UP WITH THAT??!!

At this time I had not started using the bronze one yet (just tried it on my waterline a few times), until one day not very long ago I got tired of my black liquid liner and wanted to go for a more natural look. I love the smudged liner look and the bronze color was so pretty! I couldn't wait to wear it in Thailand when I want more natural looking makeup.
I used this on my upper lash line and upper waterline for tight lining.
So I got super addicted to this and just praised the lord for this eyeliner!! And the fact that it sharpens it self is just amazing! It doesn't sharpen to this extreme sharp tip that you have to trim on your hand, it doesn't need warming up and it gives such a excellent precision and doing winged liner with this is no problem at all. 
It also has a super nice color range and a 3D sparkle range with even more colors has just arrived in store.
So as you probably understand - I FREAKING LOVE THIS EYELINER!!
It´s not even pricey! I figured it´s not really any more expensive that the regular liners from Loreal, Maybelline or MaxFactor from the drugstore!

But to my HORROR!! The EXACT same thing happened to this one!! 
I had been using it for, I don't know, maybe 5 times or something?? And you know what, I fear it was because it had gone empty! WHAT IS THAT? Eyeliner gone empty after FIVE TIMES OF USE??!!
It´s not like a put on a ton of eyeliner for a natural line on my upper lash line! We´re not talking heavy liner here...!
I freaked out and got really aggravated at this point, I tried to sharpen and of course nothing came out... 

What´s even more annoying, like literally the day before this happened I had purchased another one in a another shade, because I love them so much! So yaaaay can´t wait to use my liner that´s gonna be empty in under a week <3 

I guess it´s not that good of a deal anyway! It´s about $20 and that´s even cheaper than what I paid..



Dear Smashbox, I love you very much, but PLEASE do something with this before it gives me heart attack. I´ve even seen reviews on other people experiencing the same thing, so it´s not just me and I did not over-use it!

Have you experienced this?

Can you recommend another awesome eyeliner I can try?

xxoo Karla // Miss Aggravated


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  2. I loved these lip lacquers on you!!You look amazing with these ( you are gorgeous without them also but just saying) ..I hope I could won them too on Mua's contest!! I hope you support my entry : http://woobox.com/z7wpe6/vote/for/1924489 because I adore Mua and it would mean a lot!! Thanks in advance, I love you!! :) :*

  3. Haven't tried these before but they do look great!

    Jess x

    1. They are awesome, but I´m very disappointed that they run empty/break after very short time of usage :/

  4. Soooo disappointed. The same things keeps happening to me yet I continue to purchase it as well. I emailed smashbox directly and told them the issue and they have me some lame generic reply. Frustrating and annoying...

  5. Oeh they look lovely on your lips!

  6. It just happened to me today but I texted my Smashbox person and she exchanging it for me I don't know if it's the store I bought it ins policy Witch it may be but I'm not too happy either with fact. That broke off so fast not even a month old and won't move any more out hopefully they are working on this problem I have a lip pen too that's seems be ok so far

  7. This happen to me and if you twist the cap on and then back off again like 5 or 6 times, it comes back!! At first I was pissed too, I mean I barely used any of it and there's no way to twist it up further so I thought I was screwed. I kept messing with it and sure enough after about 6 times of taking the cap off it was good as new! Weird right!?!? It's magic I swear!

    1. yep... i just rescrewed the cap on & off about 10 x's & it's baaaaack! thanks, michelle!

    2. Me too! Thanks, was completely ready to give up!!

  8. Whew! Mine had just broken too and I thought that that was it! I just screwed the cap on 4 times and it advanced every time - returning to its original sharp point. I thought that you turned the bottom, but it is the cap turning that advances the product.

  9. Same thing keeps happening to me!!! I love this eyeliner, but for that much $ it better work more than 5-6 times!