Deliriums Outfit ~ #02

 Top - Bik Bok London
Skirt - H&M (I've cut it a little shorter)
Purse - Topshop London

(BTW, can anyone help me telling me how to get rid of that nasty border around my images? I've tried everything:/)

My first blogaward :-)

Omg, I received this blogaward from the lovely ZatZ of, thank you so much! :)

I haven't been blogging here for very long, but already I got an award, weee, thanks:) Makes blogging more fun :) And keeps me motivated, knowing that I have at least some readers out there :-))) 

Award Rules: 
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7 Things about me:

1. I LOVE coffee.
2. I'm quite nerdy, I love my Macbook.
3. I'm obsessed with Starbucks.
4. Addicted to everything pretty/beautiful.
5. I'm a stressed out person.
6. I LOVE to travel.
7. Shoeaddict.

Name your favorite color: Pink, black, turqouise, gold.
Name your favorite song: I'm the Man - Breadwinner, Until the End of the World - Apoptygma Berzerk, Damned in Black - Immortal. Etcetcetc..
Name your favorite dessert: Fresh strawberries and cream! Cheesecake.
What is pissing you off?: Waiting on people/things, slow computers, bad weather.
When you’re upset, you?: Sleep.
Your favorite pet: I LOVE ALL ANIMALS ON EARTH:)
Black or White?: Sorry, both ;)
Your biggest fear?: Losing people I care about, scars on my body, cancer, ending up in wheelchair etcetcetc.
My best feature is: Eyes.
Everyday attitude: A bit negative but trying my best to stay positive all tha timeee;)
What is perfection: Aaaah perfection is what I don't have!
Guilty pleasure: Way to much coffee I guess, and I spend too much money on crap. 

Since Im quite new to this whole blogcommunity, I havent yet got so many as 15 favourite bloggers. But I guess there's some that I check in to a bit more often than others :-)

So I would like to pass this award on to some cute ladies with some lovely blogs:
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Hope you all have a nice day!

My Hometown is Flooded

Yea, so this is summer in Norway.....
I just need to share this with you...;)

This is the reason why I've only slept for two hours the last 24hrs.
I'm working nightshift this week and from my home to my work its about 40mins by bus.
I was going home 0700am this morning, but I was stuck, cause of the flood the roads were closed and I couldnt get home!!!! I had to stay at work (after working 8hrs nightshift) and wait for a train..for 5 and a half hrs!!
It took about TWO HRS by train.. I finally got home about 16.30pm and slept for two hrs before I had to eat, get dressed and back to work!
(Thankfully they let the bus drive past the roadblocks..)

About the "flood", it's quite bad, my hometown is flooded. The mainroads are closed, damaged.
Getting better now thankfully.

Thankfully our house is not touched, yet the road to our house is very damaged..

I can't believe it, actually I have to laugh a bit at it too.. I mean, OF COURSE this had to happen.. Murphys Law.

Nobody is hurt at least :)

Take a look at these photos..
 (Mainroad and railroad were mostly damaged)

Norway Attacks ~ Bombing and Shooting Spree.


On Friday a (car)bomb placed on ground level exploded right outside the Government building and our Prime Ministers headquarters.
Killing at least 7 people, hurting a lot more, and also left Oslo looking like a warzone. The building totally damaged and power from the bomb breaking windows on buildings hundreds of meters away.

Just about two hours later, while chaos still ruled our capital city and media still informing about what just happened, other horrible news were covered.

Messages were recieved about a gunman dressed in policeuniform (he was not a policeman) had opened fire at an island against a youth camp. Helpless people as young as 14-15 year old kids (also rumoured; 7-8 year old kids shot while working in their summerholiday collecting bottles on the camp) were shot and killed while they tried to escape.
Many of them tried hiding in the woods, under rocks, acting dead. Some jumped in the ocean trying to swim across.
Some made it, others didn't and were shot while in the water, its guessed that some also drowned.

The total of at least 91 people are confirmed dead, says the police in Norway.
They are still searching for missing persons.
A 32-year-old Norwegian man was charged over both attacks, but police say it is possible another person was involved.
The suspect's lawyer said he admitted responsibility for the attacks.
He said his client believed his actions were "atrocious" but "necessary", adding that he would explain himself in court on Monday.
The suspect surrendered when approached by police officers, police said.

Today we mourn the twin attack victims. 
#PrayforNorway. R.I.P.

King Harald said: It's now important that we stand together and we support each other and we do not let fear conquer us.

REVIEW ~ My new Love - Dior Addict DiorKiss #465

Until recently I didn't know how it was like to be in love with other than my boyfriend...

Ok, that probably sounded dramatic, it's really not ;)

You see, I just got myself the new lovliest lipstick ever!

I guess I can admit that I have a "thing" for lipsticks, but that's not a bad thing is it? ;) And this one really satisfied my lust for a nice pink shade I've been wanting lately (btw I'm not talking about the matte pink, that's another I'm lusting for).

The Dior Addict Lipstick #465 Singulière gives you a simple shine and color, coat after coat.

It has a light melting texture which makes it very easy to apply. And it's very comfortable wearing:) Hydrating your lips :)
The shade is sooo nice, it's a sheer cool-toned light/soft pink - and it fits my skintone perfectly.

I enjoy the weightless balmy formula on my lips, especially now in the summer since I then like it a little lighter ;)

I like healthy looking lips, a dewy look, and not very dark colors.
In the tube the lipstick has a very bubblegummy bright pink color, which was the reason why it caught my eye while lipstickshopping ;)

I have to say that I wouldnt mind it looking as bright and bubblegummy on my lips too, but it's softer and more sheer when applied.

(BTW, if anyone has a good tips on a lipstick looking bright and bubblegummy pink ~ please tell me! :))

It has a high shine and leaves your lips with a wet look ~ no need for additional lipgloss :)

P.S: I also got the Dior Addict #253 Basic, which is a light cool pink with sparkles - I'll show it to you later.

P.P.S: I'm planning on taking a few more (and better) pictures to this post. E.g a good swatch image. For some reason I don't feel 100% satisfied. Please feel free to check back later if you want to, thanks :)

Will I buy this again? Absolutely YES. This is one of the lipsticks that are always going to come with me wherever I go.

A big ~ DiorKiss ~ to all my readers, and especially to all of my new followers! And to all of you that write such lovely comments to me! Thank you sweeties! :-*

So, tell me; What are your FAVORITE lipstick/s?


So I registered my blog at bloglovin', and as many of you probably know I have to post this so I can claim my blog ;)

Feel free to follow my blog at bloglovin' :)

SWATCHES ~ THE BODY SHOP Bronzing Products

Here's the swatches of my new The Body Shop bronzing products that I promised you :)

If you read my review of these products you'll also find a swatch of TBS Tinted Glow Enchancer that I'll already posted.

The Body Shop Blush & Highlighter Duo.
From the Baked-to-Last Collection.

The Body Shop Bronzing Powder
The Body Shop Bronzer, From the Baked-to-Last Collection.

The Body Shop Shimmering Dry Oil - from the Honey Bronze Collection.
Color #01 Honey Kissed.

 Hope you liked it :)

Deliriums Outfit ~ #01

Wow, my first outfitpost. Don't know how many outfits I'll post tho', I'm not the biggest fashionista;)
I'll post some now and then I guess :)

Oh, how I wish I could wear clothes like this everyday.
But no, summer in Norway sucks - rain, rain, rain, rain aaaaand rain.

Dress - London
Jacket - Vero Moda

REVIEW ~ THE BODY SHOP Bronzing products & brushes

I've spent my weekend at my bf's cottage. A beautiful place by the coast.
Sadly it was raining most of the time, so I didnt get to enjoy the sun or swim or anything. But we went to a shoppingmall nearby and look what I got myself! :) I'm really satisfied and since I'm obsessed with glow/glitter/shimmer products, these are perfect:)

All products are from THE BODY SHOP.
I lovvve products from The Body Shop, and as I love animals more than anything there's a BIG plus that they are against animal testing!!
Theyre also very focused on enviroment/our planet in general and fair trade/human rights, which i guess is a plus for people whos into that kinda stuff;)

Read more about The Body Shop's Values & Campaigns here.

Another thing I think is important, hi-hi, their creams/bodybutters/oils/soap/bodylotions etc. ALWAYS smell (and sometimes tastes too) wonderful!
Mango Bodybutter - alltime favourite ;)

Well, over to what I got, mMmmMmm can't wait to try everything on! :D

The Body Shop BLUSH & HIGLIGHTER Duo Palette - #01 Petal.

From the Baked-To-Last-Colors Collection.

*Swatches coming soon*
A 2 in 1 product, blush & highlighter. Such lovely colors! Don't you think?

This one really gives you a shimmery look, just the way I want it ;) But don't put on too much tho', and don't brush to hard, it could easily become "white" if you apply too much.

The pink color is also highly pigmented, so you don't need much on your brush when applying :)
I usually blend them in together:)

You could get it in one shade brighter where the pink is more like a peachy/coral color (also a yummi color!) But I chose this one because I intend to have such a dark tan that the peach/coral wont be enough as I want the pink shade to shine through;)

- Handmade and supposed to last up to eight hours.

The Body Shop BRONZER - #01 Golden Bronze.

From the Baked-To-Last-Colors Collection. 

*Swatches coming soon*
Bronzer that gives you a nice tan/color and the shimmerparticles really leaves your skin soft touched, glowing and glittery :)

The bronzer consists of three shades that are swirled togheter to make that bright/dark glow.

- Handmade and supposed to last up to eight hours.

The Body Shop BRONZING POWDER - #04
*Swatches coming soon*

Pressed bronzing powder with a hint of shimmerparticles.

Helps you get an even naturallooking tan, actually leaves your face a bit matte. Which I think is great since I use all of these other shimmerproducts!

Nice packaging, bronze and shiny box with mirror inside.


Pure foundation-like shimmercream.
I use this mostly on my cheekbones, maybe a bit on my nose and under my eyebrows.

The color is not as light/white as shown in the photo, it's more like a very, very, light caffe latte, if you know what I mean?
But when it blends onto the skin it turns more pearlwhite. I guess because of all the shimmerparticles.

Be aware not to use too much if you've already applied bronzing powder/blusher etc. as the glow enchancer would not blend in well enough and end up looking quite white.
Could be used as a primer before applying e.g. bronzing powder/blusher/etc to set the powders, be careful to get rid of all excess powder before applying as it otherwise would be hard to blend in and leaves you with a brown spot on your face ;)

The Body Shop BRUSHES - Face & Body Brush, Eyeshadow Blender.
These brushes are SUPERsoft just like silk! They're firstclass alternative to brushes made out of animalhair - its syntethic and therefore animalfriendly!
Makes it easy to apply make-up and the handles fits your hands perfectly.

Face & Body Brush - Big and round brush for applying powders in all forms to your face and e.g neck.
Eyeshadow Blender Brush - Full and flexible brush, perfect for working with your shadows and to even out the color.

I'm very satisfied with these two, I've already got one of the kabukibrushes for loose mineral bronzing powder. The brush itself is wonderful, just like these two, supersoft and everything, but I did not think that one made the applying of the loose powder as easy as these two.

The Body Shop SHIMMERING DRY OIL - #01 Honey Kissed.
From the Honey Bronze Collection.  

*Swatches coming soon*
Okay, first of all, nevermind that I wrote "SIMMERING DRY OIL" and not "SHIMMERING DRY OIL" - normally I would have changed this, but I didnt see it until now and ...gah I would have to make the whole damn thing all over again from scratch (takes 1,5 minutes, but anywaaaay;)

Light and moisturising dry oil that gives you a shimmering tan look, great to apply on legs, arms and actually your whole body!
- Special ingredient: honey.

Some of you probably remember that I just bought the Guerlain Terracotta Dry Oil, why would I need a product thats just the same?

Well, you see.. I just couldnt resist! ;) I also thought that this one's a bit cheaper (about half the price of what I paid for Guerlain) so it would be great if its somewhat as good as Guerlain! Because I cant continue buying all those expensive stuff all the time..
The scent of this product is almost the same, but Guerlains better. But this one actually gives you more color, which I think is a big plus.
Which ones the best? I dont know yet, I'll come up with a review and compare the two products later :)

[EDIT] New post with SWATCHES of these products