Norway Attacks ~ Bombing and Shooting Spree.


On Friday a (car)bomb placed on ground level exploded right outside the Government building and our Prime Ministers headquarters.
Killing at least 7 people, hurting a lot more, and also left Oslo looking like a warzone. The building totally damaged and power from the bomb breaking windows on buildings hundreds of meters away.

Just about two hours later, while chaos still ruled our capital city and media still informing about what just happened, other horrible news were covered.

Messages were recieved about a gunman dressed in policeuniform (he was not a policeman) had opened fire at an island against a youth camp. Helpless people as young as 14-15 year old kids (also rumoured; 7-8 year old kids shot while working in their summerholiday collecting bottles on the camp) were shot and killed while they tried to escape.
Many of them tried hiding in the woods, under rocks, acting dead. Some jumped in the ocean trying to swim across.
Some made it, others didn't and were shot while in the water, its guessed that some also drowned.

The total of at least 91 people are confirmed dead, says the police in Norway.
They are still searching for missing persons.
A 32-year-old Norwegian man was charged over both attacks, but police say it is possible another person was involved.
The suspect's lawyer said he admitted responsibility for the attacks.
He said his client believed his actions were "atrocious" but "necessary", adding that he would explain himself in court on Monday.
The suspect surrendered when approached by police officers, police said.

Today we mourn the twin attack victims. 
#PrayforNorway. R.I.P.

King Harald said: It's now important that we stand together and we support each other and we do not let fear conquer us.


  1. Condolence to all the norway-attack victims (and their families) :(

  2. really saddened by what happened. RIP those who lost their lives. Culprits must be punished.