My Hometown is Flooded

Yea, so this is summer in Norway.....
I just need to share this with you...;)

This is the reason why I've only slept for two hours the last 24hrs.
I'm working nightshift this week and from my home to my work its about 40mins by bus.
I was going home 0700am this morning, but I was stuck, cause of the flood the roads were closed and I couldnt get home!!!! I had to stay at work (after working 8hrs nightshift) and wait for a train..for 5 and a half hrs!!
It took about TWO HRS by train.. I finally got home about 16.30pm and slept for two hrs before I had to eat, get dressed and back to work!
(Thankfully they let the bus drive past the roadblocks..)

About the "flood", it's quite bad, my hometown is flooded. The mainroads are closed, damaged.
Getting better now thankfully.

Thankfully our house is not touched, yet the road to our house is very damaged..

I can't believe it, actually I have to laugh a bit at it too.. I mean, OF COURSE this had to happen.. Murphys Law.

Nobody is hurt at least :)

Take a look at these photos..
 (Mainroad and railroad were mostly damaged)


  1. that is so sad about the flood! hope you and your family is okay, safe and dry!

  2. Really sorry to hear that, I hope you, your loved ones and your house remains safe.

  3. Oh my! So sorry to hear about this. Glad to hear that your house is safe and no one got hurt. Hope it remains this way and things will only look up from here!

  4. The pictures are really scary!

    Hugs and Prayers

  5. oh my gosh, wow.
    this looks so similar to what recently happened to us in australia.
    it's so devastating, but i'm glad that you and your family are alright! x.

  6. Oh my goodness, these pictures are giving me the creeps! Hope that everything will go back in place shortly and that you and your family are ok!!

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about this. Hope you and your loved ones are doing fine. :) xx

  8. thats really sad.. :(
    hope thgs be back to normal again soon..