New buys ~ Mac Cosmetics

~ This is just a quick update. I will post more and better pictures and also a review in one or two days:) ~ 

Weeee, I'm finally a happy owner of a MAC Myth lipstick that I've been wanting for.. well... I guess almost years! I've always ended up not buying the product even though I've always wanted it.. I guess it's because the only place I could buy MAC products were at the airport, and you know, when I travel I normally don't have very much time left to decide whether I want that pretty MAC lipstick or that one.. So I've always ended up "waiting for the next time".

Well, NO MORE next time ! I'm lucky to have such a wonderful friend as Kasia, she bought it for me in Poland! :) Btw, she's just finished her Make Up Artist education, feel free to check out her blog :)

She also got me a Fix Fluid Foundation, and I'm suuupersatisfied!!:) I'll write a review about it when I get to take some better pictures with other than my webcam;)

Same with this lipstick, I love the color and the formula :)

I guess theres many of you that already have these Mac products :) 

BTW, I'm looking for a nice matt pink lipstick, does any of you have any tips/recommandations? :)


  1. Hehe congrats on being the owner of MAC Myth! haha.

    I am looking for a nice matte pink lippie aswell~ I'm not sure whether to go for cool, neutral or warm pink! I still need to keep searching lol.

  2. @PopBlush
    Haha thanks ;P

    Thats actually what im wondering about too. Maybe warm pink, rather pink/fuchsia than pink/purple, if you know what i mean:)

    Let me know if you find something :)

  3. Yey! Im so happy for you. :) I always wanna try Myth too.
    Try See sheer for pinkish color ;)