Make Up Review - Guerlain Terracotta

~ Guerlain Terracotta - Huile Du Voyageur Nourishing Dry Oil, Illuminating Tan Intensifier, SPF 8 ~

MmmmMm First of all this product smells like heaven :) The oil itself doesn't give much of a color, but it really intensifies your tan (that is if you have a tan, I don't) It also gives you a shimmery look because of all the golden pearl/glitter particles :)
It also contains SPF 8 protection, and is supposed to boost your tan and intensify your own color day after day (I'm yet to experience this tho').
It leaves your skin soft and smooth and perfumes the skin, gosh, you just have to smell it for yourself, soooo good :)

~ Guerlain Terracotta Skin - Healthy Glow Foundation, Second Skin Effect ~

I'm using this product after applying my normal foundation, it smooths out the color and gives you a natural, and yes actually, a healthy look.
It's very creamy which makes it easy to apply, and it melts into your own skin, leaves it soo soft:)
I have to admit that I'm probably not the best talesperson for natural and healthy skin, because of my unfortunate skinproblems my face is left with quite uneven skintone, some blemishes, open pores and some scars after acne. It makes it hard for me to get fullcover makeup and still look natural, its impossible;) But BESIDES that problems, I'm still loving this product :) Also smells wonderful :)

I googled the scent, and it's supposed to be something called Tiare Flower, sounds excotic:)

When buying I also got this cute little kabuki looking brush :) I'm planning on getting the Terracotta bronzing powder aswell,  so I guess it would go perfect with that :)

~ Have you tried any of these products, if so, did you like them? ~

~ Do you have any favourite Guerlain product? ~


  1. Absolutely wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing, my wife is gonna love it. :)

  2. i luv guerlain...but their stuff is sooo pricey...ive only bought 2 lipgloss from them b4... and mascara which was surprisingly good~~~i wanna try their bronzer and foundation though....


  3. @The Tame Lion I would absolutely recommend these products, so she should definitely check them out:)
    And thank you, it's my pleasure sharing, I'm just happy that someone find it interesting and useful, again thank you:)

  4. @Jessy
    Yea, me too:) But I have to agree with you, sadly its very pricey:/ I think i paid like 95-97USD for the oil, and maybe a little less for the foundation..
    I also have a (pink) lipgloss and a mascara, VERY satisified with them, so I guess i think their products are worth the price:)
    In paticular the mascara, do you have the double one, "Le 2 De"? That one's really good i think :)

    delirium xx

  5. My favorite Guerlain product is the terracotta loose kohl liner (and in fact the only one I have). These products sound so promising. I love Guerlain, but it is soo expensive. Definitely a splurge only thing.

  6. @Adorable On Your Vanity
    Aaah yes!:) I forgot all about it, thats my favorite Guerlain product too:) I use it all the time and I love the way it holds for hours without getting smudged out or something (like normal eyeliners/pencils).
    But yea, youre right about the splurge thing tho.. Haha I usually go crazy in taxfrees when im at airports and such but now i havent been traveling for a while sooo..:p

  7. I love Guerlain products~ Their packaging is so classic~~
    I have so far tried their lipstick and a face and body radiant powder and I love them!

  8. @PopBlush
    Me too :) Yes, I agree, for example I love the glassbottle with the wooden cork:) for not to mention Guerlains loose kohl liner, the packaging is sooo nice:)

    Good to hear, I havent tried that one yet, but i want to :-)

  9. Tried a sample of this today and I love it!!! It makes the skin feel so soft and smooth. Guerlain products are pricey but they are some of the best out there. I love the shadows, the glosses and the foundation (Lingerie de Peau!!!). I can't get enough.

  10. @Anonymous
    Thanks for commenting!:)

    Im not surprised, because its fantastic!:D soft, smooth, and not to mention perfumed with a lovely scent!:)

    Pricey, but worth it :)

    Actually I haven't tried out their shadows and foundations yet, but im working on it;)