*Last* BLOGtober 31st - Sleek Bad Girl Blue/Purple Makeup Look.

Haiiiii guys! 

Wow, October 31st... Happy Halloween everyone :)

This is gonna be such a lame Halloween post so let´s not call it that ;) I love Halloween but I won´t be celebrating this year..:(

All my friends went to Romania, Transylvania to celebrate there - which is so awesome..! I was supposed to go, but I had to let it go as I rather will go to visit my bff in London and hopefully get some Christmas shopping done in November ;)
The rest of my friends are all pregnant, so there´s not much party going on there haha!

I carved a pumpkin, did a fun makeup look and then I went to another friend and had some coffee and girl talk :) That´s ok too, even though I didn´t get to dress up this year...

For this look I used Sleek Bad Girl Palette and Inglot Eye Liner.
Lined my lips with MAC Nightmoth and then MAC Cyber <3

October 31st also marks the end of my blog challenge, BLOGtober!
It went so well the first two weeks, but then I got sick and didn´t manage to get all my posts up on time...:( I did a post every day and I had plenty of material to share with you on my blog, but there were always a few things here and there that needed some extra energy to fix before publishing, so the posts would end up in the draft folder until I got the energy to publish them all.. So that´s a bit sad (well, not really SAD, but ya knoooow) Beside from that I think I did fairly well and I do actually have a post every day in October, even though some of them got up a few days too late..;) 
There´s only ONE post that I am super non-satisfied with, but I´m not gonna do anything about that ;)

I´m so used to do a post every day now it´s gonna be weird starting on November without a challenge, but I am not going to do a challenge this month as it is very nice to not feel completely lost when you don´t manage to post every day (hahah a challenge will do that to you, or at least me!) 

Over all I really enjoyed the challenge and I feel very pleased as it turned out JUST the way I wanted it to - to get back into blogging, catch up on the community and put some life back into my blog :)

I have quite a few products to show you, swatches, some hauls (yes, more hauls and purchases.. I´m sorry, I´ve been shopping too much lately!) And even a few more makeup looks coming :)

I won´t be changing into Christmas theme yet (I´m not done with Fall<3) but I can feel the Christmas spirit slooooowly coming closer, so I guess there´s not too long until I go all Christmas crazy too.... ;)

How was your October?
How did you celebrate Halloween, did you dress up?

xxoo Karla // "Miss Delirium"

BLOGtober 30th - Ben Nye Luxury Powder Haul

I guess there´s not just me that have been wanting to try these powders after that huge hype a while ago?
I always assumed they were pricey, but I came across them online for a very nice price:)

Originally I was opting for the Banana powder, but since it was so cheap I thought it could be smart to try out some other shades as well!
Neutral Set for, well... Neutral setting of foundation ;)
Banana Powder for highlightning
Beige Suede for all over face color
Nutmeg for contour, hence the smaller bottle

Banana slightly disappointed me, it´s my own fault though, I have only used it now after I´ve lost my nice summer tan and the banana powder work a lot better on a tanner skin!
But if I don´t put on too much it work alright ;)
I actually find the neutral set to work better for highlight!
Will check out the other lighter shade (for example cameo)

For me this is perfect for giving some extra color to my face. I use it with a big powder brush and apply to my whole face :)

I love this! Addicted!
So good for setting my foundation and for highlighting:) 

Nutmeg it perfect for contouring!

Since I´ve been sick for a while my blogtober posts hasn´t really gone up on time, I´ve done them but there´s usually been a few things here and there that needed some extra energy to fix before I could publish, which resulted in them just staying the the draft folder until I got energy to fix it and publish them...;)
In this post I was supposed to have some swatches of the powders of course, but I just never managed to do them! What I do promise however, is to update this post during the weekend with some swatches :) 

Did you join the Ben Nye hype?

xxoo Karla // "Miss Delirium"

BLOGtober 29th - Sleek Makeup Eyeshadow Palette Haul

Woooohooo finally, I have forgotten how many weeks I´ve been waiting for these goodies, it took FOREVER!!

I´m sorry, but the damn customs couldn´t keep their hands off (hence the delay I guess) of course they had to check my eyeshadows;P Opened (and even ripped!) the packaging and all... Come on, I mean, let´s be serious, it´s not like I ordered a bunch of stuff from an unknown brand made in the jungles of Colombia....if you know what I mean.. ANYWAY here it is at least, and let´s just all take a moment and think about that lovely feeling you get when something you´ve been waiting for arrives in the mail...<3

So far I´ve only tested the Sunset palette, it was that one and Acid that I´ve been wanting the most. But it was so cheap, and I have to pay so much for shipping anyway so I could just as well order more right away :)
I haven been too obsessed with fall so there was nothing in me that wanted to play with pink, green, orange and yellow neon colors... Weird, I know, but I´d rather do something with the colors from Sunset or Bad Girl! :) 

xxoo Karla // "Miss Delirium"

BLOGtober 28th - MAC Diva Lipstick, Nightmoth & Spice Lipliner *Swatches*

How is it possible to feel so complete and happy after a visit and purchase from MAC?

This is one of my two latest MAC purchases (yes, I managed to have another visit to MAC about a week later after this... haha)

It felt so good because I finally got my hands on some items I´ve been eyeing for a long time :)
Was hoping to find Cyber too, but it was sold out of course!

The Spice lipliner is absolutely a necessity in my life as I love my lined nude Pammy lips ;)
I´ve been using Revlon´s Spice lipliner for ages but it is not available in Norway anymore and the one from MAC is just about the same!

MAC Nightmoth is such a perfect color for fall.. and so is Diva, I am in so much love right now!

Here's the rest from my mini haul :)

A picture of mac diva lipstick, mac spice lipliner and mac nightmoth liplinerMac lipliners in beet, spice and nightmoth

(The Beet lipliner is from purchase nr. 2 ;) I didn't do the swatches before after the second purchase because I wanted to swatch them together..)

I´ve also lined my lips with Beet before applying Diva.
It is an "ok" combo, but Beet is slightly more to the pink side and it can look a bit weird if you don´t make sure to touch up on your lipstick during the day!
You can see what I mean in the close-up picture, BUT it is not sooo pink in real life, camera is enhancing that ;)

I would either recommend using Mac Nightmoth lipliner or Dior Thrilling Plum lipliner!

I´ll also give you a closer look on my fav nude lips with Spice later:))

mac lipliners in beet, spice and nightmoth
 1. Spice. 2. Beet. 3. Nightmoth.

Mac Diva Lipstick swatch on lips
Mac Diva Lipstick swatch on lips

I think MAC Diva (and my DIOR 5th Avenue) is my fav burgundy reds for fall!!

Do you have a favorite red Fall lipstick?

xxoo Karla // "Miss Delirium"

BLOGtober 27th - Etude House Eye Liner & Skin Freshener/Smoother

Funniest thing, this huge Etude House box arrived the other day and I couldn´t remember what I had bought that required such a huge box!
I got soooooo excited!! ;))))

I opened it and...ta-daaah

This was all that was in it! Haha! One single eye liner :)
Oh well... 

These came in a separate box, a skin smoother and wonder pore skin freshener.
Only tester sized 25 ml. I wanted to try before buying more!

I love Asian makeup, especially Etude House, and skin care and I´m so happy it is so easy to buy certain products from ebay :) It arrived so quickly also so I will definitely be buying more from there :)

xxoo Karla // "Miss Delirium"

BLOGtober 26th - Orange & Glitter Cut Crease Makeup Look

As I´ve told you I love cut crease and here´s another look I did earlier this week :)

Shadows and liner from Inglot :)

Hope you like it!

xxoo Karla // "Miss Delirium"

BLOGtober 25th - New Sigma Brushes & Bobbi Brown Rich Chocolate

I came over these brushes and the eyeshadow palette on a blog sale!

It´s a while since I bought it but it arrived in the mail yesterday. What a pleasant surprise the day after my birthday:)

I´ve bought an eyeshadow palette on a blog sale before and I had nothing but positive experience doing so.

There´s always a risk of course, but for me it is worth it because these are products that will be rather expensive for me to buy online (and not available in-store in Norway). So I wanted to try!
The brushes were unused and the palette was only swatched a few times I think and some of the shadows were even untouched.

After a good clean and round of disinfection and the products are good to go :)

I´ve been wanting this palette since it came out and I haven´t been able to get my hands on it! 
So I just had to buy it :)

The glittery shade in the middle is what draws my eyes to it - and disappointingly enough this was the only shade that almost didn´t give any color at all. So freaking disappointing.
I´ll come with a closer look and swatches later :) I haven´t tried it much yet, I´ve mostly just been making sure it is real and not a fake hehe! 

Do you have this palette? What are your thoughts on it?

xxoo Karla // "Miss Delirium"

BLOGtober 24th - FOTD & Apple Cake Recipe :)

Thank you so much for birthday wishes!!

I baked two cakes today and asked my grandfather if he wanted to come over for coffee and cake :)

Before he arrived I went to have a coffee with some friends.
I absolutely love my new Body Shop Color Crush lipstick!

This cake is just insane if I may say so myself.
It is also suuuuper easy to make! I don´t know if the picture makes it look that delicate, but trust me. It is soooo good :)

Apple Cake Recipe:

3 eggs.
135 grams sugar.
190 grams flour.
3 teaspoons baking soda.
3 teaspoons vanilla sugar.
1/2 box (about 250grams) of vanilla pastry cream.
2 desilitre créme fraiche.
As many apples as you want!

  1. Mix eggs and sugar for about 8 minutes until fluffy.
  2. Mix flour, vanilla sugar and baking soda - then add little by little into eggs/sugar.
  3. Mix this together.
  4. Add crème fraiche and vanilla pastry cream.
  5. Blend until everything is smooth and even.

I usually then layer the cake "dough" and the apples. I start with the cake and then a layer of apples. 

I then sprinkle (a lot) of cinnamon and sugar on top and then another layer of cake and apples.
Finish with cinnamon and sugar.

Middle section in oven 180 degrees for about 60-70 minutes.

It´s supposed to be a little "sticky".

When finished I find it the best to leave it for a while to cool down and let the cake "set".
It´s even better the next day!

xxoo Karla

BLOGtober 23rd - ♡Miss October♡

I'm giving myself the right to go by the name of Miss October today since it's mah' birthday ;)

Being a October child must be one of the reasons of why I love fall so much.. Even though today was rather stormy, and not in a cosy kinda way..

I didn't get to celebrate too much today, but I had a home cooked meal with my family and then we all went to see my little brothers last soccer game of the season (2 hour drive away - didn't get home until now!) The weather was insane, freezing, windy, and it was raining cats! Anyway, nice quality time spent with my family :) Hoping to meet some friends during the week and hopefully a dinner with them on Saturday :) Maybe Starbucccccks too??? ♡

I was planning on doing a cake, but I didn't get the time before we had to leave - so I'm saving that little treat to tomorrow. I'll share my recipe! It's delicious ;)

Pink roses from my parents :) 
They also sponsored me a bit on the new camera I'm going to get soon :)

A rather short update today as well, still not feeling top notch!

I used my new hair care products today though and I was so excited - but can you believe I messed up? I didn't manage to wash out all of the deep treatment and didn't notice until blow drying it.. By the time I noticed I didn't have time to wash it again! My hair has been all weird and yucky all day. Clean however, but not silky smooth :( Which means I am in no position to say this or that yet, hehe :) The deep treatment has a nice scent to it, but nothing to wow about! I figured the oil has no scent whatsoever to it, only the smell of ...oil... kinda... It better be dang good to my hair!! ;)

xxoo Karla // ‘‘Miss Delirium’’

BLOGtober 22nd - Redken Haircare :)

Yaaaaay finally my hair care goodies arrived today :) 
I am not feeling any better and have spent most of the day in bed today also - how boring!
I´m hoping to feel better tomorrow as it´s my birthday and I was planning on baking myself a cake, that´s allowed, right? ;)

I haven´t tried any of it yet as it arrived this afternoon  I can´t wait to wash and treat my hair with this tomorrow! Also super excited to try the oil. I tell you more about it all when I´ve tried it :)

The only thing I can inform you is that Iron Shape 11 is a fantastic product which I´ve used for several years..;)

And my first impression on the oil was a liiiiiiiittle disappointing as it didn´t have any heavenly scent to it as I prefer my hair products to have.
But on the other hand it is a not only an oil, but a treatment as well - so I´m gonna give it the benefit of the doubt and give it another chance tomorrow. I do think it´s going to give a lot of shine at least! :D

xxoo Karla // ‘‘Miss Delirium’’

BLOGtober 21st - Orange & Black Cut Crease Makeup Look

I am so glad I can make my own rules for blogtober haha:) I didn't feel too well today and I've been staying in bed most of the day - I managed to prepare this post today with a makeup look I did last week, but I didn't manage to post it until *now* (if you didn't notice, don't dwell any further on this). As my own boss I consider this a valid reason and BLOGtober will continue as usual woohoo :)

I've played around with my Inglot palette and here's one of the results! I tried doing glitter eyebrows too, but it didn't turn out so well so I won't be showing that hehe :)
I love everything with a cut crease and it's also a wonderful way to practice on my skills.. I used my Inglot gel liner to line the crease, but it's kinda tricky because it is so pigmented and very hard to remove if you mess up.. Even with oil and makeup remover it will not go away easily, so it's not the perfect product to use as a guide! Also when using a gel liner you would need to start blending before it sets or it will dry out and the blending will not be as easy ;) Other than that it was perfect for the job!

xxoo Karla // ‘‘Miss Delirium’’

BLOGtober 20th - Mancrush Mond..Sunday ♡Hurts' Theo Hutchcraft♡

I do not in any way wish for Monday to come sooner, but still, can we just for a minute pretend it is Monday and have a little "Mancrush Monday" moment? I just can' wait until tomorrow.

You know I attended a wedding party yesterday and even though I got home in one piece and didn't even have more than a few drinks - I've been relaxing ALL day long..;)

As part of my total relaxation day I've been listening to some good music - which would be Hurts! This man (Theo Hutchcraft) has such a beautiful voice I do not know how to deal with it haha :)

Not only having the voice of a male angel, or something cliché like that, he has this incredible smart style! And his hair.. OH.EM.EFFING.GEE (as Shosanna Shapiro would say) As a hairdresser I am overly into (hot) guys with nice haircuts. His hair is everything I define as perfect. I am also overly into this classic style with the suit and the rolled up sleeves like Elvis/James Dean. Whaaaaaaaat I am so infatuated right now!
I am not a fan of turtlenecks - but I do think I can be as crazy to say that this guy can even pull of wearing a turtleneck sweater.. Seriously, who does that?

HOOOOLD UP...! I just googled Hurts and found out they were gonna play in my town NEXT TUESDAY - of course I went all crazy and was on my way to order tickets - but nooooo... "SHOW CANCELLED" what?! NO! My life is OVER!!!!!!!

Do you like Hurts?
If you don't - you should haha ;)

Share your Sunday Mancrush with me!

Still curious, I just finished fixing the width of my blog - when I am on my 13" Macbook Pro I don't have to scroll sideways, not when I am on another larger screen either.
Do you still have trouble with the sideways scrollbar showing up? Is my blog totally out of proportions?
Gawd, I don't know how to fix it when it's ok at my laptop ;P

xxoo Karla // ‘‘Miss Delirium’’

BLOGtober 19th - Wedding Party Outfit!

Hi everyone!

Today was all about wedding! Not my wedding of course, but one of my colleague's wedding :)

I went to the wedding ceremony in the church and then I went to the wedding party a little later in the evening. The rest of the day was packed with stuff to do so I won't be updating you on anything else than a iPhone pic of my dress :) 
I was debating (with myself of course) whether to wear dark lips or nude lips, believe it or not, I am a little bit conservative so I played it safe and ended up with the nude Pammy lips instead  I don't know about you, but I didn't want to be that girl ;) HA-HA.
Oh, well, the party included a lot of cake eating so the nude lips was a practical solution as well hehe!

A soft neutral smokey eye with some darker in the crease, after all it was the wedding PARTY, not the dinner;) & I toned down my lashes tonight ;-)

How do you like your makeup if you're going to a wedding?

xxoo Karla // ‘‘Miss Delirium’’

BLOGtober 18th - Perfect Fall Berry Lips Lined With Nightmoth.

Hiiii guys :) 
Did you all have a nice week? Are you praising the fact that it´s Friday as much as me? :D

Since it´s lazy Friday I went with the natural look today..;) 

Eyeshadow from my Inglot palette <3

I suddenly got the urge to try out my new The Body Shop Color Crush Lipstick in #240 "Damson in Distress", and OHHHH I LOVE IT! I lined my lips with MAC Nightmoth and I just find it the perfect match!
If you look past the fact that it´s not perfectly lined - just look at the color!
I´ll have to post pictures and more swatches of the lipstick soon:)
Love it. Love it. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Bought this today! Very excited to see if it works on my skin. I´ve read a few positive reviews on it now so I just had to try it. I´ll try anything in the pursuit of flawless skin ;)
A lot can be done with makeup though, my new Ben Nye powders really do wonders as you can see! But I would love to be comfortable without makeup too!!

I´m attending a wedding in the morning so I do think I´m gonna head to bed now ^^ 
Have a lovely Friday evening everyone <3

Have you tried Effaclar DUO?

Can I ask you a favor?
How does my blog appear in your browsers?
Do the pictures load ok?

Font too small?
I´ve recently done some changes on my blog & I´m just curios!
I switch between my laptop & a larger extern screen, and I do not have any lagging when loading my blog - but I just want to make sure nobody else have trouble either:)
Please let me know! xx 

xxoo Karla // ‘‘Miss Delirium’’

BLOGtober 17th - MOTD & FOTD ~Fall Makeup Look~

Feels good to bring out my lashes again! It's been a while!
I usually didn't take my lashes off for nobody, but after being chained to my glasses it just comes down to practical issues wearing such long lashes to be honest :(
Well, however it feels good to wear them for at least a short while:)

I used my MAC Diva lipstick today lined with MAC Nightmoth and I LOVE IT!
I was going to buy Cyber, which was, not surpisingly, sold out - but I managed to remember to buy Diva instead - I've been wanting it for so long!

I used my Inglot palette today and loving every single thing about it :)
I just hope I can get that new Canon camera soon because my Samsung is really starting to annoy me.. It doesn't do well on macro, it doesn't pick up color too well + that it has a tendency to wash out whatever color it does pick up... 
Not ideal for makeup shoots in other words!!

I kinda like my brows today, but I might want to get my Anastasia Brow Wiz in one shade darker.
I have Brow Wiz in Caramel - and yes I know, I'm blonde - too dark eyebrows is not nice blahblahbah. I still want a darker one..;)

Red Cherry Lashes in #101 <3

xxoo Karla // ‘‘Miss Delirium’’

BLOGtober 16th - Hair & Face Care *Drugstore Haul*


On my way home yesterday I had to stop to get something to eat as I hadn't had time to do that yet because of my appointment early that morning!
I was debating myself whether to stop or not (it's a 1+ hour drive home) because I knew if I stopped by the shopping centre to find something else than junkfood to eat, I would probably end up buying something else as well...

Well, here's how it turned out!

I ended up going to the shopping centre looking for food (I do not think clearly when hungry).
I couldn't find any food that tickled my fancy, but I did find some great deals at the drugstore (OF COURSE!)
After my purchase I had to stop for gas and coffee - and since I was still hungry - junkfood!


I am very satisfied with my purchases though^^

  1. Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Conditioner
    I've become such a fan of this Bleach Blonde Series!
    Because I work as a hairdresser I am always skeptical of hair products/brands that are sold anywhere else than in hair salons. But, Lee Stafford actually goes by being a great hairstylist (doesn't he?) and I bought this series simply because I needed some silver shampoo to kill my yellow tones after bleaching!
    It smells amazing.
    It leaves your hair so smooth.
    The shampoo is so blue and kills any yellow you must have in your hair.
    The conditioner has a slight purple color to it and helps keeping your hair nice and cool:)
    I use the conditioner more often than the shampoo which is why I needed a new one!

  2. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstruction Deep Conditioner
    Again, another brand that's not from a hair salon! I saw this on sale, and I've heard so much positive things about this treatment for several years - I finally decided to try it!
    First off, it smells amazing too!
    I used it today, and I can't tell if it really reconstructs my hair but it certainly leaves my hair really smooth and nice:) My ends were still fluffy but in no way as dry and crunchy as before! That's a good sign:)

  3. Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume 
    I love Batiste.
    On sale.
    I don't know if I love the XXL Volume though.
    It smells really nice, but for the volume part it leaves my hair like I've used one of those volume powders - do you know? Leaves your hair kinda...not sticky but. I don't know the word! I don't like that feeling, even though it gives volume and easy to fix during the day:)
    It doesn't give that really clean feeling. But again, it says XXL VOLUME;)

  4. Formula 10.0.6 Three Times Sublime 3 in 1
    As I've said before, I love Formula 10.0.6!
    In these desperate times where my skin is going all breakout crazy I am desperate for anything that can help my skin.
    This was also on sale and first I thought it was a face WASH, since I emptied mine I needed a FACE WASH.
    But I found out it is a scrub......... I have plenty of scrubs and that annoyed me.. However it smells good and leaves my skin soft. Have to use it more to be able to say more than that:)

  5. Maybelline FIT Me Anti Shine Stick Foundation
    I saw a review on this on YouTube and it was supposed to be sooo good & blahblablah - and as the susceptible person that I am I wanted to try it.
    I didn't believe it could be any good - come on, it is a foundation in STICK form?
    When did a STICK formed foundation do any good? Especially, when did it do any good to people with crazy and acne prone skin?
    Still, I bought it.........
    Actually, I bought TWO.

    I will try to contain myself with over raving about this product, because my skin is changing every day and not for the better!
    So even if it was great one day, the next day it can be shit...
    Anyway, I LOVED IT!!!!
    First off the shade is just perfect for me! Buff Beige 130.
    The lighter one - 120 Classic Ivory - I bought thinking I could use it under eyes & highlight. It doesn't work too well on that to be honest.
    But back to Buff Beige 120 - application. EASIEST EVER. And no MESS!
    Perfect if you're in a hurry:)
    Also it covers my blemishes so no need for extra concealer.

    Staying power - Can't say too much here yet. First day it was so perfect, but my skin has been crazy again last few days and nothing really seems to work.
    I have also used a lot of coconut oil in my face and it doesn't do any good to the staying power of ANY foundation;)

    I would like to do another and closer review on this with swatches and pictures after I've tried it for a little longer :)) 

Do you have any experience with these products?

What do you think of the Maybelline Stick foundation?

xxoo Karla // ‘‘Miss Delirium’’