BLOGtober 30th - Ben Nye Luxury Powder Haul

I guess there´s not just me that have been wanting to try these powders after that huge hype a while ago?
I always assumed they were pricey, but I came across them online for a very nice price:)

Originally I was opting for the Banana powder, but since it was so cheap I thought it could be smart to try out some other shades as well!
Neutral Set for, well... Neutral setting of foundation ;)
Banana Powder for highlightning
Beige Suede for all over face color
Nutmeg for contour, hence the smaller bottle

Banana slightly disappointed me, it´s my own fault though, I have only used it now after I´ve lost my nice summer tan and the banana powder work a lot better on a tanner skin!
But if I don´t put on too much it work alright ;)
I actually find the neutral set to work better for highlight!
Will check out the other lighter shade (for example cameo)

For me this is perfect for giving some extra color to my face. I use it with a big powder brush and apply to my whole face :)

I love this! Addicted!
So good for setting my foundation and for highlighting:) 

Nutmeg it perfect for contouring!

Since I´ve been sick for a while my blogtober posts hasn´t really gone up on time, I´ve done them but there´s usually been a few things here and there that needed some extra energy to fix before I could publish, which resulted in them just staying the the draft folder until I got energy to fix it and publish them...;)
In this post I was supposed to have some swatches of the powders of course, but I just never managed to do them! What I do promise however, is to update this post during the weekend with some swatches :) 

Did you join the Ben Nye hype?

xxoo Karla // "Miss Delirium"

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  1. I've seen these around on blogs, but have never actually "seen" them. Their packaging seems so strange to me! But hey, if it works then great ;)

    xx -b.