BLOGtober 28th - MAC Diva Lipstick, Nightmoth & Spice Lipliner *Swatches*

How is it possible to feel so complete and happy after a visit and purchase from MAC?

This is one of my two latest MAC purchases (yes, I managed to have another visit to MAC about a week later after this... haha)

It felt so good because I finally got my hands on some items I´ve been eyeing for a long time :)
Was hoping to find Cyber too, but it was sold out of course!

The Spice lipliner is absolutely a necessity in my life as I love my lined nude Pammy lips ;)
I´ve been using Revlon´s Spice lipliner for ages but it is not available in Norway anymore and the one from MAC is just about the same!

MAC Nightmoth is such a perfect color for fall.. and so is Diva, I am in so much love right now!

Here's the rest from my mini haul :)

A picture of mac diva lipstick, mac spice lipliner and mac nightmoth liplinerMac lipliners in beet, spice and nightmoth

(The Beet lipliner is from purchase nr. 2 ;) I didn't do the swatches before after the second purchase because I wanted to swatch them together..)

I´ve also lined my lips with Beet before applying Diva.
It is an "ok" combo, but Beet is slightly more to the pink side and it can look a bit weird if you don´t make sure to touch up on your lipstick during the day!
You can see what I mean in the close-up picture, BUT it is not sooo pink in real life, camera is enhancing that ;)

I would either recommend using Mac Nightmoth lipliner or Dior Thrilling Plum lipliner!

I´ll also give you a closer look on my fav nude lips with Spice later:))

mac lipliners in beet, spice and nightmoth
 1. Spice. 2. Beet. 3. Nightmoth.

Mac Diva Lipstick swatch on lips
Mac Diva Lipstick swatch on lips

I think MAC Diva (and my DIOR 5th Avenue) is my fav burgundy reds for fall!!

Do you have a favorite red Fall lipstick?

xxoo Karla // "Miss Delirium"


  1. Love love loooove that red on you! It's so classic and extremely flattering with your complexion ;)

    xx -b.

  2. Love all those colors! The red lips look great on you!

    The Cassie Paige

  3. No other word for this lipstick than Wow, the colour is so beautifully pigmented, love how rich and bold it is.