BLOGtober 15th - A closer look on my Inglot haul

I spent all day on that appointment I mentioned yesterday. I took some time driving back and forth and the appointment itself wasn't exactly over in a minute either.
When I got home I could finally put all my shadows in the palettes, this is part of the fun!
I must say though that getting the shadows out of the packaging was so freaking hard?!
The first one was really easy and I thought "OMG THAT I SUCH A SMART WAY TO PACK A SINGLE EYESHADOW - LOVEIT!!!" But then on the second one I couldn't manage to open it. I tried for several minutes and it would not open! I still had 23 shadows to open so I tried with another one, and another one, and another one, and.. so it continued for way too long and for some miraculous reason I managed to stay calm -  but I ended up getting a scissor and had to cut them open - all 23 of them..
Anyway, let's not dwell on that sad intro for too long!!

I did not manage to do any makeup looks today sadly, and I haven't had time to swatch the colors yet either, but here's a closer look on my haul at least ^^

The last row kinda annoys me because the colors don't go too well togheter...! Oh well, I would just have to buy some more later to fix that then hehe;)

When I see the palette now I can clearly see it is Fall inspired (which was kinda the plan) at least the two middle rows;)

Row 1. Neutrals
Row 2. Fall inspired berry shades
Row 3. Fall inspired orange shades
Row 3. A bit of this and that, a matte brown and matte black - always a must!

with flash 

no flash

This is actually a palette for powders, but you can fit four shades, or two blushes, or one powder in each compartment :)
I wanted this because then I can mix it up and bring with me when traveling for example! 

And then some fun shades!

Matte Top Coat

Fast Drying Top Coat

That 4SS fluffy blending brush is just AH-MAZING! Finally it is mine!

I tried this liner in the shop and it was sooo good, I can't wait to try it out even more!

P/S: I am so sorry for being so late with my replies on your comments! I read them all, I've just been a little bit busy lately! And I like to take my time commenting back/checking out your blogs! I don't like doing it in a hurry :) Thank you pumpkin pies! 

xxoo Karla // ‘‘Miss Delirium’’

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  1. Oh mah gawd. Officially jealous! :-) I love Inglot.