BLOGtober 13th - NOTD Champage Grey Ombré Nails

So I went to visit my bff in Oslo yesterday, I was staying until today(Monday) so we could go to the opening of Inglot Norway. I knew that she didn't have internet set up yet (she just moved in) so I finished this post before I left and scheduled it to later that evening.
What I didn't notice was that I messed up the dates, so let's jut say the scheduling didn't go as planned! I just saw that there wasn't any blogtober 13th post :(
Shhhh.. Don't tell anyone, but I am just gonna pretend this never happened and set the date to yesterday. After all it was a mistake! BLOGtober is still going strong!

Over to my NOTD: [/Edit]

I suddenly got the urge to change up my nails! I've been wearing dark polish for ages now and wanted to try something new :)
A glittery ombré was the result! It's not too obvious, I just wanted something delicate and a change from what I've been wearing lately.
It's not exactly a masterpiece - but I'm probably going to get some acrylic nails tomorrow anyway so it doesn't really matter hehe:)

Now I'm off to stay with my bff for the rest of the weekend and go with her on the opening of Inglot in Oslo tomorrow! I can't wait :)))
I don't look forward to drive for 2 hours all alone - probably with a lot of holiday traffic, but I'm just gonna crank up the music and sing my heart out, I'll be fine haha!

xxoo Karla // ‘‘Miss Delirium’’

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