BLOGtober 29th - Sleek Makeup Eyeshadow Palette Haul

Woooohooo finally, I have forgotten how many weeks I´ve been waiting for these goodies, it took FOREVER!!

I´m sorry, but the damn customs couldn´t keep their hands off (hence the delay I guess) of course they had to check my eyeshadows;P Opened (and even ripped!) the packaging and all... Come on, I mean, let´s be serious, it´s not like I ordered a bunch of stuff from an unknown brand made in the jungles of Colombia....if you know what I mean.. ANYWAY here it is at least, and let´s just all take a moment and think about that lovely feeling you get when something you´ve been waiting for arrives in the mail...<3

So far I´ve only tested the Sunset palette, it was that one and Acid that I´ve been wanting the most. But it was so cheap, and I have to pay so much for shipping anyway so I could just as well order more right away :)
I haven been too obsessed with fall so there was nothing in me that wanted to play with pink, green, orange and yellow neon colors... Weird, I know, but I´d rather do something with the colors from Sunset or Bad Girl! :) 

xxoo Karla // "Miss Delirium"


  1. WOAH! You have eyeshadows to last you the rest of your life! That really sucks about customs...seriously, not cool!

    xx -b.


  3. wow you got some amazing palettes! i have a sleek palette too - called "the original". love how pigmented they are! the sunset one looks so pretty! can't wait to see your make-up looks you'll creat with them <33