BLOGtober 3rd *Fall clothing mini-haul*


I really enjoy the BLOGtober challenge, or could we call it FALLtober? So much nicer and Autumny!
Any way you want it, my point was, I like it! OK so it's only day three and I haven't had any trouble so far (if I had that would be kinda alarming, but let's not dwell on that;)
I actually look forward to go on my blog and be active on here, and it's some time since I last felt that. I've missed it :)

Today I'm gonna show you one of my latest hauls, I still have another one to show you also - it's coming, it's coming ;)
As I told you in my FOTD//MOTD post below I went to the dentist today so I had to comfort myself after by going on a tiny shopping spree. I was feeling sick after the appointment, but my economy don't really allow shopping sprees at the moment (or any shopping for that matter) so I will justify it by saying I was hurting and I needed it and it made me happy. At least until I was in the car back home and got even more sick. But then I got home and I looked at the stuff I bought and then I was happy again :)

1. Basic Purple Sweater / 2. Yellow/mustard Knit Sweater / 3. Grey Washed Denimshirt / 4. 2 Pair Grey & Burgundy Knee Highs / 5. Mustard Colored Tube Scarf / 6. Burgundy Stretch Jeans / 7. Black Stretch Jeans

Last year I hated that burgundy color and refused to buy anything burgundy. Also it was super popular so EVERYBODY was wearing burgundy all the time. Another reason why I never started wearing it too.
However, fall 2013 has showed to be the the time when it was my turn to get obsessed with the color, and here I am buying everything I can in burgundy.
This haul however doesn't truly show my new addiction, but it will be quite obvious in my next haul post (that will be up shortly;)
Today I managed to leave with only ONE (+ the knee highs) burgundy colored item - but then again, my other obsession after today - mustard.
I've always been die-hard grey, black and army-green fan and EVERYTHING I have has these colors, but once in a while I get some of these color obsessions.. Always fun;)

I also grabbed a lipgloss and a lipstick from Rimmel.

I really love the lipgloss and I've only tried the lipstick on briefly - it's really purple/plum! But I think it can be nice for fall :) Maybe mix in some warmer pigments, it's probably a hint too cool pigmented for my skintone/complex.

Do you get obsessed by a certain color and, like me, buy everything with that color?

xxoo Karla // ‘‘Miss Delirium’’

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  1. Oh I hear ya sweetie, I HATE the dentist! I just get really paranoid and usually end up crying after I leave the office. Anxiety much?

    As for the clothes, great colour choices! I am a huge fan of mustard yellow and grey (for my blue eyes) in the fall. I do like the look of burgundy too, although that seems to be a colour EVERYONE goes to so I try to stay away as much as I can ;)

    xx -b.

  2. I love mustard accessories. I have an aldo bag that I use for school that is a perfect mustard colour that I love!

  3. Everything you have is beautiful. I absolutely adore the mustard jumper! x