BLOGtober 6th - Inglot News, Ben Nye & Lazy Sunday.

Yesterday I found out the greatest news ever!
Inglot Cosmetics are opening a store in Oslo on the 14th of October! That's just one week away :)

I'm so happy to find this out now as it's my birthday soon and I will probably be going shopping after that, hehe;) But can I wait a whole week?! Aaahhhh I can't wait!
How am I going to keep myself calm in there.. I can finally put together my own palettes and find that big fluffy brush I've been wanting forever..  A dream come true :)

What are your favorite Inglot product/s? 

Today has been kind of a lazy sunday, yet I've done some chords around the house - which feels good :)
I had planned to play around with some makeup looks today and I was looking forward to putting them up on my blog - but honestly my skin has been so bad lately, and just when it seemed to get back to normal I got this breakout!
So yeah, I decided I should just leave my face all clean today. No make-up, no nothing.

I took a calming facial mask this morning and the rest of the day I've tried my best to avoid any mirrors haha!
I really love this Formula 10.0.6 series, and I actually feel it makes my skin more balanced and over all it's just good to my skin.

Also I use Basiron (Benzoyl Peroxide) when I have acne breakouts, it will leave my skin quite dry, but it's all worth it as within a week the acne will be if not gone, at least a lot better!
Right now nothing seems to help, but I'm just gonna stay positive haha :)

For my dry skin this coconut oil has become a true friend and hero. It helped me a lot on my dry skin about two weeks back, but now as I've gotten this huge breakout I don't use it that much as I rather focusing on drying my skin (acne) out basically... That's really contradictory - but it's what works for me ;)

I actually got so depressed about my skin that I went online and ordered 4 Ben Nye powders.. eehhe.. I don't know how it happened, it was so cheap so I just.. I just.. had to :)
Probably gonna take a few weeks until they arrive, aaah waiting sucks! But I can't wait to try them! I have few things to look forward to, and tomorrow I will start my new life - I'm actually gonna start going to the gym again.. Wow, wish me luck please!
If you don't hear anything from me again, it's because I died during my sit-ups, or even worse running on the treadmill.. Oh My God.. 

*to be continued*

xxoo Karla // ‘‘Miss Delirium’’


  1. Puh! I hate the gym! I've always been more of a dance girl...took it for oh about 18 years haha. I'm always down for some at home yoga or long walks ;)

    Good luck to you girl!

    xx -b.

  2. Sounds like really great and interesting products, would like to try the mask. I hope you have a fantastic week ahead darling.

  3. I love their mattifying powder.. you can have a look i got a review on the blog :) its perfect for daily wear!

    Do drop by my blog sometime!