BLOGtober 2nd - Pumpkin Pie Recipe && FOTD

This evening I have just been relaxing at home and made a Pumpkin Pie :-) Mmmm it was delicious! Isn't that what you could call perfect Fall/BLOGtober material? ;)

Here's my FOTD and if you continue further down you'll find my Pumpkin Pie recipe!

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Pumpkin Pie Recipe:

ca. 2.5 - 3 dl flour
0.5 ts salt
ca. 0.75 dl unsalted butter
A little (cold) water

Mix flour & salt.
Blend butter in with your hand/fingers.
Put pie dough in fridge for about 30 mins.

ca. 1 cup of sugar
0.5 ts salt
ca. 1-2 ts cinnamon
ca. 1 ts ginger
ca. 1 ts clover
a bit nutmeg and allspice if you want
or Pumpkin Pie Spice blend.
1 can pumpkin puré
1 can condensed milk.
2 egg, blended.

Preheat oven 220 degrees

Mix sugar, salt and spices.
Blend in pumpkin and milk
Blend in eggs
Put your filling in pie
After 10 minutes, lower the heat to 160 degrees - continue for about 55mins until filling is solid.

Enjoy! Happy Fall <3 :)

xxoo Karla // ‘‘Miss Delirium’’

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  1. Mmm that looks so delicious Karla! You've definitely inspired me to make something yummy pumpkin goodies :)

    xx -b.

  2. aw believe it or not i never tried Pumpkin Pie before, now i even want to try it more <3

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  3. Det så innmari godt ut! Nam!

  4. cute pics and great recipes dear
    happy day