BLOGtober 8th - Another Outfit Post. FOTD & Neutral Nude Lip MOTD

Today I went to town to see the King of Norway :)
Our town is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year so that was the reason he was guesting our town.
Sadly my camera is so out of focus so I didn't get any blog worthy pictures of the King I'm afraid, so let's focus on me instead haha!

Ok, so my outfit isn't that much different from my last OOTD post, but let me just remind I don't really do the whole "fashion" thing, you know.
I'm obsessed with my beanie, the scarf and the jeans - I will probably wear it as often as I can...
Sad as it is I don't go out much either, so when I first get the chance, I will wear it;-)
Never mind that old derelict barn in the back.

Busted, here's me in my sweatpants, as soon as I get home that's mainly what I will wear - not much fashionista about that;)
I'm feeling a bit sore after the gym yesterday, needed something comfortable!

Make-up of the day :) A little more neutral brown/bronze today:)
I wanted to wear dark lips, but it ended up looking weird and I was late so had to wipe it off and go with the nude lip instead!

My cute fall decorations in the back! Did it all my myself, sew the (faux) leaves on a thread and everything! *proud* 

So far so good, I feel the #BLOGtober challenge is going better than expected :)
OK, so I'm just done with the first week, but I'm staying positive. It feels good giving some life back into to my blog again :)

Now I will be preparing some tea (I would prefer coffee, but it will probably give me trouble sleeping later) and join the #fblchat! 

xxoo Karla // ‘‘Miss Delirium’’


  1. Oh really beautiful outfit is perfect for Fall wow you have beautiful eyes and your camera looks so cool. Now Ipm following you in GFC and Bloglovin´I f you want follow me back!xx

    I want invite you to Join to my MOOTTA Giveaway for win "Innisfree Masks + Anklet"

  2. Are you kidding? I LOVE the photos with the barn in the back! So Fall ;)

    What's the colour on your lips? That is such a nice nude on you!

    xx -b.

  3. You are stunning. Loved the natural makeup look xxx

  4. Great pics Hun!! Stunning


  5. Hi sweety, thanks for your recommendation, following you now :) Love your fabulously chic styling of the burgundy jeans. You look terrific!