BLOGtober 5th - New make-up brushes & a pumpkin-treasure!


I found this crazy good deal on some cute brushes the other day, and I figured I'd get them to check if they're any good!

Syntethic make-up brushes from "Makeup Mekka" - I don't have any experience with the brand other than that my friend had just purchased some and I got to try hers.
I've been looking for some cheaper, but good brushes so that I can double up and yeah, I just wanted some new brushes really :)

I liked these brushes because they are SO soft, I haven't used them too much yet, but they seem alright.
I paid like $8 - $9 for one pack, which was really cheap, so I got two packs.

They're a 1-2 cm shorter than a regular brush. I think I wish they were longer, I don't know, but it's not really a huge problem as I just wanted some extra brushes and they fit perfectly in my everyday make-up bag :)

- Eyeshadow brush
- Angled eyeliner/brow brush
- Angled eyeshadow brush
- Blender brush
- Powder/blush brush

I didn't buy them expecting them to be the best brushes I've ever tried, but reviews say they're good, bestselling, favorite blah blah blah, so I'm just gonna give them a try and most likely I will find them perfect for my use :)

Over to my eBay treasure!
You've probably heard me complaining about there's impossible to get anything pumpkin anywhere in Norway - anything in general, but over to the pumpkin problem.
It's Fall, I want Pumpkin Spice Latte, nearest Starbucks is 1.5 hours away and they started selling the Pumpkin Spice Latte a whole MONTH too late.. 

ANYWAY, I'm good at tracking stuff down, so I've found the hokkaido pumpkin and the butternut squash pumpkin at a local asian-food-selling convenience store in a town 30 minutes away from me. I managed to buy 3 cans of Libby's pumpkin Puré in Sweden (I did NOT go to Sweden solely to buy that), I've managed to wait 3 weeks for my pumpkin spice to arrive from the US via eBay (which was way to expensive for a little can of spice btw) AND now finally I've managed to buy this! 2 big cans of Coffee-Mate Pumpkin Pie Creamer :D

I live in Norway so I didn't even know this existed.
You see, over here we have only ONE type of Coffee Mate, and that's the smallest can of the
original one. The plain boring one. That's it.
So you can imagine I was excited to see there were so many different flavors! I decided to get
the Pumpkin Spice one, of course.. And it arrived in only five days! 

I don't even know why I get so excited, I mostly drink my coffee black. Like, BLACK.
I think it's an illness, this fall-obsession of mine.
Soon I'm gonna get all Christmas crazy too perphaps.. I saw they sell Egg-nog Latte and Mint Mocha flavors too.. That's kinda Christmasy... But let's not focus on that!

THE LAST THING I NEED, to feel complete, is what I've been searching for for years.
Pumpkin Spice Syrup.
I've even been asking the owners of my local coffee shop to check if they can order it for me (who does that?!)
But I've done my research. It's not available up here in the cold north. I wonder why, if there's anything we deserve it's hot cuppa pumpkin spice latte for gods sake!!

HOWEVER I have found it on eBay, and it can look like my search is over as I've found a reasonable deal.
The deals I've found before, and I am not joking, they either won't ship to Norway, or the shipping is at LEAST $300.. Excuse me? What is that?

Puh, if I'm gonna keep on talking like this I should start doing videos so you could understand how I'm meaning to say all this. Haha!
I mean, I say all this in all seriousness, but you know, with a hint of humour, I mean - I am not crazy for real.. But I do really love pumpkin...

Anyone else out there with an unhealthy addiction to pumpkin-flavored stuff?

Do you have a thing/food/drink/whatever that you love but that's not available in your country? Tell me about it :)


  1. It is utterly ridiculous how much trouble you are having just trying to get your hands on some syrup! Geeeesh! Most commonly we use the Torani syrups over here, so you could look into those if you haven't already. I would even offer to just buy you some and send it to you, but I'm sure shipping costs would be crazy expensive :(

    Good luck - at least you have your coffee mate!

    xx -b.

  2. The brushes look good! And i got an addiction to so many unwanted stuff these couple of months.. oh god its like i dont know how to stop.

  3. nice stuff, I need to try the coffe mate

  4. Hey love! Thanks for responding to my comment, I don't think im going to be able to do the blogtober I won't be able to blog every day that's way too much of a challenge for me aha! Perhaps we could do another tag instead together, let me know if you have any ideas xx much love x