BLOGtober 11th - New Tape Hair Extensions + FOTD

Finally long haired again!

I am "blessed" with extremely thin and fine hair, for you who knows the curse of this hair condition it needs no further explanation.
A hair like mine will not have volume, it will not grow longer than - if you're lucky - just below your shoulders. Not that that's good thing because it will only make your hair look even thinner.
Of course I know how to make my hair look less thin and when I tell people my hair is actually really, REALLY, thin and fine - they almost always would answer me "Nooo, that can't be. You're just saying that.."

Well, again, I know how to make it look that way - and let me just tell ya, it's not a easy peasy process. Most days I have bad hair days as I am dependent on styling it every day unless I want it to look horrible. Sadly there aren't enough hours in my life to do that. Especially not in the morning.
I don't like going around having bad hair days - but that's just the life of a thin-haired girl! That sounded a lot worse than the how it is. But I like to exaggerate ;)

Hmmm what was my point except complaining about my hair......
The only positive thing is that it is straight. Of course I would need a hair straightener to make it look nice and styled, but I don't have dry, coarse, afro, etc. - I know those hair types can be a struggle for many too.

On the first pictures I have just cut my hair and filled in with some keratin extensions in front. Normally my hair is not longer to about my ears in the front - and to be honest there's not many strands of hair anyway! Some of this is because my last procedures of bleaching, so I won't be complaining too much as some of it actually is my own fault. But most of it is Mother Nature - damn you sometimes!

To round up this sad story with a happy ending - I had my friend over yesterday and she helper me put in some Tape Extensions!
It turned out so well and I AM SUPER HAPPPPPPY.
It's about two years since I had Tape Extensions and it is my all-time favorite type of extension (I've tried all of them almost)

I do have a lot of experience with extensions, so please feel free to ask me if there is any thing you want to know :)


Do you wear Extensions - if so, what type of hair extensions?

xxoo Karla // ‘‘Miss Delirium’’


  1. HI sweety, I have the exact same hair condition as you do! Very fine and straight with little or no volume. I can't believe the amazing transformation, looks fantastic!You are always so sweet to stop by...have a relaxing weekend!

  2. Only used it once and were of such extensions hair extensions clip type quite simple to use.

  3. Wooooow, it's so so much longer now! Is there a pink tinge to it or is it the lightening? It looks lovely either way and I feel is just begging to be put in a nice fishtail braid ;)

    xx -b.

    *and to answer your question, no I've never had extensions...I've thought about it because my hair is very fine, but because it's curly it is very hard to tell!

  4. They look amazing! You are STUNNING!

  5. Love your makeup and your hair is so pretty!
    Haha yes every girl wants what she doesn't has... I have thick,dry and curly hair, thats why i always wear a bun, i'm too lazy to use my straightener often. I never tried extension but yours look pretty nice! I also love your haircolour it suits you so well and it's such a difference than before (i mean compared to your dark hair)
    Hope you have a wonderful day with loads of pumpkin spice latte's :)

  6. I have the same hair type as you, so I rely on extensions as well. Mine are clip in extensions though, as I've always been too afraid to get anything else.
    Yours look great!